File Title
1 False-negative COVID-19 test results may lead to false sense of security
2 Researchers reveal important genetic mechanism behind inflammatory bowel disease
3 Mayo Clinic offer guidance on treating COVID-19 patients with signs of acute heart attack
4 New study shows how oxygen transfer is altered in diseased lung tissue
5 Creative insight triggers a neural reward signal
6 Immunotherapy treatment after chemotherapy significantly slows metastatic bladder cancer
7 Streaming services flouting India's regulations banning tobacco imagery in all media
8 Video games improve the visual attention of expert players
9 Call to action: Traditional, complementary and integrative health COVID-19 support registry
10 Study: Money can't buy love--or friendship
11 Rising from sick beds, COVID medics head back to front lines
12 Mosques, streets quiet as Indonesia's capital tightens rules
13 Point of contagion: Mass gatherings and the coronavirus
14 Cats are far more susceptible to new coronavirus than dogs are, but people shouldn't be 'fearful' of their pets: study
15 Asia cracks down on virus 'fake news'
16 Italy extends lockdown despite business pressure
17 Sanofi offers 100 mln doses of hydroxychloroquine in COVID-19 fight
18 TAILORx dispels chemo-brain notion: Women on hormone therapy also report cognitive decline
19 The effect of social distancing on the spread of disease
20 Everyone should wear masks in COVID-19 crisis, say Cambridge researchers
21 Five ways parents and children can win in lockdown
22 Treatments for coronavirus: Repurposing existing drugs
23 COVID-19: Researchers to model novel coronavirus for spread mitigation
24 To support healthcare workers battling COVID-19, start fresh and think holistically, experts say
25 Johns Hopkins adds new data visualization tools alongside COVID-19 tracking map
26 How a new vaccine adjuvant might shorten race to COVID-19 immunity
27 Online course to train medical pros on use of mechanical ventilators
28 When added burdens can lead to burnout
29 Social-distancing measures may be flattening the curve
30 Post-pandemic society: The societal repercussions and consequences of past pandemics
31 Experts developing models to help local providers prepare for COVID-19 surge
32 Call for citizen scientists to contribute to COVID-19 studies
33 Rapid lab-free COVID-19 test delivers results in just over an hour
34 Mass production of COVID-19 test systems
35 6 lessons we can learn from past pandemics
36 Researchers look to Twitter to evaluate social distancing measures
37 The math logic that could help test more people for coronavirus
38 Study: Light therapy is effective in treating seasonal affective disorder
39 Here's how Americans coped during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic
40 A new app can help detect the coronavirus
41 A COVID-19 'infodemic': How to make sense of what you're reading
42 Respirologist discusses health risks of vaping
43 Reversing the irreversible: A second chance with fertility
44 Toss the syringe: New formulation allows for oral delivery of many injectable drugs, including insulin
45 More evidence ultrasound can help in battle against Alzheimer's disease
46 Why it's not OK to take small social risks during the COVID-19 pandemic
47 Why is this coronavirus such a threat?
48 Hope for a COVID-19 vaccine: Professor of chemistry and pharmacology explains process, approaches
49 Drones take Italians' temperature and issue fines
50 Expert: Expect the fight against COVID-19 to last 'about 18 months'
51 Coronavirus: Why experts disagree so strongly over how to tackle the disease
52 People in tall buildings may be more at risk of contracting COVID-19: Here's how to stay safe
53 Virus appears to strike men, overweight people harder
54 Music therapy initiative is continuing online following COVID-19 restrictions
55 Scientists identify ATP10B as novel risk gene for Parkinson's disease
56 Centring sexual and reproductive health and justice in the global COVID-19 response
57 Ventilators: Why it is so hard to produce what's needed to tackle COVID-19
58 Seven tips to get your sleep cycle back on track during lockdown
59 Coronavirus research: Breakneck speed lets bad science get through
60 'She can't get away': U.S. lockdowns trigger surge in domestic violence
61 How much do I need to clean at home?
62 Psychology research: Antivaxxers actually think differently than other people
63 Researchers look at dry heat to curb depletion of N95 respirator masks
64 Tips for caregivers coping with Alzheimer's during COVID-19 pandemic
65 Forget old screen 'time' rules during coronavirus. Here's what you should focus on instead
66 Coronavirus an 'existential threat' to Africa's most vulnerable communities
67 Clinical trial underway to test nitric oxide in COVID-19 patients
68 Behind the vaccines: How science is building immunity
69 For asthma patients, the novel coronavirus can be scary. Here's what you need to know
70 Surgeons develop operation-triage plan to reduce OR volume during COVID-19 pandemic
71 New paper points out flaw in Rubber Hand Illusion raising tough questions for psychology
72 Large majority of Washington state's heroin users want to reduce use
73 A funeral, a birthday, 3 deaths: 'Super spreader' events show why social distancing is key
74 Heart patients should ask about home-based cardiac rehab
75 How can the houseless fight the coronavirus? Group creates a grassroots hand-washing infrastructure
76 COVID-19 is hitting black and poor communities the hardest, underscoring fault lines in access and care
77 A healthy circadian rhythm may keep you sane and increase resilience to fight COVID-19
78 'Basic' ventilator breathes air into Spain's choked ICUs
79 Coronavirus: Will the UK really have highest death toll in Europe, as a US study suggests?
80 Coronavirus: Counting the dead, a difficult process
81 Singapore sees jump in virus cases as second wave grows
82 Vets: Keep cats inside if you're self-isolating amid coronavirus
83 Don't stay up all night: Study says early bedtime may help kids keep healthy weight
84 Face masks offer slight protective effect from flu-like illness
85 Sex, gender differences in psoriasis may have clinical implications
86 Travel safety during the COVID-19 pandemic
87 Anxiety up for nonmedical health care workers versus those on front lines
88 Next potential shortage: Drugs needed to run ventilators
89 Nocturnal supervision may have protective effect in SUDEP
90 Should infants be separated from COVID-19-positive mothers?
91 Younger onset of T2DM tied to poorer initial glycemic control
92 A remote military medical team can offer insights to US hospitals preparing for COVID-19
93 Review examines how building design can influence disease transmission
94 AGA releases official guidance for patients with IBD during the COVID-19 pandemic
95 COVID-19 response plan addresses unique challenges for rural hospitals and health systems
96 Computer model predicts how drugs affect heart rhythm
97 Doctor gambles on clot-busting drug to save virus patients
98 New York City to keep schools closed but decision sets mayor against governor
99 Boris Johnson making 'good progress' in virus recovery as UK death toll nears 10,000
100 Fears of 'Wild West' as COVID-19 blood tests hit the market
101 US could start reopening in May, top virus advisor says
102 Virus cases, deaths rise in India's biggest slum
103 Modern humans, Neanderthals share a tangled genetic history, study affirms
104 Study offers new insight into the impact of ancient migrations on the European landscape
105 Study finds no media bias when it comes to story selection
106 Fossil skull casts doubt over modern human ancestry
107 Fourth new pterosaur discovery in matter of weeks
108 Direct human ancestor Homo erectus is older than we thought
109 Tooth be told: Earless seals existed in ancient Australia
110 Mochizuki's inter-universal Teichmuller proof has been published (Update)
111 Shell puzzle: An additional piece added to the evolution of turtles
112 Aquatic ancestors of terrestrial millipedes characterized for the first time
113 Coqui fossil from Puerto Rico takes title of oldest Caribbean frog
114 Revolutionary new method for dating pottery sheds new light on prehistoric past
115 New fossil from Brazil hints at the origins of the mysterious tanystropheid reptiles
116 Online education platforms could scale high-quality STEM education for universities
117 5,000-year-old egg hunt: Research reveals surprising complexity of ancient ostrich egg trade
118 Synchrotron X-ray sheds light on some of the world's oldest dinosaur eggs
119 Tie game: Ancient bit of string shows Neanderthal handiwork
120 Ancient teeth from Peru hint now-extinct monkeys crossed Atlantic from Africa
121 Brown hares and chickens were treated as 'gods,' not food when they arrived in Britain, research shows