File Title
1 Researchers Demonstrate the Missing Link for Ultra-Secure Quantum Internet
2 AI Detects Bomb Craters to Estimate Unexploded Bombs Left from Vietnam War
3 Mystery of Supermassive Black Holes Shortly After the Big Bang--Explanation Discovered
4 Supercomputer Completes Massive Coronavirus Simulations to Help Design New Drugs and Vaccines
5 Incredible Images Reveal How Bacteria Form Communities on the Human Tongue
6 Researchers Warn on COVID-19: We Must Prepare Now for International Humanitarian Crises
7 Skulls Gone Wild: Secrets of How and Why Frogs Evolved Extreme Heads
8 MIT Joins White House Supercomputing Effort to Speed Search for COVID-19 Solutions
9 Catalyst Zeolite Nanopores Discovery May Lead to New Materials for Clean Energy and Carbon Capture
10 Rats Can Smell Hunger on Other Rats--Give More Generously to Those in Need
11 How Pablo Escobar's Hippos Can Counteract a Legacy of Extinctions and Restore a Lost World
12 Infections Responsible for 20% of Childhood Deaths in England and Wales
13 Solar System's Turbulent Formation Quickly Gave Way to Current Planetary Configuration
14 Cataclysmic Binaries: Observable Novae Are Just "Tip of the Iceberg"
15 White House Announces New Partnership to Unleash U.S. Supercomputing Resources to Fight COVID-19
16 Teeth Serve as 'Archive of Life'--Record Intimate Details of a Person's Life
17 New Anticancer Therapy Prospects After "Brake" on Immune Activity Identified
18 Superconductivity Discovered in Meteorites--Could Be Superconducting in Extraterrestrial Environments
19 Scientist Have Uncovered the Mechanism Behind Mesmerizing "Whiskey Webs"
20 Climactic Risk of Global Sea Level Rise as Antarctica's Denman Glacier Has Retreated Almost 3 Miles
21 European Space Agency Scales Down Mission Operations Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
22 Birds Can Thrive in Urban Environments with Either Big Brains or Frequent Breeding
23 Ultimate Strength of Metals Accurately Predicted with New Theoretical Model
24 Changes in Southern Hemisphere Winds Stopped by International Ozone Treaty
25 Universal Flu Vaccine Developed Using Novel Nanoparticles
26 Robots Can Help Combat COVID-19--Here's How
27 An Aspirin a Day Does Not Keep Dementia at Bay--No Difference than Placebo
28 Acupuncture Can Reduce Migraine Headaches--Effective Alternative to Drugs
29 De-Domesticated Weedy Rice Is Unintended Legacy of Green Revolution
30 First High Sensitivity Dark Matter Axion Hunting Results from CAPP-8TB Haloscope
31 Study Finds Which Trees Are Best in the Fight Against Air Pollution
32 5 Weeks Instead of 50 Years: Neural Networks Optimize Search for New Materials
33 Researchers Find Gut Enzyme that Helps Prevent Aging and Frailty
34 New Protection for US Energy Grid and Nuclear Weapons Systems
35 High-Performance Laser Fabrication Breakthrough Promises Low Cost Lasers
36 Unlocking the Genetic Code of the Novel Coronavirus: How COVID-19 Made the Leap from Animals to Humans
37 New Dinosaur Discovered in New Mexico Is One of the Last Known Surviving Raptors
38 Lawrence Livermore Lab Uses Artificial Intelligence and Supercomputers in Global Fight Against COVID-19
39 Dark Matter Decay Ruled Out as Source of Mysterious Electromagnetic Signals Detected from Nearby Galaxies
40 Are We Teaching Kids to Write All Wrong?
41 Unexpected Paradox: Increased Energy Use Not Needed for Longer Lives
42 A Small Answer to One of the Biggest Problems on the Planet
43 Cave Excavation Shows Neanderthals Were Marine Pioneers--Ate Crab, Mussels, Seals & Dolphins
44 Cosmic Bombs and Controversy: A New Theory of Magnetar Formation
45 Pangolins, Not Snakes, May Be Missing Link in Coronavirus Jump from Bats to Humans
46 Accurate 3D Maps of 2D Materials Pinpoint Coordinates of Single Atoms
47 Quasar Tsunamis Discovered--Highest Energy Outflows Ever Witnessed in the Universe
48 NASA Perseverance Rover's New Cargo: 10.9 Million Names--Next Stop: Mars
49 How Long COVID-19 Remains Infectious on Cardboard, Metal & Plastic
50 COVID-19 Can Cause Cardiac Injury--Even in Patients Without Underlying Heart Conditions
51 Revealed: High-Entropy Alloy Multi-Stage Deformation Process at Ultra-Low Temperatures
52 Physicists Develop a Light Funnel Using Non-Hermitian Skin Effect
53 Satellite Captures Stunning Drop in Pollution Across Europe from COVID-19 Lockdown
54 More than 90% of Legal Marijuana Products Too Strong for Chronic Pain Relief
55 Too Much Salt in Your Diet Weakens Your Immune System
56 MIT Will Post Free Plans Online for an Emergency Ventilator that Can Be Built for $100
57 Shape-Shifting, Free-Roaming Soft Robot Created by Stanford Engineers [Video]
58 Patient Safety Risk Concerns Over 'Exaggerated' Claims of AI Outperforming Doctors
59 Stanford: How Humanity Has 'Engineered a World Ripe for Pandemics'
60 Hubble Hooks a Magnificent One-Arm Barred Spiral Galaxy
61 Space Satellite Captures Incredible Views of Rice Fields in Vietnam's Mekong Delta [Video]
62 Even Among Wild Mammals, Females Live Longer
63 MIT Aims to Turn Wi-Fi Signals into Usable Power with Energy-Harvesting Design
64 Violent Neutron Star Collision Sends Gravitational Waves Shuddering Through the Fabric of Space and Time
65 New Double-Helical MOF Is Potential Next-Gen. Semiconductor
66 Parallax Microlensing Free-Floating Stars in the Milky Way's Bulge
67 SpaceX Awarded Contract to Deliver Cargo to Lunar Gateway Orbital Outpost
68 MIT Chemists Have Developed a Peptide that Could Block COVID-19
69 Top Space Officer: Launch of Space Force Largely Unaffected by Coronavirus
70 Does Soap Actually 'Kill' the Coronavirus? Here's the Chemistry [Video]
71 COVID-19 Patients Can Still Have Coronavirus Up to 8 Days After Symptoms Disappear
72 Hungry Stars Cannibalize Each Other in 'Be X-Ray' Systems
73 NASA Scientists Find Secret in Decades-Old Voyager 2 Data About the Ice Giant Uranus
74 Researchers Use Futuristic Technology to Print 1,000 Face Shield Parts Per Day for Coronavirus Pandemic
75 New Graphene-Carbon Nanotube Catalyst Could Ignite Clean Energy Revolution
76 New Species of Feathered Carnivorous Dinosaur Discovered in New Mexico Yields Evolutionary Insights
77 MIT Develops Soft, Flexible Neural Implants that Can Be 3D Printed on Demand
78 Researchers Join Forces to Investigate the Airborne Transmission of Coronavirus Using a Supercomputer
79 Quantum Sensor that Covers Entire Radio Frequency Spectrum Created by Army Scientists
80 After 90 Years, Scientists Solve One of the Fundamental Mysteries of Chemistry
81 NASA Prepares Powerful Xenon Thruster for Asteroid Redirection Mission
82 Three New Species of Flying Reptiles Discovered--Pterosaurs that Inhabited the Sahara 100 Million Years Ago
83 Mental Health and Psychological Impact of the Coronavirus / COVID-19 Pandemic
84 In Earth's Greatest Extinction, Land Animals Began Dying Off Long Before Marine Life
85 Using Martian Meteorites to Reconstruct Mars' Chaotic History
86 Greater Weight Loss for Obese Patients that Get Bariatric Surgery Before Diabetes Develops
87 Researchers Discover How Stress Restructures the Brain
88 Common BPA Free Plastics Use Chemicals that May Lead to Increased Blood Pressure
89 Ancient Tree Rings Could Pin Down Date of Massive Thera Volcano Eruption
90 Clues to COVID-19 Treatment from DNA of Patients with Severe Forms of Coronavirus Disease
91 Blood Test Accurately Detects Over 50 Types of Cancer and Where It Originated, Often Before Any Symptoms
92 Nobel Prize Winning Physicist Philip Anderson Dies at Age 96
93 Orion Spacecraft Returns to Kennedy Space Center for Final Preparations Before Artemis I Launch
94 Early Warning of COVID-19 Possible by Testing Wastewater
95 Colonial Weaponry Boosted by MesoAmerican Copper Smelting Technology
96 Sturgeon "Methuselah Fish" Genome Sequenced--Important Piece of Evolutionary Puzzle
97 Supercomputer Calculates Your Risk of Getting a Virus on an Airplane
98 Astronauts Could Use a Surprising Ingredient to Build Moon Bases--Their Own Urine
99 ESA Forced to Go Ahead with BepiColombo Gravity-Assist Flyby Despite Coronavirus Crisis
100 NASA's Mars Helicopter Undergoes Final Testing--Will Be First Aircraft to Fly on Another Planet
101 Argonne and CERN Explore Long-Held Mystery in Nuclear Physics
102 Scientists Create Phage Capsid Nanoparticles that Prevent Viral Infection
103 Evidence of Elusive "Missing Link" in Black Hole Evolution Found by Hubble Space Telescope
104 How Oceans and Atmospheres Move Heat Around on Earth and Other Planets
105 Recent Human Ancestor Regularly Climbed Trees like Apes
106 NASA's New $10 Billion Space Telescope Successfully Deploys Massive Mirror
107 New Tap-Proof Communication: Generating Quantum-Entangled Photons in a Spectral Range of Light Previously Inaccessible
108 Companies Affiliated with MIT Take On COVID-19 Pandemic Using Technology
109 Heading Off a Locust Invasion Using NASA Satellites
110 Testing the Laws of Physics with Ultra-High Energy Gamma Rays from the Far Reaches of the Galaxy
111 Ancient Antarctica Rainforest Discovery Suggests Prehistoric World Much Warmer than Thought
112 Evolutionary Secrets of Fossil Brains Revealed: "Lucy" Had Ape-Like Brain, but Longer Childhood like Humans