File Title
1 At home with Galileo: Simple science for cooped-up kids
2 'Psst! The poachers are coming.' How tiny birds tip off rhinos.
3 First Look: Apollo 13 turns 50: The space mission that gripped the world
4 COVID-19 models vary widely. What that means for leaders under pressure.
5 Heads up, maple leaf. Canada's eyeing another national icon.
6 Freezing point: An icy pick-me-up
7 66-million-year-old 'wonderchicken' offers lesson in resilience
8 Science says rats can be kind. Here's why that matters.
9 Why your next lithium battery might come from the US
10 Science Notebook: Katherine Johnson: Remembering a brilliant mathematician, role model
11 First Look: Katherine Johnson: NASA math whiz and pioneer for black women
12 Cave diving, microbes, and slime: A love story
13 The Explainer: A dimming Betelgeuse has stargazers bursting. Three questions.
14 What do babies and warring groups have in common? Altruism.
15 Why the sun's mysteries could soon be revealed
16 First Look: Solar Orbiter's frontier mission: capture 'symphony of the sun'
17 First Look: Astronaut Christina Koch returns after setting space record
18 First Look: What scientists hope to find in the Indian Ocean 'Midnight Zone'
19 Behold the xenobots--part frog, part robot. But are they alive?
20 Say goodnight, Spitzer. Farewell to a groundbreaking space telescope.
21 The Explainer: Could 2020 mark a new era in US space exploration? Three questions.
22 For those about to rock: The scientist who played AC/DC for ladybugs
23 Etched in DNA: Decoding the secrets of the past
24 First Look: NASA astronaut sets new space endurance record for women
25 In the final frontier, how should we behave?
26 Needling question: Can science create a perfect Christmas tree?
27 Interstellar visitors open new window to the cosmos
28 Science Notebook: Climate change gets personal. Can one individual make a difference?
29 In Jordan's desert, ancient rock art finds modern defenders
30 'Property' or 'person'? How animal rights could open new moral frontier.
31 Focus: Mini but mighty: How microbes make the world
32 The Explainer: Shedding light on black holes
33 A physics Nobel for seeking our place in the universe
34 First Look: New 'moon king': Saturn passes Jupiter with 20-moon discovery
35 First Look: Elon Musk unveils latest Starship designed to go to Mars
36 Pitch perfect? How culture shapes the way you hear music
37 Astronomers find water vapor on distant, temperate planet
38 It's 'tangible': How 'Sharpiegate' touches chord on scientific integrity
39 First official ATS practice guidelines for Sarcoidosis cover diagnosis and detection
40 What's old is new again
41 Researchers delay onset of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in laboratory models
42 US researchers collaborate with scientist quarantined in China during COVID-19 outbreak
43 Segregation and local funding gaps drive disparities in drinking water
44 Hubble observes aftermath of massive collision
45 Exoplanet apparently disappears in latest Hubble observations
46 Mind over body: The search for stronger brain-computer interfaces
47 Cochrane Review confirms effectiveness of MMR vaccines
48 Arctic research expedition likely faces extreme conditions in fast-changing Arctic
49 Mental health preparedness among older youth in foster care
50 Faster-degrading plastic could promise cleaner seas
51 Lung injury in COVID-19 is not high altitude pulmonary edema
52 Revealed: the secret life of godwits
53 Lopinavir/ritonavir and Arbidol not effective for mild-to-moderate COVID-19 in adults
54 A method for predicting antiviral drug or vaccine targets
55 Survey: Food insecurity in Vermont rose 33% during pandemic
56 New discovery helps close the gap towards optically-controlled quantum computation
57 Oak genomics proves its worth
58 Gender-based violence in the COVID-19 pandemic
59 Optimizing a new spraying method for ceramic coatings
60 Diagnostic biosensor quickly detects SARS-CoV-2 from nasopharyngeal swabs
61 Physicists develop approach to increase performance of solar energy
62 Aquaculture at the crossroads of global warming and antimicrobial resistance
63 Unprecedented single-cell studies in virtual embryo
64 Finding leukemia's weakness using genome-wide CRISPR technology
65 Supercomputers and Archimedes' law enable calculating nanobubble diffusion in nuclear fuel
66 Study: Visitor's garden is improving prison visitation experience for all
67 Princeton scientist solves air quality puzzle: Why does ozone linger long after its ban?
68 Study describes cocktail of pharmaceuticals in waters in Bangladesh
69 Study finds racial disparities in the management of pain reduction for minority children
70 Type 2 diabetes: Too much glucagon when [alpha]-cells become insulin resistant
71 Wind turbine noise affects dream sleep and perceived sleep restoration
72 Catalyst enables reactions with the help of green light
73 The smell of fear warns other voles
74 Identifying land cover from outer space
75 New 'brick' for nanotechnology: Graphene Nanomesh
76 NCCN patient guidelines listed among top global sources for trustworthy online information
77 Green chemistry approaches to the synthesis of coumarin derivatives
78 Often and little, or rarely and to the full?
79 Almost half of all postpartum psychosis are isolated cases
80 Cable bacteria can drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions from rice cultivation
81 A cheap organic steam generator to purify water
82 IKBFU and Chinese scientists invented a new way of creating meat analogs
83 Researchers pinpoint potential new therapeutic target for eye disease
84 Restrictive healthcare policies associated with delayed TB diagnosis and treatment
85 Artificial 'candy canes' block viruses
86 Spores, please!
87 Can high-power microwaves reduce the launch cost of space-bound rockets?
88 North pole soon to be ice free in summer
89 New decision model shapes strategies for dealing with public health emergencies
90 Self-aligning microscope smashes limits of super-resolution microscopy
91 Photonic microwave generation using on-chip optical frequency combs
92 Promiscuity in the Paleozoic: Researchers uncover clues about vertebrate evolution
93 Unprecedented 3D images of live cells plus details of molecules inside
94 What did scientists learn from Deepwater Horizon?
95 KIST develops low-price, high-efficiency catalyst that converts CO2 into chemicals
96 Scientists uncover principles of universal self-assembly
97 Study finds male-female cardiac repair differences in heart failure survival post-MI
98 With shrinking snowpack, drought predictability melting away
99 Scientists reveal a close relationship between air temperature and the area of Antarctic polynyas
100 Extra payments motivate sobriety and employment among people recovering from addiction
101 Rare video captures humpback whale nursing behaviors in UH Manoa research
102 Picking up threads of cotton genomics
103 New research gives further evidence that autoimmunity plays a role in Parkinson's disease
104 Rare South American ground beetles sport unusual, likely multi-purpose antennal cleaners
105 Infant temperament predicts personality more than 20 years later
106 Stabilizing brain-computer interfaces
107 People may know the best decision--and not make it
108 Why relying on new technology won't save the planet
109 Actin 'avalanches' may make memories stick
110 Silent, airborne transmission likely to be a key factor in scarlet fever outbreaks