File Title
1 Major Indian cities make mask-wearing compulsory amid virus fears
2 Some doctors moving away from ventilators for virus patients
3 Coronavirus was spreading in NYC in February, came via Europe
4 New test may help more couples understand why they experience multiple miscarriages
5 Modelling study estimates impact of relaxing control measures on possible second wave of COVID-19 in China
6 UC Davis researchers launch new COVID-19 tracking application
7 First in-human study of drug targeting brain inflammation supports further development
8 First clinical trial finds probiotic treatment with dead bacteria is better than placebo at alleviating symptoms of IBS
9 Higher levels of coronavirus 'entry point' enzyme in lungs of COPD patients and smokers
10 Newborns infected with COVID-19 in China experienced mild symptoms
11 103-year-old Italian says 'courage, faith' helped beat virus
12 As outbreaks flatten in places, Japan, India see more cases
13 Super spreader: A funeral, a birthday party and a trail of death
14 Women's lifestyle changes, even in middle age, may reduce future stroke risk
15 COVID-19: Genetic network analysis provides 'snapshot' of pandemic origins
16 S. Africa's explosive cocktail: coronavirus and AIDS
17 Plant 'remedy' for virus to be tested, says Madagascar leader
18 Interactive tool shows the science behind COVID-19 control measures
19 Reducing inequalities in poorer areas of England could save the NHS 28.8 million pounds in hip fracture costs
20 Misfiring from jittery neurons sets fundamental limit on perception
21 Researchers working on decoy molecule to fool COVID-19
22 How we're helping the most vulnerable in our society deal with the COVID-19 outbreak
23 Overloaded morgues, mass graves and infectious remains: How forensic pathologists handle the coronavirus dead
24 Study of COVID-19 risk communication finds 'optimistic bias' slows preventive behavior
25 ACA has helped protect low-income patients from catastrophic spending for surgery
26 Race, hormones and diabetes risk
27 In the rush to innovate for COVID-19 drugs, sound science is still essential
28 Releasing young adults could be best route out of lockdown, experts suggest
29 Don't rely on a quarantini to boost your immune system during coronavirus
30 World-first trial to test benefit of intravenous zinc in COVID-19 fight
31 Feeling stressed? Take a 'nature pill,' says researcher
32 Live public street cams are tracking social distancing
33 3 simple steps to support your immune health
34 Data scientists say tools may offer COVID-19 researchers faster, more in-depth answers to queries
35 Expert discusses the evolution of health care during the COVID-19 pandemic
36 What messages best influence public health behavior?
37 Nursing home study reveals 'woeful' underdiagnosis of spasticity
38 Researchers design ventilation hoods for hospital beds to help contain COVID-19 spread
39 Racing toward a vaccine: A true medical solution 'does not happen in a short amount of time'
40 Responding to COVID-19 in the developing world
41 Blocking stress-induced cocaine addiction relapse
42 The ethics of developing COVID-19 treatments and vaccination
43 Parents: Don't worry about how much screen time kids have right now
44 Ear's inner secrets revealed with new technology
45 Lockdown measures are having an impact in spread of COVID-19
46 Rich countries 'raiding' developing world's nurses
47 Cultural norms preventing adoption of vasectomy
48 Porn use is up, thanks to the pandemic
49 Researchers analyze false coronavirus claims on Twitter
50 Investing in research is South Africa's best insurance policy against crises
51 Life Equation: How math is helping with COVID-19 and other catastrophes
52 A quick fix to significantly increase breathing devices to treat coronavirus?
53 The psychology of mass panic and collective calm
54 Protecting refugees during COVID-19
55 The science of how diet can change the way sugar tastes
56 QAnon conspiracies about COVID-19 are a public health threat
57 Connecting with urban nature in difficult times
58 How lockdown could affect our long-term health
59 Obesity linked to earlier need for knee replacements
60 What we've learned from the Spanish flu--and what we haven't
61 Helping people manage breathlessness at home during COVID-19
62 Vital research reports published to aid health officials' response to pandemic
63 Pain, but not as we know it: Neuropathic pain and the immune system
64 JNCCN: Improving COVID-19 safety for cancer patients and healthcare providers
65 Newly emerged enterovirus-A71 C4 isolates may be more virulent than B5 in northern Vietnam
66 New tool helps compare different COVID-19 spreading scenarios
67 A coronavirus vaccine that wouldn't require a shot
68 Canadian clinical trial tests plasma therapy for COVID-19
69 New precision medicine procedure fights cancer, advances treatment for pets and humans
70 The psychology of lockdown suggests sticking to rules gets harder the longer it continues
71 Personalities that thrive in isolation and what we can all learn from time alone
72 The coronavirus lockdown might help limit this year's flu season--but you should still get your flu jab anyway
73 Scientific modeling is steering our response to coronavirus--but what is scientific modeling?
74 Coronavirus: What causes a 'second wave' of disease outbreak, and could we see this in Australia?
75 Mind-body medicine experts urge full integration of stress reduction into care and research
76 Recommendations to expand and sustain health care workforce during pandemic
77 Keep your immune system in top shape with these tips
78 Missing BAP1 gene associated with immunosuppressive molecules in uveal melanoma
79 What people with type 1 diabetes need to know about COVID-19
80 Test developed that can help predict if children will have stunted growth due to malnutrition
81 Bringing magnetic resonance to fertility treatment
82 How to connect with nursing home patients in quarantine
83 Why is COVID-19 sometimes so severe in young adults?
84 Don't count on warmer weather to curb COVID-19
85 Noninvasive treatment for men suffering from enlarged prostate
86 Discovery of a novel function for MAP2 in synaptic strengthening
87 Time to encourage people to wear face masks as a precaution, say experts
88 With Bronx Zoo tiger catching coronavirus, should pet owners be concerned about COVID-19? Health experts weigh in
89 Clinical trial launches to evaluate antimalarial drugs for COVID-19 treatment
90 Researchers seek new drugs to fight coronavirus using computers in schools across Kentucky
91 Optical imaging technology may help surgeons better treat cancer, brain diseases
92 Rare, damaging inherited mutations work together to reduce lifespan
93 Turkey to track coronavirus patients with app
94 Experts doubt isolated Turkmenistan's virus-free 'show'
95 Study: Pregnant women with coronavirus don't experience more severe illness
96 Canada projects coronavirus could kill 11,000 to 22,000
97 USC leads an army of architects making masks for medical workers using 3-D printers
98 Racial differences seen for cancer diagnosis, treatment, survival
99 Outcomes better at one year with physical therapy for knee OA
100 Suppressing stomach acid may up intestinal growth of MDROs
101 Report looks at hospital experiences with COVID-19
102 FDA warns of dangerous, bogus claims that bleach can treat COVID-19
103 Clogged arteries are not the only sign of cardiovascular disease
104 Mathematical model predicts patient outcomes to adaptive therapy
105 Most of the nation's teens aren't getting enough exercise
106 Alarming abusive head trauma revealed in computational simulation impact study
107 Identical mice, different gut bacteria, different levels of cancer
108 COVID-19 is making psychiatric treatment tougher
109 PM: Canada's first wave of cases won't end until the summer
110 UPMC led global trial fast tracks testing of hydroxychloroquine, other COVID-19 therapies
111 Researchers discover a novel role for dopamine that impacts gene expression related to cocaine abuse