File Title
1 The Latest: South Korea virus cases maintain downward trend
2 What patients need to know about new recommendations for prostate cancer screening
3 US coronavirus deaths top 30,000; Washington extends stay-at-home order
4 Governors feel heat to reopen from protesters, president
5 The Latest: Rallies in Indiana and Texas urge return to work
6 What you need to know today about the virus outbreak
7 Judge: Tennessee can't prevent abortions during coronavirus
8 Lacking US coordination, states team up on when to reopen
9 ICU nurse talks how COVID-19 has changed her life
10 Asia Today: Singapore sees huge surge in new virus cases
11 An unexpected loss: Confronting a world without sports amid the coronavirus pandemic
12 Businesses in parts of Utah allowed to reopen while other counties' stay-at-home orders remain
13 Inside the Silicon Valley 'brain trust' taking aim at COVID-19
14 No plan in sight: Test troubles cloud Trump recovery effort
15 The Latest: South Korea virus cases maintain downward trend
16 New wave of infections threatens to collapse Japan hospitals
17 'LIBERATE!': Trump pushes states to lift virus restrictions
18 What you need to know today about the virus outbreak
19 Tribes sue over distribution of coronavirus relief funding
20 Company: 4 Georgia poultry workers dead from coronavirus
21 'Heartbreaking' report shows virus ravaging NY nursing homes
22 Pro-Trump protesters push back on stay-at-home orders
23 Maryland, Virgina and District coordinating virus response
24 Scientists have strong evidence coronavirus originated naturally
25 Governor gives some Florida beaches green light to reopen
26 Alternative COVID-19 therapies vary from hospital to hospital
27 Parent in college scam leaving prison early because of virus
28 What we know about coronavirus' long-term effects
29 Dimension of virus 'massacre' in Italy nursing homes grows
30 FDA approves pill for aggressive breast cancer that's spread
31 Light from stretchable sheets of atoms for quantum technologies
32 Genetics linked to childhood emotional, social and psychiatric problems
33 Could shrinking a key component help make autonomous cars affordable?
34 New geochemical tool reveals origin of Earth's nitrogen
35 Lung-heart super sensor on a chip tinier than a ladybug
36 What is an individual? Information Theory may provide the answer
37 Bornean treeshrews can take the heat
38 Applying mathematics to accelerate predictions for capturing fusion energy
39 Depression, anxiety may be side effects as nation grapples with COVID-19
40 Low-cost imaging system poised to provide automatic mosquito tracking
41 New boron material of high hardness created by plasma chemical vapor deposition
42 Discovering the secrets of the enigmatic caspase-6
43 Goals, opportunities, guides for advancing soft tissue and soft materials research
44 Cochrane Rapid Review Update: Protective clothes and equipment for healthcare workers to prevent them catching coronavirus and other highly infectious diseases
45 Acoustic growth factor patterning
46 The Cath Lab during COVID
47 Skin that computes
48 UCI team develops smartphone application for coronavirus contact tracing
49 The importance of probiotic names--and why some of them have changed
50 WPI researcher's paper on COVID-19 published in Viruses journal
51 UTSW researchers use snake venom to solve structure of muscle protein
52 Researchers challenge accuracy of methods that analyze trees of life
53 Two is better than one
54 When damaged, the adult brain repairs itself by going back to the beginning
55 Study reveals how 'hypermutated' malignant brain tumors escape chemotherapy and immunotherapy
56 COPD as a lung stem cell disease
57 Human handling stresses young monarch butterflies
58 Mahogany tree family dates back to last hurrah of the dinosaurs
59 Strongest evidence yet that neutrinos explain how the universe exists
60 COVID-19: Exercise may protect against deadly complication
61 Improving the treatment of periodontitis
62 Drug prevents cognitive impairment in mice after radiation treatment for brain tumors
63 Ludwig MSK study reveals bile metabolite of gut microbes boosts immune cells
64 Public health systems hold promise for aging populations, journal finds
65 Research finds teachers just as likely to have racial bias as non-teachers
66 Study: Frequent cannabis users are way too their estimates of cannabinoids
67 Why didn't the universe annihilate itself? Neutrinos may hold the answer
68 New COVID-19 test quickly and accurately detects viral RNA
69 Logging threatening endangered caribou
70 Researchers create tools to help volunteers do the most good after a disaster
71 BU engineers make breakthrough that could open doors to continuous health-monitoring devices
72 How probiotic Bifidobacteria could help celiac disease patients
73 Many women vets report adverse pregnancy outcomes, postpartum mental health problems after leaving military service
74 Nature: Don't hope mature forests to soak up carbon dioxide emissions
75 Crohn's disease: Preserving inflammation-free phases
76 Alzheimer's patients may need dosing changes in medicines prescribed for other conditions
77 New textile could keep you cool in the heat, warm in the cold
78 Where did the antimatter go? Neutrinos shed promising new light
79 Speeding-up quantum computing using giant atomic ions
80 Milk pioneers: East African herders consumed milk 5,000 years ago
81 Network pharmacology analysis on Zhichan powder in the treatment of Parkinson's disease
82 HKU study unlocks the secret of corals' tolerance to climate change: Their diet
83 The retention effect of training
84 Questionable stability of dissipative topological models for classical and quantum systems
85 Mental health and brain research must be a higher priority in global COVID-19 response
86 N-doped porous carbon supported Fe single atom catalysts for highly efficient ORR
87 Impact of donor lymphocyte infusion and intensified conditioning for relapsed/refractory leukemia
88 Future dynamics prediction from short-term time series by anticipated learning machine
89 Additions to resource industry underwater robots can boost ocean discoveries
90 Bees point to new evolutionary answers
91 How expectations influence learning
92 From deep water to the surface: the nexus between climate, upwelling and marine ecosystems
93 A more plant-based diet without stomach troubles: getting rid of FODMAPs with enzymes
94 Satellite galaxies of the Milky Way help test dark matter theory
95 Substances trapped in nanobubbles exhibit unusual properties
96 Novel tin 'bubbles' spur advances in the development of integrated chips
97 Probiotic intervention in ameliorating the altered CNS functions in neurological disorders
98 Face up to eating disorders, and seek help
99 Australia's Centre for Digestive Diseases cures Crohn's disease in new study
100 'Frailty' from age 40--what to look out for
101 High-res imaging with elastography may accurately detect breast cancer in surgical margins
102 ECMO physicians offer guidance in the context of resource-scarce COVID-19 treatment
103 Mouse study shows 'chaperone protein' protects against autoimmune diseases
104 Could high blood pressure at night have an effect on your brain?
105 Breastfeeding may lead to fewer human viruses in infants
106 Nanosensor can alert a smartphone when plants are stressed
107 A new tool to predict volcanic eruptions
108 Shedding light on dark traps
109 Does primary ovarian insufficiency affect your risks for obesity and diabetes?
110 First Gulf-wide survey of oil pollution completed 10 years after Deepwater Horizon