File Title
1 Aspirin linked to reduction in risk of several cancers of the digestive tract
2 Prescribing an overdose: A chapter in the opioid epidemic
3 Breeding a hardier, more nutritious wheat
4 Is it bloating or is it a heart attack?
5 T2K results restrict possible values of neutrino CP phase
6 Nature publishes review article heralding multispecific drugs as the next wave of drug discovery
7 Economists find carbon footprint grows with parenthood
8 Researchers restore sight in mice by turning skin cells into light-sensing eye cells
9 Obesity is a critical risk factor for type 2 diabetes, regardless of genetics
10 KIST develops nanometer-thick electromagentic shielding film using MXene
11 Shedding light on dark traps
12 Journey to the center of the Earth
13 Unusually clear skies drove record loss of Greenland ice in 2019
14 A gut-to-brain circuit drives sugar preference and may explain sugar cravings
15 How does sugar drive consumption? Scientists discover gut-brain sugar sensor in mice
16 Breathing heavy wildfire smoke may increase risk of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
17 Antiviral drug baloxavir reduces transmission of flu virus among ferrets
18 Studying pterosaurs and other fossil flyers to better engineer manmade flight
19 Little scientists: Children prefer storybooks that explain why and how things happen
20 Questionnaire survey identifies potential separation-related problems in cats
21 T2K insight into the origin of the universe
22 Hot qubits break one of the biggest constraints to practical quantum computers
23 Women receive fewer medications than men after heart attack
24 Social media hasn't hurt kids' social skills, study finds
25 Paper towels beat air dryers against viruses, small study finds
26 'Smart toilet' tracks health by analyzing urine, stool
27 UCSF test for COVID-19 may provide results in under 45 minutes
28 Adjusting a key brain receptor could control binge drinking
29 Remdesivir shows promise against COVID-19
30 Allergy test using nasal secretions as effective as analyzing blood
31 Juul sales grew after ending fruit-flavored e-cigarette pods
32 Blood test could spot pancreatic cancer early
33 Smartphone device as effective as check-ups to monitor blood pressure
34 FDA approves trial of stem cells for severe COVID-19 treatment
35 Health risks for older adults during pandemic go beyond COVID-19
36 Low-dose aspirin may lower risk for digestive cancers
37 3D imaging could ease diagnosis of coronary artery disease
38 Severe bloating can be mistaken for a heart attack
39 Other viruses make COVID-19 diagnosis, tracking challenging
40 Study: Media consumption, COVID-19 precautions likely linked
41 Glucose metabolism may play key role in illness with flu, COVID-19
42 California wildfires linked to spike in heart attacks
43 Older parents, grandparents increase austism risk in kids by up to 50%
44 Seniors were unfazed by warnings early in COVID-19 outbreak
45 Girls born by C-section more prone to obesity, diabetes
46 Study: 4 in 10 security guards have PTSD
47 Money a bad measure of self-worth, leads to isolation
48 Using marijuana as a sleep aid could backfire
49 Social distancing needed until 2022 against COVID-19 spread, analysis says
50 More than 9K health workers sickened with COVID-19
51 15% of heart attack sufferers experience PTSD symptoms, study finds
52 Fish, vegetables, whole grains in diet can reduce dementia risk by 45%
53 Study: 283-fold increase in parasitic worms in fish since 1970s
54 Light exercise can speed recovery from stroke
55 Brain plaque buildup signals Alzheimer's before other symptoms
56 Researchers identify gene that may shield against Alzheimer's
57 Those who smoke in childhood are less likely to quit
58 Hospital floors, staff's shoes test positive for COVID-19
59 Faster cognitive decline in black people linked to high blood pressure
60 Cheap ventilator made from ambulance resuscitation bags
61 Study: 6% of blood pressure devices checked for accuracy
62 Clinical trial to investigate nitric oxide for COVID-19 treatment
63 Rural areas may be 'emerging hotspots' for COVID-19, CDC figures suggest
64 Rates of depression, suicidal thoughts are high among transgender teens
65 Bedroom air filters may help kids with asthma breathe easier
66 CDC: Doctors' visits for flu-like symptoms drop, season may be ending
67 40% of people with severe COVID-19 experience neurological complications
68 Home-based cardiac rehab good option amid coronavirus pandemic
69 Hep C infections triple in U.S., CDC recommends most adults get screened
70 Kids of mentally ill parents have higher injury odds
71 Studies using TB vaccine against COVID-19 underway, but shot months away
72 Probiotics with 'killed' bacteria may help ease irritable bowel syndrome
73 Lifestyle changes can reduce stroke risk for women by 25%, study finds
74 Nearly half of pot users experience withdrawal when they stop
75 Nonsmokers with COPD at greater risk for lung cancer
76 Face masks intended to prevent COVID-19 spread, experts say
77 Physical therapy more effective than steroids for arthritic knee
78 FDA approves generic asthma inhaler due to coronavirus-related shortage
79 Lockdown measures in China controlled first wave of COVID-19, study finds
80 School closures could increase childhood obesity
81 Black patients' cancer 14% more likely to be metastatic at diagnosis, study says
82 U.S. suicide rate jumps 35% in two decades
83 Children at low risk for COVID-19, but can get seriously ill, new data show
84 'Media overload' can raise anxiety during coronavirus crisis
85 Study: China controls may have prevented 700K COVID-19 cases
86 Family support essential for young adults with type 1 diabetes
87 Testing shortages complicate decisions on COVID-19 recovery
88 Study: Heavy drinking into old age increases health risks
89 Uber, Lyft linked to increase in car crashes
90 Cloth mask can reduce COVID-19 spread if worn correctly
91 Celiac disease increases risk for early death by 20%, study finds
92 Brain stimulation may treat severe depression
93 More than 95% of Americans made lifestyle changes for COVID-19
94 Women are safer drivers than men, British study finds
95 South Korea trial uses survivor blood plasma to treat coronavirus
96 Technology preserves bonds in addiction treatment during COVID-19 crisis
97 Some steroid medications may raise coronavirus risk
98 Polio immunization drives suspended due to COVID-19
99 World may lack sufficient supply of malaria drugs to treat COVID-19, experts argue
100 FDA relaxes blood donation restrictions for gay, bisexual men
101 Study: Breastfeeding may reduce risk for ovarian cancer by 24%
102 People without COVID-19 symptoms might spread virus by talking, study suggests
103 UPMC patch, other COVID-19 vaccine candidates show promise
104 Pandemic increases challenge of caring for people with dementia
105 Post-operation pain a growing threat to U.S. surgeons, study shows
106 Thyroid horomone overprescribed in older patients, study suggests
107 Patch pump device may offer cheaper insulin delivery
108 Cancer patient care disrupted by COVID-19 pandemic
109 Pilates may reduce blood pressure, body fat in obese women, study finds
110 FDA orders Zantac removed from market due to NDMA contamination
111 People with mental health disorders 76% more likely to be out sick due to stress
112 Coronavirus crisis can trigger relapse in people fighting addiction