File Title
1 Age is not the only risk for severe coronavirus disease
2 Fauci says coronavirus could claim up to 200,000 US lives
3 City at center of China's virus outbreak gradually revives
4 Germany bets on S. Korean model in virus fightback
5 US regulator approves limited use of malaria drugs for virus
6 Trump uses wartime act but GM says it's already moving fast
7 Extreme, high temperatures may double or triple heart-related deaths
8 Mercedes F1 team helps to develop breathing aid in pandemic
9 Enhancing cardiac repair effectiveness with in vivo priming strategy to train stem cells
10 COVID-19 patients often infected with other respiratory viruses, preliminary study reports
11 An experimental peptide could block COVID-19
12 How to stay physically active during coronavirus restrictions
13 On-again, off-again looks to be best social-distancing option
14 What the Ebola outbreak could teach us about how to contain the novel coronavirus
15 Free COVID-19 online course relaunches to learners worldwide
16 Can sea anemones show us how to regrow brain tissue?
17 Can I complain about coronavirus? Why it is OK to vent, sometimes
18 Pregnant in a time of coronavirus--the changing risks and what you need to know
19 Not all find comfort while 'safe at home': Protecting the vulnerable from COVID-19
20 Nerve finding unravels mystery about communication between the gut and brain
21 Report helps develop WHO guidelines for COVID-19
22 Keeping COVID-19 from nursing home residents requires money and improved infection control
23 How COVID-19 could impact the most vulnerable in L.A. County
24 Hygienic housing key to eliminating visceral leishmaniasis
25 Learning from echoes of past plagues, poxes, flus
26 COVID-19 pandemic: Don't tell people off, tell them how to help
27 Cancer treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic
28 COVID-19 is here. How long will it last?
29 COVID-19 FAQ: Cleaning products, surface lifespan, asymptomatic carries explained
30 Screen time that supports new parents and young kids can enhance family health
31 Your brain evolved to hoard supplies and shame others for doing the same
32 The science behind Sweden's 'relaxed' coronavirus approach
33 One-stop test offers instant hepatitis B diagnosis
34 COVID-19: Compromised social networks problematic for people in humanitarian crises
35 Burnout a major and growing issue among U.S. cardiologists
36 Renal denervation effective in patients with untreated hypertension
37 Intravenous sodium nitrite ineffective for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
38 How to address coronavirus misinformation spreading through messaging apps and email
39 Thinking like a Buddhist about coronavirus can calm the mind and help us focus
40 Life saving overdose-reversing drug still not being accessed
41 Testing rate fall leaves thousands of Australians at risk of hepatitis C
42 The pros and cons of radiotherapy: Will it work for you?
43 What dental offices are doing to prevent coronavirus infection
44 New world's best practice for COVID 19 prevention and control
45 3-D printed component makes snorkel mask useful for medics
46 Eating well can benefit both your health and your bank account
47 Do ER caregivers' on-the-job emotions affect patient care?
48 Collaboration will test a COVID-19 vaccine candidate
49 A parent's guide to fighting coronavirus stress
50 New vaccine development for COVID-19 could help prepare for future outbreaks
51 New drug could potentially offer better treatment for chronic heart failure
52 Do homemade masks work? Sometimes. But leave the design to the experts
53 In the fight against coronavirus, antivirals are as important as a vaccine
54 Race against time: The complex task of developing a vaccine against the new coronavirus
55 Study finds driverless cars reduce drunk driving, but increase binge drinking
56 Social distancing and blame: Researcher cites lessons from past pandemics
57 How to know if isolation is affecting your mental health, and what to do about it
58 Fast-fail trial shows new approach to identifying brain targets for clinical treatments
59 Study shows cancers with high levels of the SLC7A11 gene may respond to glucose transporter inhibitor treatment
60 Australians urged to come together and beat COVID-19 now
61 Researchers studying proteomics to identify potential drugs for battling SARS-CoV-2
62 Advances in production of retinal cells for treating blindness
63 Air pollution linked to dementia and cardiovascular disease
64 Scientist uses 'mini brains' to model how to prevent development of abnormally small heads
65 World-first tool to improve COVID-19 diagnosis, free and online
66 Artificial intelligence can speed up the detection of stroke
67 Study helps to identify medications which are safe to use in treatment of COVID-19
68 What are you looking at? 'Virtual' communication in the age of social distancing
69 Screening of zebrafish identifies gene involved in human nicotine addiction
70 COVID-19 found in sputum and feces samples after pharyngeal specimens no longer positive
71 Studies show stents and surgery no better than medication, lifestyle changes at reducing the risk for heart attack
72 'Revita' improves blood glucose levels, liver metabolic health in type 2 diabetes
73 Diabetes care reaches new heights as drone delivers insulin for patient
74 Experimental AI tool predicts which COVID-19 patients develop respiratory disease
75 Exercise training better than weight loss for improving heart function in type 2 diabetes
76 New tool exploring different paths the corona pandemic may take
77 Exercise reduces caregiver's burden in dementia care
78 Better controlled diabetes is associated with preserved cognitive function after stroke
79 Researchers reverse muscle fibrosis from overuse injury in animals, hope for human trials
80 How we perceive close relationships with others determines our willingness to share food
81 World academies call for global solidarity on COVID-19 pandemic
82 Consistent sleep in early adulthood may cut diabetes risk
83 Dropping blood pressure may predict frailty, falls in older people
84 Editorial calls for a precision medicine approach to follow-up of diverticulitis
85 Scientists unveil molecular pathway behind stress-induced structural changes
86 Health emergency? Don't hesitate to get help
87 TAVR found non-inferior to surgery in broad patient population
88 Novel therapeutic targets in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma
89 Drug used for liver disease also affects C. diff life cycle, reduces inflammation in mice
90 Too many patients, too few ventilators: How U.S. hospitals cope with COVID-19
91 Researchers discover potential boost to immunotherapy
92 ASA warns against multiple patients per ventilator
93 TAVR equivalent to surgery at 2 years among low-risk patients
94 How would overwhelmed hospitals decide who to treat first?
95 'Calling all scientists': Experts volunteer for virus fight
96 Georgia to impose general quarantine over coronavirus
97 Spain's hospitals at breaking point, US cities brace
98 Resarchers find way to improve cancer outcomes by examining patients' genes
99 New research sheds light on potentially negative effects of cannabis
100 NGOs press drug firm Gilead over potential virus treatment
101 Hay fever or virus? For allergy sufferers, a season of worry
102 Dropping aspirin for ticagrelor alone better in complex heart disease
103 Ticagrelor alone, without aspirin, shows benefit in patients with diabetes
104 Use of radial artery in heart bypass surgery improves patient outcomes
105 N/A
106 Hopes for pandemic respite this spring may depend upon what happens indoors
107 Benefit seen for ticagrelor alone, without aspirin, in patients with ACS
108 E-cigarettes more effective than counseling alone for smoking cessation
109 'Living drug factories' might treat diabetes and other diseases
110 Does preterm delivery contribute to increased cardiovascular disease burden in women?
111 Alcohol consumption by fathers before conception could negatively impact child development
112 10-year data show cardiac stenting equal to CABG in preventing events
113 Alirocumab substantially reduces cholesterol in adult patients with HoFH
114 Boosts in serum EPA levels from prescription fish oil drive heart benefits
115 Chest pain, stress tests warrant attention even if arteries are clear
116 Evinacumab cuts cholesterol levels by half in patients with HoFH