File Title
1 How can we stop the spread of false rumors about COVID-19? Better math
2 They are there and they are gone: ICARUS chases a fourth neutrino
3 Less is more for Maxwell's Demon in quantum heat engines
4 Scientists created an 'impossible' superconducting compound
5 Unstable rock pillars near reservoirs can produce dangerous water waves
6 Virtualized metamaterial opens door for acoustics application and beyond
7 Biologically inspired ultrathin arrayed camera for high-contrast and high-resolution imaging
8 How a new quantum approach can develop faster algorithms to deduce complex networks
9 Scientists shed light on mystery of dark matter
10 Scientists create the first diamond X-ray micro lens
11 Hope for a new permanent magnet that's cheap and sustainable
12 Manipulating atoms to make better superconductors
13 When superconductivity material science meets nuclear physics
14 Honeywell unveils plan for 'most powerful' quantum computer
15 Probing microscopic wiggles in squishy materials
16 A sound boost to extreme laser performance
17 Coherent phonon dynamics realized in spatially separated mechanical resonators
18 Novel pulse duration achieved by laser beamline
19 A theoretical approach to understand the mechanisms of 3-D spatiotemporal mode-locking
20 25 years on: A single top quark partners with the Z boson
21 Exciting apparatus helps atoms see the light
22 First bufferless 1.5 micron III-V lasers grown directly on silicon wafers in Si-photonics
23 All optical control of exciton flow in a colloidal quantum well complex
24 High-tech contact lenses correct color blindness
25 Researchers propose new physics to explain decay of subatomic particle
26 Researchers estimate size of bird with unusual vocal biomechanics by its song
27 Variations in the vibrations of beams of silicon create a sensitive way of measuring pressure changes
28 China Spallation Neutron Source: Beam power reaches design goal ahead of schedule
29 Simultaneous optical trapping and imaging in the axial plane for light-matter interaction
30 Longest microwave quantum link
31 Light to electricity: New multi-material solar cells set new efficiency standard
32 Terahertz radiation technique opens a new door for studying atomic behavior
33 'Tickling' an atom to investigate the behavior of materials
34 Scientists break Google's quantum algorithm
35 Catching new patterns of swirling light mid-flight
36 Novel method for easier scaling of quantum devices
37 'Rock-breathing' bacteria are electron spin doctors, study shows
38 Proposed transistor is made of graphene and a two-dimensional superconductor
39 Argonne's pioneering user facility to add magic number factory
40 A filter for cleaner qubits
41 Topology protects light propagation in photonic crystal
42 Radar and ice could help detect an elusive subatomic particle
43 Machine learning illuminates material's hidden order
44 An environmentally friendly alternative to toxic ship coatings
45 Researchers look at noisy quantum computer
46 Scientists prevent critical collapse of higher-order solitons
47 Study achieves a new record fiber QKD transmission distance of over 509 km
48 Crystal creates a supercontinuum breakthrough
49 Machine-learning technology to track odd events among LHC data
50 Looking outside the fiber: Researchers demonstrate new concept of optical fiber sensors
51 'Strange' glimpse into neutron stars and symmetry violation
52 How do you weigh a single molecule?
53 Study reveals collective dynamics of active matter systems
54 Electrical power generation from moderate-temperature radiative thermal sources
55 Paper sheds light on infant universe and origin of matter
56 New LHCb analysis still sees previous intriguing results
57 Feeding fusion: hydrogen ice pellets prove effective for fueling fusion plasmas
58 Breakthrough made toward more powerful particle accelerators
59 Glass transition of spins and orbitals of electrons in a pure crystal
60 Measuring variations of an atom's chemical reactivity through its chemical bonds
61 Undercompressive shocks proposed to explain 'tears of wine' phenomenon
62 MEMS technology for fabricating plasmonic near-infrared spectrometers
63 Novel error-correction scheme developed for quantum computers
64 Engineers crack 58-year-old puzzle on way to quantum breakthrough
65 World's first experimental observation of a Kondo cloud
66 ORNL team builds portable diagnostic for fusion experiments from off-the-shelf items
67 Permanent magnets stronger than those on refrigerator could be a solution for delivering fusion energy
68 Physicists use extreme infrared laser pulses to reveal frozen electron waves in magnetite
69 Scientists discover the mathematical rules underpinning brain growth
70 An all-electric magnetic logic gate
71 Researchers create focus-free camera with new flat lens
72 High color purity UV organic emission realized using asymmetric microcavity design
73 Perturbation-free studies of single molecules
74 Modified nickelate materials could improve understanding of high-temperature superconductivity
75 Liquid helium-free SRF cavities could make industrial applications practical
76 Rethinking a century of fluid flows
77 Nuclear diagnostics help pave way to ignition on NIF inertial confinement fusion
78 Initialization of quantum simulators by sympathetic cooling
79 Discovery of zero-energy bound states at both ends of a one-dimensional atomic line defect
80 Searching for discrete time crystals in classical many-body systems
81 Silicon-graphene hybrid plasmonic waveguide photodetectors beyond 1.55 microns
82 ORNL neutrons add advanced polarization capability for measuring magnetic materials
83 Mechanically controllable nonlinear dielectrics
84 New experimental, theoretical evidence identifies jacutingaite as dual-topology insulator
85 Research team presents novel transmitter for terahertz waves
86 New low-cost approach detects building deformations with extreme precision in real time
87 Seeing with electrons: scientists pave the way to more affordable and accessible cryo-EM
88 Researchers set benchmark to determine achievement of quantum computing
89 Semiconductors can behave like metals and even like superconductors
90 Machine learning to scale up the quantum computer
91 Radiation damage spreads among close neighbors
92 Physicists propose new filter for blocking high-pitched sounds
93 Qubits that operate at room temperature
94 Promising material shows new evidence of unconventional superconductivity
95 Fast reconnection in turbulent media
96 Long-distance fiber link poised to create powerful networks of optical clocks
97 Artificial intelligence helps prevent disruptions in fusion devices
98 Leap in performance sees hollow-core fiber technology close in on mainstream optical fiber
99 Study unveils gapless ground state in an archetypal quantum kagome
100 Method of angular momentum multiplexing and demultiplexing for high-capacity optical communications
101 Distortion isn't a drag on fluid-straddling particles
102 The imitation game: Scientists describe and emulate new quantum state of entangled photons
103 Precision mirrors poised to improve sensitivity of gravitational wave detectors
104 Model simulator helps researchers map complex physics phenomena
105 New telescope design could capture distant celestial objects with unprecedented detail
106 Frozen-planet states in exotic helium atoms
107 An advance in molecular moviemaking shows how molecules respond to two photons of light
108 Three national laboratories achieve record magnetic field for accelerator focusing magnet
109 Researchers demonstrate first terahertz quantum sensing
110 Chip-based devices improve practicality of quantum-secured communication
111 Artificial solid fog material creates pleasant laser light
112 Researchers unlock secrets to swimming efficiency of whales, dolphins for next-gen underwater robots
113 Compact beam steering studies to revolutionize autonomous navigation, AR, neuroscience