File Title
1 Claws of health? Lobster blood could play role in new drugs
2 MRI findings predict shoulder stiffness for rotator cuff tears
3 Functional outcomes similar across localized prostate cancer treatments
4 Risk of major heart complications up shortly following stroke
5 Researchers discover receptor chain involved in atopic dermatitis
6 Study suggests overtreatment in end-of-life care despite POLST
9 Women's wellness: What pregnant women need to know about heart health
10 Q&A: Panic attack isn't life-threatening, but can be frightening experience
11 Offering mindfulness training in high-demand settings bolsters attention and resilience
12 When parents should worry about teen girls' selfies
13 Controlling CAR T cells with light selectively destroys skin tumors in mice
14 New type of heart valve may be the only replacement a child needs
15 Discovery may illuminate a missing link between atherosclerosis and aging
16 An apple a day might help keep bothersome menopause symptoms away
17 Altered potassium levels in neurons may cause mood swings in bipolar disorder
18 Antidote to pain and negativity? Let it be
19 New study finds cellular immunotherapy treatment associated with improved quality of life
20 Maternal obesity linked to ADHD and behavioral problems in children, study suggests
21 Controversy swirls around adipose-derived cell therapies for reparative medicine
22 As out-of-pocket costs for neurologic medications rise, people less likely to take them
23 Receiving the news of Down syndrome in the era of prenatal testing
24 Community health worker-led care meaningfully improves blood pressure control in hypertensive patients
25 Childhood eczema cannot be prevented by daily moisturiser use, study finds
26 Big investment needed to eliminate Hepatitis C in Pakistan could deliver huge health benefits
27 Some antibiotics prescribed during pregnancy linked with birth defects
28 Help with medication reduces hospital admissions in older patients: study
29 New study supports the safety of varenicline
30 Study shows dietitians are an effective part of weight loss
32 Can AI flag disease outbreaks faster than humans? Not quite
33 Addiction in paradise: Seychelles battles heroin crisis
34 You might just be addicted: Smartphone use physically affects your brain, study says
35 New study indicates amino acid may be useful in treating ALS
36 New research takes p*** out of incontinence
37 Patients frequently refuse insulin therapy, delaying blood sugar control
38 Plant-based relatives of cholesterol could give boost to gene therapy
39 Single gene cluster loss may contribute to initiation/progression of multiple myeloma
40 Lassa fever hits Lagos as Nigeria deaths top 100
41 Research reveals link between high cholesterol levels and risk of aortic valve disease
42 New model of C. elegans helps progress study of rare genetic disease
43 Modified tuberculosis vaccine as a therapy for bladder cancer
44 A significant number of New Zealand teenagers are missing school because they cannot afford menstrual products
45 Vaccines are like teams: They work better together and when you keep them updated
46 Renewed call to address health gap for people with intellectual disability
47 New treatments for diabetes may lie in metabolic products of intestinal flora
48 New insights into the processes that cause Parkinson's disease
49 Brain measurements reveal success of public health campaigns
50 Bariatric surgery effective against early-onset obesity
51 To save on healthcare, Americans are willing to make major lifestyle changes
52 When will there be a coronavirus vaccine?
53 Decision time predicts the risk of depression relapse
54 Scientists identify drug fragments that could lead to new cancer drugs
56 New front opened in fight against common cancer driver
57 The making of a living ovarian cancer biobank
58 Getting children to eat their greens? Both parents need to set an example
59 A deep dive into cellular aging
60 Brisbane's grass pollen season the worst on record
61 China changes method of counting virus infected...again
62 How the brain detects fine differences
63 Most youth with chronic fatigue syndrome undiagnosed
64 Moderate-to-late preemies likely go home at 36 weeks
65 Colorectal cancer partner-in-crime identified
66 How AI helps people with atrial fibrillation
67 Why it's so difficult to regulate the online wellness industry
68 Researchers say extended antidepressant use creates physical dependence
69 Scientists identify new human genes controlling HIV infection
70 Scientists solve long-debated puzzle of how the intestine heals itself
71 Scientists find many gene 'drivers' of cancer, but warn: Don't ignore 'passengers'
72 Language disorders as indicators of the diagnosis and progression of Huntington's disease
73 New results on the function of the tumor suppressor HERC protein
74 Scientists aim to learn how serotonin modulates behavior
75 Finding new clues to brain cancer treatment
76 New therapy stops seizures in mouse model of rare childhood epilepsy
77 Outreach effective for opioid use disorder long-term treatment
78 New discovery has important implications for treating common eye disease
79 Study highlights potential need to standardize quality measurement for cardiovascular care
80 E-cigarette users are exposed to potentially harmful levels of metal linked to DNA damage
81 New drug combination restores beta cell function in animal model
82 Study highlights new strategies for helping children process negative emotions
83 Psychologists discover secret to achieving goals
84 MicroRNA exhibit unexpected function in driving cancer
85 Patients most at risk of overdose at the beginning and after end of methadone treatment
86 Research opens new avenues to reduce foot, toe amputations
87 Your best bet against heart attack, stroke? Lower blood pressure
88 Therapeutic cooling effectively targets site of brain injury
89 About 8 percent of West Virginia babies are exposed to alcohol shortly before birth
90 Survey of Canadians' condom use reveals demographic, social trends in protective practices
91 Developmental disability diagnosis more likely in rural children
92 Euthanasia's legal status in Europe
93 Amid protests, Portugal lawmakers vote to allow euthanasia
94 Earth-based or star-bound, heed these heart-healthy lessons from space
95 How 'Stranger Things' widened awareness of a rare disorder
96 Clinical trial exposes deadly kidney cancer's Achilles' heel
97 Study shows UV technology raises the standard in disinfecting ORs and medical equipment
98 Want to live longer? Stay in school, study suggests
99 Study shows long-term survival benefit for certain patients with advanced lung cancer
100 Physics tool helps track cancer cell diversity
101 Fast treatment via mobile stroke unit reduced survivor disability
102 Follow-up study suggests brain stents are safe and effective for reducing recurrent stroke risk
103 Lower dose of newer clot-buster may be appropriate for some stroke patients
104 Wearable brain stimulation could safely improve motor function after stroke
105 Research shows new drug helps to preserve brain cells for a time after stroke
106 Racial/ethnic disparities in stroke-prevention among patients undergoing dialysis
107 Iron in brain shows cognitive decline in people with Parkinson's
108 Hormone adjustment may lead to new ways to prevent and treat lung damage in premature infants
109 Ethnobotanical medicine is effective against the bacterium causing Lyme disease
110 Traditional biomass stoves shown to cause lung inflammation