File Title
1 Women patients still missing in heart research
2 Coronavirus: Are U.S. hospitals prepared?
3 Insulin is being sold illegally on Craigslist for a fraction of its retail price, study finds
4 Interview: UN chief says new virus poses 'enormous' risks
5 Researchers identify novel protein to prevent neuropathy from chemotherapy
6 A new way to monitor cancer radiation therapy doses
7 First Swedish transplant of uterus from deceased donor
8 Study links natural sugars in breastmilk to early childhood height and weight
9 Scientists may have a way to let preemies breath easier
10 The (un)usual suspect--novel coronavirus identified
11 MRI method provides unprecedented insight into the brain's wiring network
12 Cancer immunotherapy target helps fight solid tumors
13 Researchers show how Ebola virus hijacks host lipids
14 Parkinson's disease protein structure solved inside cells using novel technique
15 First glimpse of body's 'steering wheel' joint sparks hope
16 Scientists pinpoint brain coordinates for face blindness
17 After free lunch from drug firms, doctors increase prescriptions
18 Tumor of the touch cells: A first-of-its-kind study in India
19 Gene tests for heart disease risk have limited benefit
20 Low folate levels can indicate malnutrition in hospital patients
21 Kidney patients benefit using organs from Hepatitis C-infected donors
22 Heated tobacco devices making inroads among young adults, study finds
23 Research suggests statins could lower ovarian cancer risk
24 Hospitality, not medical care, drives patient satisfaction
25 Traditional risk factors predict heart disease as well as genetic test
26 Getting a grip: An innovative mechanical controller design for robot-assisted surgery
27 How malaria detects and shields itself from approaching immune cells
28 How language proficiency correlates with cognitive skills
29 Hippocampal avoidance during WBRT reduces risks in oncology trial
30 Saliva can be used to predict excess body fat in teenagers
31 Variety and consistency are essential to keep the mind healthy
32 Masking the memory of fear: Treating anxiety disorders such as PTSD with an opioid
33 'Birth Settings' report explores medical disparities of childbirth in the US
34 Testing during studying improves memory and inference
35 Amlodipine better BP drug for lower long-term risk for gout
36 Mortality no different for no sedation versus light sedation in ICU patients
37 Predicting immunotherapy success
38 Hospitals with internationally trained nurses have more stable, educated nursing workforces
39 Number of people with dementia is set to double by 2050, according to new report
40 Readmission risk increases for elderly patients with geriatric-specific characteristics
41 Study suggests later school start times reduce car crashes, improve teen safety
42 Community LGBTQ supportiveness may reduce substance use among sexual minority adolescents
43 Russia bans Chinese citizens over virus concerns: agencies
44 Tulane math professor leads effort to map spread of coronavirus
45 Researchers create, test AI to improve EKG testing for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
46 Elder-friendly care after emergency surgery greatly improves outcomes for older patients
47 Study reveals how too much fluoride causes defects in tooth enamel
48 Study: Late fall may be best time of year to try to conceive
49 Time of day affects global brain fluctuations
50 Study reveals how low oxygen levels in the heart predispose people to cardiac arrhythmias
51 Why treat people exposed to virus in Omaha? Why not?
52 When the best treatment for hypertension is to wait
53 BPA alternative, bisphenol S, could negatively affect mother's placenta and developing baby's brain
54 Study finds empathy can be detected in people whose brains are at rest
55 World first: Infertile cancer patient has baby using frozen egg
56 More time between prostate cancer screenings could improve outcomes
57 Declines in heart attacks greater among men than women
58 World failing to provide children with a healthy life and a climate fit for their future: WHO-UNICEF-Lancet
59 Can metformin reduce obesity in children and adolescents?
60 Cancer researchers identify new areas in human genomes linked to skin cancer risk
61 Why Zika virus caused most harmful brain damage to Brazilian newborns
62 Pounded by critics, Japan defends handling of virus outbreak
63 Bangladesh kicks off vaccination blitz to eliminate cholera
64 What birdsong tells us about brain cells and learning
65 New mechanism involved in senescence modulates inflammation, response to immunotherapy
66 Targeting turncoat immune cells to treat cancer
67 Offspring sex ratio is not a heritable trait, study finds
68 New cholesterol-lowering guidelines would increase cost of treatment
69 Virologist: Tokyo Olympics probably couldn't be held now
70 Violinist plays during brain op as surgeons test her dexterity
71 Spillover: Why germs jump species from animals to people
72 Patients seeking assisted dying confront a range of barriers
73 Study: Bmal1 gene might not be an essential regulator of circadian rhythms
74 Improved access to midwifery units in England is urgently needed
75 From obesity to liver cancer: Preventing the worst
76 Demise of dental amalgam outlined in new study
77 Virologist offers scientific context for ongoing coronavirus outbreak
78 To predict flu's spread, modelers turn to weather forecasts
79 Resources help parents have conversations about ending teen e-cigarette use
80 Can new Snapchat features help troubled teens?
81 Report highlights impact of poor indoor air quality on children's health
82 Smart software detects early-stage esophageal cancer
83 New tool to study how neuronal networks recover their function after neuron loss
84 Naming the new coronavirus: Why taking Wuhan out of the picture matters
85 Using Google Street View to analyze food retail in the Bronx
86 The risks of algorithmic (il)literacy on healthcare platforms
87 Robot-assisted surgery: Hospital-level policies key to maximizing benefits, managing costs
88 Why it's important to study coronaviruses in African bats
89 Study finds disparities in timing and type of treatment in colorectal cancer patients
90 Researchers uncover potential new therapy for concussion-related headaches
91 Eating junk food found to impair the role of the hippocampus in regulating gorging
92 Race and gender may tip the scales on traditional stroke risk factors
93 Science communicators get access to real data for 3-D modelling
94 How our 'birth environment' can influence our health
95 Smoking rates in Japan blamed on lack of images on cigarette pack warnings and partial smoke-free laws
96 Changes to Title X mean contraception access for teens could worsen nationwide, study shows
97 Smart contact lens sensor developed for point-of-care eye health monitoring
98 Enriching newborns' environment in the right way helps heal young, injured brains
99 Tumor blood vessel detection by a gripping force feedback system
100 Breakthrough in coronavirus research results in new map to support vaccine design
101 Researchers discover new compound that promotes lung health
102 Rhodium virtually screens drugs for coronavirus research
103 Diabetes patients who use online tools manage disease better
104 Thousands of uninsured kidney disease patients strain Texas emergency departments
105 Vision for primate neuroimaging to accelerate scientific and medical breakthroughs
106 How the brain and its arteries communicate to supply blood to areas of heightened neural activity
107 Boys with inattention-hyperactivity face increased risk for traumatic brain injuries
108 Breast cancer survivors create own products to help others
109 Carrots plus sticks: Study looks at what works to reduce low-value care
110 Neighborhood features and one's genetic makeup interact to affect cognitive function
111 People who eat a big breakfast may burn twice as many calories
112 The potentially deadly paradox of diabetes management
113 Prenatal phthalate exposure associated with autistic traits in young boys
114 Breast cancer surgery: Better results with higher case numbers
115 Egypt, Algeria and South Africa estimated to be at highest risk of new coronavirus cases in Africa