File Title
1 Surprisingly, Mercury's 400íC Heat May Help It Make Its Own Ice [Video]
2 How Sperm Unpack Dad's Genome So It Can Merge with Mom's to Form One New Human Genome
3 The Most Powerful Black Hole Eruption Ever Seen in the Universe
4 Researchers Gain Control Over Transparency with Tuning Optical Resonators
5 Newly Discovered Memory in Our Bones: Keeping a Record of Previous Infections to Boost Immunity
6 Healthier and Happier Without Facebook--Reduce Usage to Feel Better All Around
7 Flexible, Thinner-Than-Paper Solar Cells for Future Satellites
8 Mystery Solved: How Gas Bubbles Build Big Methane Hydrate Deposits
9 Chance Discovery on New Telescope: Rare Eclipsing Binary Brown Dwarf System
10 Global Warming: Heat Stress May Affect More than 1.2 Billion People Annually by 2100
11 Astrophysicists Wear 3D Glasses to Watch Quasars and Study Active Galactic Nuclei
12 Sorry, Einstein--You're Probably Not the Best Role Model
13 Strange, Extremely Disordered Proteins Are Heroes in Disguise--Protect Other Proteins
14 Observed: Giant, Ultra-Hot Planet WASP-76b Where It Rains Iron
15 Individual Ion Mass Spectrometry: Powerful New Way to Probe Single Molecules
16 LEGO Bricks Could Survive in the Ocean for Up to 1,300 Years
17 New "Human Tissue Replacement" Created Using Nanostructured Rubber-Like Material
18 Living Concrete Engineered with Bacteria and Sand
19 Researchers Develop a Machine Capable of Solving Complex Problems in Theoretical Physics
20 Rapid Spread of Coronavirus Outbreak Fueled by 'Stealth Transmission'
22 Scientists Can See the Bias in Your Brain--Even Before You Make Your Decision
23 Brain Inflammation Is a Significant Factor in More Types of Dementia than Previously Thought
24 Mysterious Bone Circles Built by Humans from the Remains of Mammoths Reveal Clues About Ice Age
25 Zealandia Secrets Brought to the Surface by Research Voyage--Upends Previous Theory
26 Horses Can Save the Permafrost--Here's How
27 Is Betelgeuse About to Explode? Dimming Red Supergiant Isn't that Cool
28 Tracking Down the Mystery of the Origin of Matter: Complex Experiment Runs for 2 Years in Search for "New Physics"
29 Unusual Bacterial Enzyme Discovered that Could Become a New Target for Antibiotics
30 Artificial Intelligence Composes New Proteins--The Building Blocks of Life--as Musical Scores
31 Unexpectedly High Emissions of Ozone-Depleting Chemicals Found by Scientists
32 Study Finds New Engineered Botox to Be Safer and More Potent
33 Teen Vapers Less Likely to Go on to Smoke than Peers Trying Out Other Tobacco Products
34 Cambridge Researcher Finally Proves One of Darwin's Evolution Theories
35 Ancient Sea-Worm Mystery Solved by Student After 50 Years in "Wastebasket"
36 New Coronavirus that Causes COVID-19 Is Stable for Hours on Surfaces
37 Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall--You're Probably More Attractive than You Think
38 Fatal Attraction--Small Carnivores Scavenging for Scraps Risk Ambush
39 Understanding How Galaxies Evolve with Spiral Graph
40 $1 Million "Nobel Prize of Computing" Awarded to Pioneers of Modern Computer Graphics
41 Russian Scientists Break Google's Quantum Algorithm
42 Using Fish Scales to Make Wearable Electronics More Sustainable
43 A Question for Almond Growers: To Bee, or Not to Bee?
44 To Avoid Ticks, How You Rake Your Leaves Is Very Important
45 More Efficient Underwater Solar Cells with Optimal Materials
46 MIT Invented a Tiny New Sensor to Help Prevent Food Waste
47 NASA's Plans to Explore the Moon and Beyond Aided by Space Station Research
48 No Evidence COVID-19 Coronavirus Was Genetically Engineered in a Lab--Epidemic Has a Natural Origin
49 6.4 Trillion Tons of Ice Lost: Antarctica, Greenland Melting Six Times Faster than in the 1990s
50 Programmable DNA Technique 'Prints' Cells to Create Diverse Biological Environments
51 Space Foam Formed Inside Fluid Science Laboratory on the International Space Station
52 Bariatric Surgery Associated with Significant Weight Loss, Fewer Heart Attacks and Strokes
53 Understanding the Brain in High-Definition: Rapid, Automatic Identification of Individual, Live Brain Cells
54 If You Eat Sashimi, Check for Worms: 283-Fold Increase in Sushi Parasites in Past 40 Years
55 OwO What's This? Astronomers Study Galactic Bulge for Clues to Black Hole Mystery
56 How Much Carbon Can Tropical Forests Absorb?
57 Path to Razor-Sharp Black Hole Images Discovered--Striking and Intricate Substructure
58 Smart Watches Prove Useful: Higher Daily Step Counts Linked with Lower Blood Pressure
59 Chip-Based Quantum Key Distribution Devices Improve Quantum-Secured Communication
60 How Do Vampire Bat Strangers Make Friends? Scientists Find Out
61 Microplastic Pollution May Be Generated Simply by Opening Plastic Bags and Bottles
62 Stanford Scientists Genetically Reprogram Cells to Build Artificial Structures
63 Melanoma Skin Cancer Killing Fewer Americans Due to Advances in Treatment
64 Action Needed on Dangerous Pet Snakes, Demands Animal Welfare Experts
65 Reducing Climate Change Risks with the Right Dose of Geoengineering
66 Shocking Video Shows Dramatic Nitrogen Dioxide Drop Over China Due to COVID-19 Lockdown
67 Theory of Everything Tested--NASA's Chandra X-Ray Observatory Probes String Theory
68 Wonderchicken--Origin of Modern Birds Revealed by Fossil from the Age of Dinosaurs
69 Scientists Surprised by Hidden Source of Ancient Carbon Found at the Arctic Coast
70 Mars Perseverance Rover Sample Handling System Integrated by NASA JPL
71 Evolutionary Origin of the Human Hand Revealed by Ancient Fish Fossil
72 Quasar Tsunamis Tear Across Interstellar Space Wreaking Havoc on Galaxies
73 A Single X-Ray Strike Is Enough to Destroy an Entire Molecule
74 Doctors Say Children Vital to Slowing COVID-19 Pandemic--Here's How
75 Coronavirus Pandemic Forces Mission Control Adjustments--Responsible for 21 Flying Spacecraft
76 Surprisingly, Historically Misunderstood Amyloid Is Necessary for Long-Term Memory Formation
77 Microwire Array Brings Silicon Computing Power to Brain Research and Prosthetics
78 Strange Orbits of 'Tatooine' Planetary Disks--Striking Orbital Geometries Around Binary Stars
79 'Surfing Attack'--New Way to Hack Siri, Google Assistant with Ultrasonic Waves
80 High Voltage Electric Jolt to Carbon Makes Superior Water Purifier
81 Mothers in China with COVID-19 Gave Birth as Doctors Observed--Here's What They Found
82 Removing Belly Fat Before It Sticks to You: University Researchers Produce Fat-Busting Proteins
83 Incredible View from Space: Kuwait and the Second Largest Oil Field in the World
84 COVID-19 Recovery: Researchers Find the Immune System Can Fight Back
85 Bringing Order to Chaos: Mathematicians Develop New Theory to Explain Real-World Randomness
86 Intriguing Results at CERN Shows Tension with Standard Model of Particle Physics
87 Astrophysicists Reveal a New Model of Our Solar System's Protective Bubble, the Heliosphere
88 Merger Between Two Stars Formed a Blue Supergiant, Led to Iconic Supernova Explosion
89 Secrets of 18th-Century Portrait Revealed by Team of Physicists, Chemists and Art Specialists
90 Colossal Dark Matter Halos Surround Massive Galaxies
91 Global Famine Predicted in Even a Limited India-Pakistan Nuclear War Due to Soot and Firestorms
92 Coronavirus SARS-CoV2 Architecture Decoded in 3D--Accelerates COVID-19 Drug Development
93 Supercontinuum Generation: Special, Nonlinear Crystal Combined with Laser Yields Breakthrough
94 Lunar Gateway Orbital Outpost Experiment Will Monitor Radiation in Deep Space
95 Tiny High-Tech Needles Inspired by Parasites May Help Eliminate Painful Shots
96 NASA Satellites Track How Quickly the Poles Are Melting--Greenland Lost 600 Billion Tons of Ice in 2 Months
97 Fascinating Research Solves Mystery of Tuvan Throat Singing [Audio/Video]
98 There May Be a "Super-Earth" Orbiting the Nearest Star to the Sun
99 Scientists Warned China Was a "Time Bomb" for Novel Coronavirus Outbreak in 2007
100 How Wave Power Drives Coastal Erosion in Hawaii Quantified by Researchers
101 Optical Illusion Created by Butterflies' Wing Scales Is Secret to Ultra-Black, Lightweight Materials
102 50 New Ways NASA Innovations Benefit Life on Earth
103 Eating Food with Isoflavones--Such as Tofu, Chickpeas and Peanuts--May Lower Heart Disease Risk
104 A New Kind of Light in the Universe? "Super-Planckian" Material Emits Light that Exceeds Limits of Natural Law
105 Stunning Martian Selfie Before NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover Completes Record Climb
106 Corrugated Pipes Installed to Help Bats Access Their Roosts May Actually Interfere with Echolocation
107 Sometimes LEGO Is a Toy--At CERN, LEGO Helps Study the Building Blocks of the Universe
108 Gravitational-Waves and Nuclear Physics Used to Obtain Best Measurement of Neutron Star Size
109 Martian Climate Change: Water Could Disappear from Red Planet Faster than Expected
110 Australian Researchers Set to Begin Clinical Trials on COVID-19 Treatment
111 Mysterious Particle Tracks Captured in Stunning Images at Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider STAR Detector
112 Pattern of Waves Found in Growing Organisms Similar to Ocean Circulations and Quantum Fluids
113 Lactation Changes Electrical Signaling in Mom's Brain--But It's Reversible
114 Map of Life Will Need to Be Redrawn and Textbooks Updated After Highly Surprising Discovery on Christmas Island
115 Ancestor of All Animals--Including Humans--Identified in Australian Fossils
116 Biologically Inspired Ultrathin Arrayed Camera Captures Super-Resolution Images
117 Natural Mosquito-Killing Compound Produced by Bacteria Could Lead to Better Insecticides
118 Coronavirus and COVID-19 Claims Fact Checked by Experts
119 New Fluorescent Compound Identified in Scorpions Could Help Protect Them from Parasites
120 Ultra-Sensitive Cancer DNA Detector Created with Crumpled Graphene
121 Stem Cell Technology Rejuvenates Old Human Cells by Wiping Their DNA Clean