File Title
1 Polar Bears Skinnier & Having Fewer Cubs Due to Less Sea Ice in Baffin Bay
2 New Method for Analyzing Metal Developed by U.S. Army Researchers
3 Rare Corona of the Planet Jupiter Caught in Stunning Image
4 Solar Orbiter Science Instrument Sends First Measurements to Ground Control
5 New Invention Generates Electricity "Out of Thin Air"--Offers Clean Energy 24/7
6 Listening to Binaural Beats Synchronizes Brain Activity, but What Is the Effect on Mood, Focus and Anxiety?
7 Can Seeding Earth's Oceans with Iron on a Global Scale Solve Climate Change?
8 10 Amazing Discoveries About the Sun from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory
9 Mediterranean Diet May Help Curb Advance of Frailty and Cognitive Decline in Older People
10 Millions of Arctic Methane Hotspots Detected by NASA--Global Climate Change Impact
11 Next-Generation Energy Storage Breakthrough: Fast-Charging, Long-Running, Flexible
12 MIT Devises More Efficient Error Correction for Quantum Devices
13 Catalyst Produces Useful Hydrocarbons While Removing CO2
14 Solar Technology Breakthrough: World Record Quantum Dot Solar Cell Efficiency
15 Traces of New Form of Superfluidity Revealed by Exotic Atomic Nuclei
16 Unraveling the Mystery of Neanderthal Death Rites--Discovery at 'Flower Burial' Site Offers "Unparalleled Opportunity"
17 NASA's "Space Botanist" Sees Plants "Waking Up" from Space
18 Ultrasound Device Improves Lithium Battery Capacity and Charge Time
19 Bionic Tactile Enhancement--Highly Sensitive Sensors Inspired by Spiders Improve Sense of Touch
20 Hubble Spots a Majestic Spiral or a Smudged Fingerprint
21 CERN's MoEDAL Hunts for Dyons--Theoretical Particles First Hypothesized in 1969
22 Too Much Fluoride Causes Defects in Tooth Enamel--Researchers Found Out Why
23 Greenhouse Gas Changes Immediately Affect Mediterranean Rainfall--'Hot Spot' of Climate Change
24 Mystery Surrounding Dinosaur Footprints on a Cave Ceiling Finally Solved
25 Secrets of Titan's Atmosphere Revealed--Galactic Cosmic Rays Affect Saturn's Largest Moon
26 Slithering Snakes on a 2D Plane--Search and Rescue Robots Inspired by Snakes [Video]
27 Scientists Warn that BPA-Free Plastic Products Could Be Just as Harmful to Human Health
28 MIT Engineers Devise the Best Way to Deflect an Incoming Planet-Killer Asteroid
29 Patterns of Life Generated by Random Gene Pulsing in Cambridge Lab
30 New Camera Combines Lasers and Terahertz Waves to Reveal 'Unseen' Detail and 'See Inside' Objects
31 Cobalt Is Used for Electric Vehicle and Electronics Batteries--Can Supply Meet Demand?
32 Burn Twice as Many Calories: Eat a Big Breakfast Rather than a Large Dinner
33 Breakthrough in Coronavirus Vaccine Research Results in New 3D Atomic Scale Map of Virus
34 New Mechanism for the Coexistence of Species Discovered
35 Jupiter Water Mystery Updated with Findings from NASA's Juno Spacecraft
36 Pioneering New Research Disputes "Wavier" Jet Stream Due to Arctic Warming
37 Tungurahua Volcano "The Black Giant" Showing Warning Signs of "Potential Collapse"
38 Creating Custom Light Using Artificial Structures of 2D Materials
39 Study Warns: Some Antibiotics Prescribed During Pregnancy Linked with Major Birth Defects
40 MIT Finds Hackers Can Change Votes in Voting App Used in U.S. Federal Elections
41 Spin-Rotation Coupling Quantum Effect Measured for the First Time--Predicted 30 Years Ago
42 New Changes in Bird Migration Discovered After Examining 50 Years of Data
43 Scientists Make Birds Watch TV--Here's What They Learned
44 Study Finds Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate Improves Exercise Performance
45 MIT Invents Cryptographic "Tag of Everything"--Could Protect Against Counterfeiting
46 Disease Found in 60 Million Year Old Dinosaur Tail that Still Afflicts Humans Today
47 NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Is Offline for Maintenance--Here's Why
48 Researchers Warn Antidepressant Use Creates Physical Dependence--"Notoriously Difficult to Quit"
49 MIT Uses Artificial Intelligence to Identify Powerful New Antibiotic
50 New Rotating Detonation Engine Could Enable Cheaper, Lighter Spacecraft
51 Earliest Interbreeding Between Ancient Human Populations Discovered--Evolutionary Puzzle Solved
52 Seasonal Pumped Hydropower Storage Could Solve the Renewable Energy Storage Challenge
53 If You Want to Live Longer, Stay in School
54 Planet on Edge of Destruction--Gas Giant Discovered Rapidly Orbiting a Dangerously Close Star
55 New Species of Bacteria that Fights Climate Change Discovered by Cornell Scientists
56 NASA Details Ocean Anoxia During a Biocrisis on the Ancient Earth
57 Missing Link Identified to Determine Carbon in Deep Earth Reservoirs
58 New Hope for Healing Spinal Injuries Using Commonly Available Drugs
59 Groundbreaking Experiment: Physicists Grab Individual Atoms & Observe Complex Atomic Interactions
60 Surprising New Data from Hubble Shows Sombrero Galaxy's Halo Conceals a Turbulent Past
61 New Materials and Manufacturing Methods Offer Improved Helmet Padding for Future Soldiers
62 Scientists Devise a Plan to Save Earth's Oceans--Will It Work?
63 Mars InSight Lander's Heat Probe Has Been Stuck for a Year--But NASA Has a New Plan
64 How Does Diet Affect Lifespan? New Research Challenges Existing Theories
65 Tiny Micromotor Is Powered Directly with Light
66 Palaeontologists Identify New Prehistoric Amphibian: A Salamander Named Egoria
67 Fears of Massive Greenhouse Gas Release from Old Carbon Reservoirs Are Overblown
68 Researchers Analyze Nasty Species of Bacteria that Has Colonized Space Station's Water Dispenser
69 Habitable-Zone Planet Finder Validates Sub-Neptune Sized Planet
70 New Polymers Protect Cryogenically Preserved Cells from Damaging Ice Crystals
71 Stunning Views of Houston Texas from Copernicus Sentinel-1 Satellite
72 Artificial Intelligence Used to Supercharge Battery Development for Electric Vehicles
73 New Method Developed to Isolate Atomic Sheets and Create New Materials
74 Paleontologists Find Evidence of Dog Domestication During Last Ice Age--28,500 Years Ago
75 Does the New Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 Spread Through the Air?
76 NASA Is Designing a Venus Rover Concept and Wants Your Help
77 New Snail Discovered by Citizen Scientists Named After Greta Thunberg
78 Scientists Make High-Performance Hybrid Perovskite Solar Cells Safer
79 Massive Galactic Battle Results in Spectacular Fateful Embrace
80 Methane Emitted by Humans Vastly Underestimated--Powerful Greenhouse Gas Is Large Contributor to Global Warming
81 Dramatic Melting of Antarctica Under Record Heat Caught by Shocking NASA Satellite Images
82 Scientists Discover Why Whales Migrate--They Return to the Tropics to Shed Their Skin
83 Journey to the Center of Mars--Investigating the Composition of the Red Planet
84 MIT Chemist Investigates How Diseases Are Linked to Flawed Protein Folding
85 Study Finds Most Young Women Unhappy & Stressed About Their Sex Lives
86 A Sensor So Good, It's "Spooky"--Using Quantum Entanglement to Detect Magnetic Excitation
87 Shaping the Rings of Molecules--Using Biocatalysis to Control the Shapes of Macrocycles
88 Next Generation Magnetic Memory Breakthrough: Writing Data in Under a Nanosecond
89 Iron Isotopes Show that Planet Earth Formed Much Faster than Scientists Thought
90 Scientists Turn Trash into Valuable Graphene in a Flash
91 Earthquakes Deform Gravity--New Algorithm Could Enable Early Warning Systems
92 Plaque Identifying Toothpaste May Prevent Heart Attacks and Strokes
93 Pioneering New Way to Study Exoplanets--Astronomers Decipher Distinct Radio Signatures
94 How Ear Bones of a Fish Unraveled the Mystery of Spinal Deformities
95 Treasure Trove of New Coral Species Discovered Along the Great Barrier Reef
96 'Flapping Wings' Powered by the Sun--Could Be Used for Solar Energy Harvesting
97 People Prefer Round Numbers--Even When It May Cost Them Money
98 Dormancy Paradox: Why Sleep When You Can Eat?
99 What Happens When Coronavirus Is Not Alone?
100 Short, Mysterious Magnetic Pulsations Detected at Martian Surface Around Midnight
101 Researchers Seed Clouds to Produce Snowfall--Radar Used to Accurately Measure Results
102 Autonomous Vehicles Fooled by Phantom Images Projected from Drone [Video]
103 3D Bioprinted Skeletal Muscles Integrated with Neural Cells to Accelerate Functional Regeneration
104 'Eco' Super-Glue Made from Plant-Based Particles and Water--Single Drop Can Hold 200 Pounds
105 Dead in Unmarked Graves Identified by Combining Genetics with Genealogy
106 Mars InSight Lander Yields a Year of Surprising Discoveries Above and Below the Surface of the Red Planet
107 Cutting-Edge W7-X Nuclear Fusion Device Overcomes Obstacles
108 110-Million-Year-Old Treasure Found by Scientists--"Something that Was Thought to Be Impossible"
109 Microscopic Refinement Yields Ultra-Strong Metal
110 Evidence Indicates Mars Was Struck by Small Protoplanets Early in Its History
111 New Battery Can Self-Charge Without Losing Energy
112 How Old Is a Fingerprint Found at a Crime Scene? Chemists Developed a Way to Measure