File Title
1 Scientists Build Tiny Double Particle Accelerator that Recycles Energy
2 Investigation Reveals China's Control Measures May Have Prevented 700,000 COVID-19 Cases
3 Satellites Map the Global Flow of Oil--Demand Has Collapsed Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic
4 Life Discovered in Solid Rock Millions of Years Old--Inspires New Search for Life on Mars
5 Proof in an Ancient Shell: Earth Turned Faster 70 Million Years Ago
6 Promising New COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate Developed
7 More than 12,000 Potential Astronauts Apply to Join NASA's Artemis Generation
8 New Twist to the Story of Human Ancestors from an Unusual Skullcap and Thousands of Clues
9 Antimalarial Drugs, Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine, May Ward Off COVID-19--Here's How to Use the Limited Global Supply
10 NASA WFIRST Will Detect Exoplanets Using Warped Space-Time
11 Drylands Around the World Will Expand at an Accelerated Rate Because of Future Climate Change
12 NASA Worm is Back!
13 How Late Cretaceous Dinosaur-Dominated Ecosystems Were Structured
14 Exploring the Mystery of Black Holes: Scientists Release Stellar Code to the Public
15 Vulnerable to Climate Change: Huge Antarctic Glacier Melting from the Bottom Up
16 Orion Spacecraft Passes Tests--Ready for Final Artemis I Launch Preparations
17 Case Study: COVID-19 Treatment in a Patient with Blood Cancer
18 There Is Hope for this Horrible Pandemic--Trial Drug Can Block Early Stages of COVID-19
19 Serious Challenges from Unsustainable Food Systems: Can We Reverse Current Trends?
20 Scientists Solve a Mystery that Goes Back to 1848 Involving the First Color Photographs
21 Amazing New Wheels and Air Brakes Installed on NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover
22 NASA Satellite Captures a Dimming China Due to COVID-19 Shutdown
23 Reinventing the Mirror to Transform Antennas, Wireless and Cell Phone Communications
24 Modern Human Ancestry Cast in Doubt After Fossil Skull Discovery
25 Suffering Skin Damage from Face Masks? Expert Offers Remedies
26 Gravity-Dominated Hit and Run Collisions in Solar System Formation
27 Existence of Exotic Particles--Sought for Decades--Evidenced in Newly-Discovered Superconductor
28 Shocking Disappearance of Ecuador's Tallest Waterfall
29 Businesses Warned There Will Be No "Back to Normal" Following COVID-19 Pandemic
30 You May Be Better at Learning to Code than You Think--Even if You're Not a "Math Person"
31 47 Million Years Ago, Horses Were About the Size of a Labrador Dog
32 Next-Generation Moon Thrusters Withstand Over 60 Hot-Fire Tests
33 Planetary Defense Researchers Simulate Earth-Bound Asteroid Deflection
34 Scientists Creating a Robotic COVID-19 Testing Lab at UC Berkeley
35 New NASA Mission Will Study Giant Solar Particle Storms with 6 Spacecraft
36 Above Mach 7: Simulating the Test Flight of a Hypersonic Glider
37 Dark Matter: Latest on the Search for an Invisible Substance that Permeates the Galaxy
38 Coronavirus Fight: Scientists Identify COVID-19 Drug that "Kills" the Virus Within 48 Hours
39 Photorealistic Simulation Engine Used to Train Driverless Cars Before They Hit the Road
40 Hubble Finds "Missing Link" Black Hole Tearing Apart a Star that Passed Too Close [Video]
41 More Powerful and Smaller Particle Accelerators Possible with "Game Changer" Laser
42 NASA Astronauts Train to Fly the SpaceX Crew Dragon Spacecraft
43 Ancient Secret Revealed to Japan's "Red Sign" Mystery that Has Puzzled Astronomers for 1,400 Years
44 In the Fight Against Coronavirus, Supercomputers & Giant Accelerators Lend a Hand
45 Resolving the 3D Structure of Individual Nanoparticles with Atomic-Level Resolution
46 Tiny 'Backpack' Computers Developed to Track Wild Animals in Hard-to-Reach Habitats
47 Meteorite Chunk Contains Unexpected Evidence of Solid Interstellar Material Formed Before the Sun Was Born
48 Step Toward Grand Unification Theory: Calculating Hawking Radiation at the Event Horizon of a Black Hole
49 Viral Dark Matter: Giant Viruses Have Metabolic Genes--Even Though Viruses Don't Have a Metabolism
50 New Searchable Database of COVID-19 Guidance and Research Launched
51 NASA's Juno Spacecraft Captured this Jaw-Dropping New Image of Jupiter
52 There's a New Hole in the Ozone Layer--This One's Over the Arctic
53 Thousands of Lives Could Be Saved with Bouncy and Durable Rubber Pavements
54 Missing-Link in Planet Evolution Found--Predicted to Exist More than 70 Years Ago
55 Researchers Have Found a Way to Control Bacteria to Transport Microscopic Cargo
56 Possible Coronavirus Treatment? Head Lice Drug Ivermectin Is Being Tested
57 'Smart Toilet' Automatically Monitors Your Output for Signs of Disease
58 Legacy of Cold War Nuclear Bomb Tests Solves Whale Shark Mystery
59 Mysterious New State of Matter--Quantum Spin Liquids--Could Enable Next-Generation Quantum Computing
60 Efficiency of the Ocean's "Biological Carbon Pump" Has Been Drastically Underestimated
61 Many Popular Fertility and Pregnancy Planning Apps May Be Inaccurate
62 Uber and Lyft Ridesharing Linked to More Crash Injuries for Motorists and Pedestrians
63 Saturn's Great Atmospheric Mystery Explained by New Data from NASA's Cassini
64 Treatment Rapidly Relieves Severe Depression in 90% of Participants in Stanford Study
65 Students Did Better on Test When They Listened to Beethoven During Lecture--And in Dreamland
66 Promise for COVID-19 Vaccine After Engineered Virus Protects Against MERS in Mice
67 Scientists Long Puzzled by Uranus' Mysterious Oddities--Japanese Astronomers Find Answers
68 Nanoscale Device Generates High-Power THz Waves that Can See Through Walls
69 Rigorous Sterilization for Planetary Protection
70 Coronavirus Attack Rate Increases with City Size. How Should Large Cities Respond?
71 Herbal Hangover Remedy Shows Multiple Benefits in USC Research
72 Scientists' Warning to Humanity on Insect Extinctions--Vital to Environment
73 Glug, Glug: Physics of Bubble Dynamics Reveals How to Empty Bottles Faster
74 A Successful Failure--NASA Commemorates 50th Anniversary of Apollo 13
75 Sulfur 'Spices' Alien Atmospheres--Points to Signs of Life
76 Virus Spillover, Wildlife Extinction and the Environment--It's All Interlinked
77 False Memories of Crime Appear Real to Others When Told
78 The Lord of the Rings
79 Long-Standing Quantum Physics Prediction Proven: Bethe Strings Experimentally Observed
80 Climate Change Drove Settlers to South Pacific Islands 200 Years Earlier than Previously Thought
81 Dancing Cat Fever--New Culprit Identified for Minamata Mercury Poisoning Tragedy
82 Surprising Secret to Making Stronger Concrete: Sewage
83 Powerful Relativistic Jet Blasts from Colliding Galaxies & Here's the First-Ever Photo Proof
84 Quantum Entanglement of Independent Particles Without Any Contact--Ever
85 Asian Hornets Are Invading Europe--Here's What It's Going to Cost
86 A Rapidly Changing Arctic: Significantly More Carbon & Nutrients to North Pole
87 Revolutionary Light-Emitting Silicon--"Holy Grail" Breakthrough After 50 Years of Work
88 Experts Raise the Alarm on Endangered Great Apes and COVID-19
89 Ancient Microscopic Mineral Excavation Deepens Mystery of the Origins of Earth's Magnetic Field
90 Archaeologists Go on Egg Hunt to Crack 5,000-Year-Old Mystery
91 Good News from China on Newborns Infected with COVID-19
92 Today's Most-Secure Communications Threatened by Future Quantum Computers
93 Fundamental Principle of Cosmology Cast in Doubt by Compelling New Study
94 Dinosaur 'Easter Eggs' Reveal Their Secrets in 3D Thanks to X-Rays and High-Powered Computers
95 New Discovery on How Crystals Form on Surfaces Advances Semiconductors and Nanotechnology
96 What the Ebola Outbreak Could Teach Us About Containing COVID-19
97 Optimizing Pulses from Highly Intense X-Ray Beams in Race Toward Ultrafast Imaging of Single Particles
98 Where Are We on a Coronavirus Vaccine: And What's Next? [Video]
99 Clues to Origin of Mysterious Tanystropheid Reptiles from New Brazilian Fossil
100 Serious Potential Adverse Effects of Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine for Treating COVID-19
101 Contrary to Popular Belief, Neanderthals Were as Technologically Advanced as Homo Sapiens
102 Self-Quarantine Compliance Tied to Compensation in Israel
103 Cutting-Edge 3D Imaging Reveals How the Nose Detects Odor Combinations
104 Action Real-Time Strategy Games Can Improve Visual Attention Skills
105 COVID-19 Pandemic Origins Reconstructed by Genetic Network Analysis
106 Quantum Computing Breakthrough: First Sighting of Mysterious Majorana Fermion on Gold
107 New Li-Ion Superconductor Enables Safe, High-Performance All-Solid-State Batteries
108 Bionic 3D-Printed Corals Could Optimize Bioenergy and Help Coral Reefs
109 New Insights into Dark Matter: Belle II Yields First Results in Search of the Z' Boson
110 NASA Measures Wind Speed on a Brown Dwarf 200 Trillion Miles Away
111 Self-Powered X-Ray Detector to Revolutionize Medicine, Security and Research Imaging
112 50,000 Year-Old String Shows Neanderthals Were Technologically Advanced