File Title
1 Confusion and poor messaging led to hoarding, experts suggest
2 Stay positive, Scott Morrison: when you berate people for bad behaviour, they do it more
3 Maintaining progress for children with learning, language disorders
4 Unemployment will get much worse before it gets better, expert says
5 Coronavirus shines a light on fractured global politics at a time when cohesion and leadership are vital
6 Financial, economic actions during crisis may be rational, if not ethical
7 Don't panic, plan: COVID-19 family survival ideas
8 Self-isolating is impossible for thousands of New Zealanders unless we help them fast
9 The case for a rent holiday for businesses on the coronavirus economic frontline
10 'Whatever it takes' should now include a universal basic income
11 Unintended consequence of COVID-19: cyberbullying could increase
12 Kids shouldn't have to repeat a year of school because of coronavirus. There are much better options
13 How Stone Age humans unlocked the glucose in plants
14 Why police will be crucial players in the battle against coronavirus
15 What does COVID-19 mean for the future of work?
16 A lifesaving reason to have more women on boards: ensuring consumer safety
17 How customers search for hedonic versus utilitarian purchases
18 COVID-19 bears out the research: Music brings people together (socially and virtually)
19 Opinion: Lessons of the epidemic for small government
20 Survey of U.S academic libraries documents COVID-19 pandemic responses
21 Increasing the visibility of research infrastructures? There's a toolkit for that
22 Pandemic bonds: The financial cure we need for COVID-19?
23 Modeling suggests going early and going hard will save lives and help the economy
24 Working from home? Count your virtual blessings
25 Hoarding 'cycle of hysteria' putting unnecessary strain on supply chain
26 Poor people experience greater financial hardship in areas where income inequality is greatest
27 Modern science reveals ancient secret in Japanese literature
28 How social media makes it difficult to identify real news
29 The desire for information: Blissful ignorance or painful truth?
30 School shutdowns raise stakes of digital divide for students
31 Movement toward gender equality has slowed in some areas, stalled in others, new five-decade study finds
32 Research identifies regular climbing behavior in a human ancestor
33 Projecting the outcomes of people's lives with AI isn't so simple
34 Economists explore the valuable roles of commodities for international stock markets
35 MesoAmerican copper smelting technology aided colonial weaponry
36 Love in the time of coronavirus: How the pandemic is changing online dating
37 Expert says coronavirus economy could bring U.S. shale market to its knees, break up OPEC
38 With much of U.S. staying at home, how many jobs can be done remotely?
39 Expert discusses what COVID-19 means for immigration
40 A study lays out the complexity of the settlement of Asia by Homo sapiens
41 Cashing on cryptocurrencies
42 What actually are 'essential services' and who decides?
43 Australians are moving home less. Why? And does it matter?
44 Police officers' views before and after Ferguson counter accuracy of 'Ferguson Effect'
45 New study explores fiscal issues related to NYC teachers retirement system
46 Studies find link between belief in conspiracy theories and political engagement
47 Artificial intelligence can help some businesses but may not work for others
48 Africa faces grave risks as COVID-19 emerges, says economist
49 Stronger pandemic response yields better economic recovery
50 Can relationships flourish through tech alone?
51 Quality online resources for physical education teachers
52 Europe and African relations post COVID-19: Time to add size, scale and speed
53 International borders continue to hinder cross-border cooperation
54 Beyond the garnish: Will a new type of produce get the microgreen light?
55 The Great Depression, the New Deal, and how disasters change politics
56 The U.S. census has its flaws--but so has every attempt to count people
57 Growing gap in children's socio-emotional skills
58 How to stop domestic and family violence under lockdown
59 Lived poverty rises in Africa for the first time in a decade
60 Masking power in the age of contagion: China in the wake of coronavirus
61 Oldest-ever human genetic evidence clarifies dispute over our ancestors
62 The candy-cola soda geyser experiment, at different altitudes
63 COVID-19 information overload leads to simple but unhelpful choices
64 Golden age of Hollywood was not so golden for women
65 Homo naledi juvenile remains offers clues to how our ancestors grew up
66 Skull scans reveal evolutionary secrets of fossil brains
67 Modern humans, Neanderthals share a tangled genetic history, study affirms
68 Study offers new insight into the impact of ancient migrations on the European landscape
69 Study finds no media bias when it comes to story selection
70 Fossil skull casts doubt over modern human ancestry
71 Coronavirus has shut down most places of worship. Now what?
72 Onboarding new telework jobs in the time of corona
73 Sociologist explains how coronavirus might change the world around us
74 To counter COVID-19 misinformation, expert backs new approach to science learning
75 Study: Real estate taxes hit poor hardest, not necessarily used for assumed purposes
76 Fourth new pterosaur discovery in matter of weeks
77 Baby steps: Ancient skull helps trace path to modern childhood
78 1 in 10 children affected by bushfires is Indigenous. We've been ignoring them for too long
79 Fossil trove sheds light on ancient antipodean ecology
80 Representation of driving behavior as a statistical model
81 Gender bias in commenting poses barriers to women scholars
82 Decrypting cryptocurrencies
83 Six million-year-old bird skeleton points to arid past of Tibetan plateau
84 Direct human ancestor Homo erectus is older than we thought
85 Most people consider becoming vegetarian for their health
86 Want to stop consumer hoarding in times of crisis? New research may provide the answer
87 With record unemployment filings, federal stimulus will help, but more is needed
88 Followers may tune out when municipalities tweet too much
89 Coronavirus economic effects might last decades, research suggests
90 COVID-19 a 'transformative' moment for social science
91 COVID-19 study examines how people respond to stay-at-home orders
92 Coronavirus: Strategic National Stockpile was ready, but not for this
93 The numbers on Connecticut's newest crop: CBD hemp
94 Fiscal interventions must stay targeted and apolitical, say public policy experts
95 Tooth be told: Earless seals existed in ancient Australia
96 Potential Texas-OPEC alliance shows more oil production doesn't make U.S. 'energy independent'
97 Experts discuss social media and COVID-19
98 How the coronavirus recession puts service workers at risk
99 Research pinpoints which Australian cities take biggest economic blow from COVID-19
100 Lacustrine ecosystems needed 10 million years to recover after end-permian mass extinction
101 Tighten up law on keeping dangerous snakes as pets, demand animal welfare experts
102 Reanalysis of global amphibian crisis study finds important flaws
103 How fungi's knack for networking boosts ecological recovery after bushfires
104 Living under pressure: Lessons from the cradle of life
106 Novel bacterial acid tolerance system sheds light on development of antimicrobials
107 Eastern monarch butterfly population plunges below extinction threshold
108 Antibiotic intercepts building blocks of the bacterial envelope
109 Researchers investigate previously unknown reproduction mechanism in Corynebacterium glutamicum
110 We've just discovered two new shark species
111 What Jenga can teach us about wildlife conservation before it's too late