File Title
1 FDA: Asthma drug Singulair to get 'black box' warning
2 Viruses: ancient, tiny, amazing
3 Exploring the deep tissues using photoacoustic imaging
5 Depressed, rural moms face greater health challenges--and so do their kids
6 Thinking in acids and bases: pH in the brain
7 Suburban rabbi among New York's confirmed cases of COVID-19
8 Music intervention and mindfulness reduces the effect of mental fatigue
9 Increase seen in melatonin secretion after cataract surgery
10 Period of 2015 to 2018 saw increase in cannabis use in seniors
11 Liver fibrosis tied to specific heart failure, regardless of HIV or hepatitis C status
12 Aggressive features in some small thyroid tumors increase the risk for metastasis
13 Skills training opens 'DOORS' to digital mental health for patients with serious mental illness
14 Individual response to COVID-19 'as important' as government action
15 Biomarker in saliva predicts childhood obesity risk
16 The complex biology behind your love (or hatred) of coffee
17 Resurrecting ancient protein partners reveals origin of protein regulation
18 How to prepare your home and family, if new virus spreads
19 New imaging technique enables the study of 3-D printed brain tumors
20 Specialized helper cells contribute to immunological memory
21 New 'real world' data reveal potential opportunities for blood pressure improvement
22 Researchers discover new genetic variants that cause heart disease in infants
23 Moderate-to-high posttraumatic stress common after exposure to trauma, violence
24 SARS influencing response to novel coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic in Singapore
25 Using technology during mealtimes may decrease food intake, study finds
26 Could cancer immunotherapy success depend on gut bacteria?
27 How waves of 'clutches' in the motor cortex help our brains initiate movement
28 Two test positive for coronavirus at US conference attended by Pence
29 'It's pandemonium': virus panic-buying hits Los Angeles
30 Homeless at 'double risk' of getting, spreading coronavirus
31 Modern women with heart disease need flexible lifestyle programs
32 Study uncovers bias and stereotyping when recruiting patients for clinical trials
33 Residencies must train residents to treat substance use disorder among pregnant women
34 Commentary on an approach to Indigenous homelessness
35 Homeless Health Research Network releases evidence-based clinical guideline
36 Visitors vanish from Asia's most visited sites
37 Better lifestyle habits are useful additions to optimize management of atrial fibrillation
38 Tough travel bans only 'modestly' slow coronavirus spread: study
39 Experts discover toolkit to repair DNA breaks linked to aging, cancer and MND
40 Babies born prematurely can catch up their immune systems, study finds
41 Study: Women's hormonal cycles do not affect preferences for men's behavior
42 The brain has two systems for thinking about the thoughts of others
43 Crisis communication researcher: 5 key principles officials should use for COVID-19
44 Millions of U.S. workers at risk of COVID-19 infections on the job
45 How to dramatically reduce inappropriate ulcer-prevention prescriptions
46 Producing human tissue in space
47 Study: sBTLA proteins potential marker of overall survival of liver cancer patients
48 Coronavirus: 10 reasons you shouldn't panic
49 Why the way we measure iron deficiency in children needs to change
50 'Fever clinics' are opening in Australia for people who think they're infected with coronavirus
51 Powerful sequencing technology sheds light on D.C.'s HIV epidemic
52 How will the coronavirus spread? Epidemiologist deciphers 'messy data'
53 Want to detox? Exercise, eat healthy foods, and sleep well
54 Sleep should be added as measure of heart health, study says
55 Changing the way we view women's heart attack symptoms
56 Researchers identify mechanisms of MYH9-related blood disease
57 UK supermarkets impose limits to stop virus stockpiling
58 A close look at how the coronavirus binds to cells in the lungs
59 Standard methods rid hospital rooms of coronavirus, slashing transmission rates
60 Knowledge of cancer risk, health promotion varies widely
61 New model to further understand causes of Alzheimer's disease
62 Researchers ready to test coronavirus vaccine in animals
63 Prevention and prognosis of cervical cancer
64 What's the difference between pandemic, epidemic and outbreak?
65 Community factors influence how long you'll live, study shows
66 How big will the coronavirus epidemic be? An epidemiologist updates his concerns
67 Brain-doping produced by your own body
68 How to keep your child relaxed during a hospital stay
69 Should you listen to music when you work?
70 Are we teaching kids to write all wrong?
71 Telling friends and teachers about a child's autism has mixed results, say parents
72 Lack of information impedes access to food pantries and programs in Utah
73 Study finds athletes who play indoor sports at risk of vitamin D deficiency
74 Effects of the proposed SNAP eligibility changes
75 Rejuvenating the immune system supports brain repair after injury
76 Alcohol marketing and underage drinking
77 'Primitive' stem cells shown to regenerate blood vessels in the eye
78 Amid virus crisis, officials announce health care tech rules
79 Two weeks after sports-related concussion, most patients have not recovered
80 Adding smoking cessation to lung cancer screening can reduce mortality by 14%
81 Learning empathy as a care giver takes more than experience
82 Mathematical model could lead to better treatment for diabetes
83 Providing contraceptive care in the pediatric emergency department
84 An app a day: China embraces tele-medicine to keep the doctor away
85 Scientists identify new target for Parkinson's therapies
86 Team finds cancer drug resistance genes and possibly how to limit their effects
87 Method to predict critical circulatory failure
88 Microscopic STAR particles offer new potential treatment for skin diseases
89 Researchers identify factors essential for chronic hepatitis B infection
90 Scientists create tool to detect genes associated with psychiatric, brain diseases
91 Bacteria potentially involved in the development of type 2 diabetes
92 The health care system is failing transgender cancer survivors
93 Paid maternity leave has mental and physical health benefits for mothers and children
94 Nationwide study shows disparities in outpatient care for common orthopaedic problems
95 Gratitude interventions don't help with depression, anxiety: study
96 Sensory information underpins abstract knowledge
97 Coronavirus: New York launches its own hand sanitizer
98 New high-cost HIV prevention drug: 'Better' isn't worth it
99 US urges elderly to stock up on groceries, prepare to stay home
100 Drug-delivery technology leads to sustained HIV antibody production
101 Spending on experiences versus possessions advances more immediate happiness
102 Firearm violence solutions from a public health perspective
103 First study identifies risk factors associated with death in adults hospitalised with new coronavirus disease in Wuhan
104 UK opens probe into website advertising virus 'cure'
105 Study links obesity with pancreatitis
106 Experts: Rapid testing helps explain few German virus deaths
107 Our brains are powerful--but secretive--forecasters of video virality
108 Glucose acts as a double edged sword on longevity factor SIRT1
109 Prostate cancer 'fingerprint' detected in blood sample
110 New study on COVID-19 estimates 5.1 days for incubation period
111 Simple method to prevent HIV in South Africa and Uganda works
112 Study finds lower concentration of PrEP drug in pregnant young women
113 Gene therapy reverses heart failure in mouse model of Barth syndrome
114 Viewership soars for misleading tobacco videos on YouTube
115 Focusing continuity of care on sicker patients can save millions of dollars annually
116 Israel PM announces two-week quarantine for all arrivals
117 DR Congo hopes to declare end to Ebola outbreak in April