File Title
1 Grandparenting goes digital as virus keeps older adults home
2 City of Porto rejects lockdown plan as 'useless'
3 Human testing for Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine this fall
4 Blood test detects wide range of cancers, available to at risk individuals in clinical study
5 Experts call for health and climate change warning labels on petrol pumps
6 New artificial intelligence system can empower medical professionals in diagnosing skin diseases
7 Emotional abuse, neglect affect adolescent depression differently by gender, ethnicity
8 Artificial intelligence improves X-ray identification of patients with broken bones
9 ACE inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers may improve prognosis in COVID-19 hypertensive patients
10 COVID-19 symptom research app recruiting millions of Americans
11 Critical care surgery team develops blueprint for essential operations during COVID-19
12 Without additional investment 11 million children are expected to die from cancer between now and 2050
13 FDA approves first plasma therapy for Houston Methodist COVID-19 patient
14 Comprehensive COVID-19 hospitalisation and death rate estimates help countries best prepare as global pandemic unfolds
15 New Yorkers think feds not doing enough for the city and state
16 Wastewater test could provide early warning of COVID-19
17 The placebo effect and psychedelic drugs: tripping on nothing?
18 Biological 'atlas' shows dual personality for immune cells that cause Type 1 diabetes
19 Researchers use stem cells to combat COVID-19 pneumonia
20 Protecting the protectors: LSU team supporting physicians, combatting COVID-19 by creating masks, ventilator parts
21 Australia enlists particle accelerator in coronavirus fight
22 Europe's hospitals among the best but can't handle pandemic
23 Global lockdown tightens as virus deaths mount
24 In Africa, six nations seem so far to be spared coronavirus
25 Magnet mishap puts would-be inventor of virus device in hospital
26 Extreme isolation: world's last virus-free corners hold tight
27 The sound of coronavirus: Israeli apps helping contain pandemic
28 Empowering rural doctors to treat advanced heart failure improves patient outcomes
29 Pregnant women's PFAS exposure linked to granddaughters' obesity risk
30 Chemicals used to replace BPA may lead to increased blood pressure
31 Long-term use of isradipine does not slow Parkinson's progression
32 Factors associated with discontinuation of erectile dysfunction treatment
33 Depression and anxiety spiked after coronavirus lockdown announcement, study shows
34 Coronavirus: Is social distancing working?
35 Retail operations models could streamline COVID-19 logistics
36 Scientists developing point of care Covid-19 test
37 'Smart' devices help reduce adverse outcomes of common heart condition
38 New insights into the mechanisms underlying the development of schizophrenia
39 COVID-19's impact on youth mental health the focus of new research
40 Social distancing may be a rare chance to get our sleep patterns closer to what nature intended
41 Coronavirus measures may have already averted up to 120,000 deaths across Europe
42 Modeling social distancing's impact
43 Five tips to alleviate coronavirus anxiety
44 Preliminary research describes method to disinfect badly needed respirators
45 Study shows middle-age COVID-19 mortality risk
46 Indonesia declares state of emergency as virus toll jumps
47 Those most vulnerable to virus also most at risk of loneliness in lockdown
48 More evidence COVID-19 survivors' blood could help very ill patients
49 Pets can provide company and comfort in the face of social isolation and high anxiety
50 COVID-19: An expert explains immunity and seasonality
51 What about the sick who don't have COVID-19?
52 Researchers explore potential of highly sensitive point-of-care tests for novel coronavirus detection
53 Antibody tests: To get a grip on coronavirus, we need to know who's already had it
54 Bonding with baby: What it might feel like and how long it may take
55 Researchers develop mechanical ventilator ready for industrial manufacturing
56 COVID-19 could be a game-changer, as scientists race to develop a vaccine
57 Cells must age for muscles to regenerate in muscle-degenerating diseases
58 COVID-19: Mitigating impact on research through matchmaking
59 Bridging generational divides can help people of all ages fight COVID-19
60 Another coronavirus health threat: Too few asthma inhalers
61 Environmental features that attract older adults to physical activity differ between neighborhood types
62 Not just for bones! X-rays can now tell us about soft tissues too
63 Recreating live-animal markets in the lab lets researchers see how pathogens like coronavirus jump species
64 Improving the lives of people with dementia
65 Feeling overwhelmed? Approach coronavirus as a challenge to be met, not a threat to be feared
66 Banjos and Russian grammar: Tips from polar explorers for surviving months of isolation
67 Neuroscientists gather new insight about the genetic risk of developing schizophrenia
68 The coronavirus lockdown could test your relationship. Here's how to keep it intact (and even improve it)
69 Scholar explores positive potential of mobile health apps
70 Lead exposure early in life alters brain opioid system, may lead to mental disorders
71 Canada's coronavirus aid package guards against drug shortages with compulsory licensing
72 Rethinking breast cancer risk
73 The importance of family caregivers on a cancer journey
74 Can mosquitoes spread coronavirus?
75 12-year-old infected with COVID-19 dies in Belgium
76 Discovery of new biomarker in blood could lead to early test for Alzheimer's disease
77 Researchers discover gene for rare disease of excess bone tissue growth
78 Technology use by adults with type 1 diabetes lower among African-Americans, Hispanics
79 Researchers take another step closer to mind-reading computer
80 Coronavirus: once you have antibodies, are you safe?
81 Working parents dealing with coronavirus quarantines will face psychological challenges
82 Race for vaccine tests limits of drug innovation
83 Odds of hospitalization, death from COVID-19 rise steadily with age
84 Researchers determine how the p53 protein can lead cancer cells to their death
85 Androgen receptor stops tumor growth in the most common form of breast cancer
86 Controlling coronavirus transmission using a mobile app to trace close proximity contacts
87 China's control measures may have prevented 700,000 COVID-19 cases: study
88 The leptin activator: New study reveals brain receptor key to burning brown fat
89 Fracking chemical may interfere with male sex hormone receptor
90 Infants prefer individuals who achieve their goals efficiently
91 Broken bone location can have significant impact on long-term health
92 Bariatric surgery may be effective treatment for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
93 Thyroid hormone use may raise death risk in older adults
94 Two types of diabetes drugs similarly effective in reducing heart and kidney disease
95 Underactive thyroid more common in people working long hours
96 Transgender teens have high rates of depression, suicidal thoughts
97 Hypothyroidism patients cite effectiveness in choosing alternative to standard therapy
98 Statement issued on use of anesthesia machines as ventilators
99 Video doctor visits gain ground during coronavirus pandemic
100 Genomic first responder ramps up testing against the COVID-19 coronavirus
101 Most internists-in-training feel ill-equipped to treat obesity
102 Virtual cell predicts how close tumor environment influences cancer metastasis
103 Artificial intelligence could help predict future diabetes cases
104 Three non-invasive methods used to predict who has NASH agree only about 20% of the time
105 Visual feedback enhances activation of muscle movement in response to bodily sensation
106 Novel cell-based cancer immunotherapy shows promise in early studies
107 Researchers discover genetic processes that determine short-sightedness
108 A pilot study of the sequencing of the intestinal microbiota for colon cancer
109 Men with erectile dysfunction may face higher risk of death
110 Consuming extra calories can help exercising women avoid menstrual disorders
111 Wearable device lets patients with type 2 diabetes safely use affordable insulin option
112 Doctors, hospitals, pharmacies warned not to stockpile meds
113 Don't fall prey to COVID-19 scammers
114 Poor fitness may impede long-term success in weight loss program
115 Therapy during the coronavirus pandemic: 'This is new for all of us'
116 COVID-19: Tips to reduce migraines for those susceptible to stress