File Title
1 Under pressure: New bioinspired material can 'shapeshift' to external forces
2 Cell biology: Your number's up!
3 Dissecting the mechanism of protein unfolding by SDS
4 Cancer drug resistance study raises immune red flags
5 Two novel viruses identified in Brazilian patients with suspected dengue
6 Virginia Tech's fog harp harvests water even in the lightest fog
7 Stem cells in human embryos commit to specialization surprisingly early
8 Histones and their modifications are crucial for adaptation to cell stress
9 Simulations show how to make gene therapy more effective
10 The lipid code
11 Histones and their modifications are crucial for adaptation to cell stress
12 Simulations show how to make gene therapy more effective
13 Mismanagment, not tampering, at root of supply problems for Ugandan farmers
14 To warn or to hide from predators?: New computer simulation provides answers
15 Overuse of emergency room reducible through primary care relationship
16 COVID-19 possibly striking more children than expected
17 Chamber measurement standards established for fine particles
18 Can sub-Saharan Africa achieve sustainable access to energy for all by 2030?
19 New economic model may prevent stops of capital flow
20 Trade friction: Adaptiveness of swarms of complex networks
21 Nasal smear as an allergy screening test
22 Cancer care needs mass COVID-19 testing
23 Papua New Guinea highland research redates Neolithic period
24 3D models of mountain lakes with a portable sonar and airborne laser
25 Women receive less recommended drugs after a heart attack
26 Business-to-business customers expect personal service in online chat
27 Lighting the way to safer heart procedures
28 Relying on 'local food' is a distant dream for most of the world
29 Lactic acid bacteria present in kimchi cabbage and garlic carry out the fermentation
30 KIST and UNIST joint research team develop a high-capacity battery material using salmon DNA
31 Increased rate of infections may indicate a future cancer diagnosis
32 The origin of feces: coproID reliably predicts sources of ancient poop
33 Dance with your grandma (not during COVID-19 of course)
34 Researchers use genomics to estimate Samoan population dynamics over 3,000 years
35 Earth Day alert to save our frogs
36 New nanocarrier drug delivery technology crosses the blood-brain barrier
37 Genetic variation not an obstacle to gene drive strategy to control mosquitoes
38 Solving the puzzle of Mitchell disease
39 Scents regulate fat storage without affecting eating behavior
40 Caring for cancer patients in the COVID-19 era
41 AJR review of COVID-19 studies cautions against chest CT for coronavirus diagnosis
42 Whole genome sequencing reveals genetic structural secrets of schizophrenia
43 Mystery solved, rotavirus VP3 is a unique capping machine
44 Pushing the limits of 2D supramolecules
45 How did an ancient plant from Latin America become Asia's second-most-important cash crop?
46 How many children is enough?
47 Clemson scientist explores the colorful intricacies of pollen
48 Proteins may halt the severe cytokine storms seen in COVID-19 patients
49 New York nightlife venues recruited in effort to prevent overdoses due to fentanyl
50 A non-invasive way of monitoring diabetes
51 Researchers find significant economic losses due to soybean diseases
52 Designing peptide inhibitors for possible COVID-19 treatments
53 Innovating the peer-review research process
54 Trust in humans and robots: Economically similar but emotionally different
55 Researchers get important glimpse into microbiome development in early life
56 Skoltech and MIPT scientists find a rule to predict new superconducting metal hydrides
57 Molecular networks serve as cellular blueprints
58 High-efficiency catalyst enhancing the electric reduction performance of CO2
59 In search of the Z boson
60 Mentoring programs help female economists secure tenure-track positions
61 New universal Ebola vaccine may fight all four virus species that infect humans
62 Marshall School of Medicine team explores surgery technology resulting in fewer incisions
63 Researchers propose theoretical model to describe capillary force balance at contact line
64 Study: Cultural variables play important role in perceptions of status, power
65 New clues to predict the risks astronauts will face from space radiation on long missions
66 New guidance for the assessment of Fracture Liaison Services at a patient outcome level
67 Breastfeeding benefits during COVID-19
68 Scientific machine learning paves way for rapid rocket engine design
69 Moire engineering applicable in correlated oxides by USTC researchers
70 Support plan boosts confidence of military spouses
71 Landmark 30-year study on Crigler-Najjar syndrome underscores the need for new therapies
72 Would-be purchasers of firearms in Baltimore's underground gun market face obstacles
73 Single-atom-layer trap: A pivotal microscopic feature for li-ion migration
74 New 'toolbox' for urological cancer detection
75 Scientists develop high-performance lithium-sulfur batteries
76 UMD researchers find that incentive-based tariffs aren't the way to control invasive pests
77 WHO-recommended disinfectants are effective against novel coronavirus
78 Call for palliative care to be adapted for severely ill COVID-19 patients
79 Critical 'starbleed' vulnerability in FPGA chips identified
80 Eco-friendly Oxy-CFBC technology to implement stackless power plant
81 Flatter graphene, faster electrons
82 How exercise supports your mental fitness: Current recommendations
83 CHEOPS space telescope ready for scientific operation
84 Biorobotics is the future of fish farming
85 Psychedelic compound from magic mushrooms produced in yeast
86 How tiny water droplets form can have a big impact on climate models
87 Neuronal and neurotransmitter systems dynamic coupling explains the effects of psilocybin
88 Insight into the synapses
89 Researchers discover treatment for spasticity in mice, following spinal cord injuries
90 Neural circuits mapped: Now we understand vision better
91 Study reveals importance of mitochondrial small proteins in energy production
92 Guide for COVID-19 remote consultation by primary carers designed by NTU Singapore scientist & peers
93 SMART and MIT develop nanosensors for real-time plant health monitoring
94 New electrode material developed to increase charge capacity of lithium batteries
95 Novel sperm membrane protein FIMP facilitates mammalian fertilization
96 Indoor precautions essential to stem airborne COVID-19
97 SCAI issues recommendations on adult congenital cardiac interventional training
98 Drug overcomes chemotherapy resistance in ovarian cancer
99 Untwisting plastics for charging internet-of-things devices
100 Review assesses stem cell therapy potential for treating preeclampsia
101 Influenza: researchers show that new treatment reduces spread of virus
102 Better data framework needed to improve rare disease diagnostic rates
103 Study shows European coins have antimicrobial activity in contrast to banknotes
104 Caring for those most vulnerable to COVID-19 requires vigilance
105 Small study shows paper towels much more effective at removing viruses than hand dryers
106 Study estimates revenue produced by top college football players
107 Seeing 'under the hood' in batteries
108 International consortium investigates overactive immune cells as cause of COVID-19 deaths
109 Some worms programmed to die early for sake of colony
110 Can coral reefs 'have it all'?
111 Study finds evidence for existence of elusive 'metabolon'
112 Scientists make step towards understanding the universe
113 Healthy climate news: Fava beans could replace soy
114 US adults are most concerned about experiencing increased anxiety as a result of COVID-19
115 Children's fruit drinks need clearer labels, finds NYU study
116 Gas storage method could help next-generation clean energy vehicles
117 Soil carbon and nitrogen mineralization after the initial flush of CO2
118 3D fusion imaging improves coronary artery disease diagnosis
119 Returning land to nature with high-yield farming
120 JUUL sales bounced back within weeks of self-imposed flavor ban
121 Climate change: Extreme coastal flooding events in the US expected to rise
122 ESO telescope sees star dance around supermassive black hole, proves Einstein right
123 Climate-driven megadrought is emerging in western US, says study
124 Blood test may help doctors catch pancreatic cancer early
125 New photon-counting camera captures 3D images with record speed and resolution
126 COVID-19--Impact of containment measures in Italy: 200,000 hospitalizations avoided in March
127 Parasite carried by grey squirrels negatively impacts red squirrel behavior
128 Ash dieback is less severe in isolated ash trees
129 Odor experts uncover the smelly chemistry of lemur love
130 Male ring-tail lemurs exude fruity-smelling perfume from their wrists to attract mates
131 3D printing and moon dust: an astronaut's kit for future space exploration?