File Title
1 Changing the debate around obesity
2 Presence of staph bacteria in skin microbiome promotes netherton syndrome inflammation
3 Chemists inhibit a critical gear of cell immortality
4 Ancient Australian trees face uncertain future under climate change, study finds
5 The catch to putting warning labels on fake news
6 Drug development for rare diseases affecting children is increasing
7 New DNA origami motor breaks speed record for nano machines
8 The IKBFU scientists created the first diamond X-ray micro lens
9 Scientists shed light on mystery of dark matter
10 Magnetic whirls in future data storage devices
11 Study reveals properties of cells fated to relapse in acute lymphoblastic leukemia
12 Imaging technique reveals 3D forces exerted by tiny cell clusters
13 Five-year survival improves for certain cancers in adolescent and young adults
14 Coral reefs in Turks and Caicos Islands resist global bleaching event
15 Study identifies regional malnutrition clusters across India
16 Texas A&M researchers develop flooding prediction tool
17 New tiny 44-million-year-old bird fossil links Africa and Asia to Utah
18 A novel cause of fatty liver in lean people
19 Molecule found in oranges could reduce obesity and prevent heart disease and diabetes
20 Images of 'invisible' holes on cells may jumpstart research
21 Influenza: combating bacterial superinfection with the help of the microbiota
22 Blocking energy production in immune cells helps tumours escape treatment
23 Scientists shed new light on neural processes behind our desire for revenge
24 Apes' inner ears could hide clues to evolutionary history of hominoids
25 Obtaining and observing single-molecule magnets on the silica surface
26 Study suggests blocking immune T-cell regulator may help eliminate tumours
27 How a new quantum approach can develop faster algorithms to deduce complex networks
28 Men can smell when a woman is sexually aroused
29 New telescope observations shed new light on black hole ejections
30 Alzheimer's: Can an amino acid help to restore memories?
31 Dragonflies are efficient predators
32 Simulations show fundamental interactions inside the cell
33 We can make predictions about relationships--but is this necessary?
34 On the path toward non-addictive painkillers
35 How computational linguistics helps to understand how language works
36 Virtualized metamaterials open door for acoustics application and beyond
37 Graphene, perovskites, and silicon--an ideal tandem for efficient solar cells
38 Plasma-driven biocatalysis
39 Fast and furious: New class of 2D materials stores electrical energy
40 New lithium batteries from used cell phones
41 Survival of the fittest: How primate immunodeficiency viruses are evolving
42 World's sandy beaches under threat from climate change
43 It's what's inside that matters: Locking up proteins enables cancer metastasis
44 Not only what you eat, but how you eat, may affect your microbiome
45 Biologically inspired ultrathin arrayed camera for high-contrast and high-resolution imaging
46 Red panda population genomics confirms two phylogenetic species and different evolutionary histories
47 Researchers link immune system to salt-sensitive hypertension in CKD
48 Coordination chemistry and Alzheimer's disease
49 Why is the female wallaby always pregnant?
50 More than 60% of Myanmar's mangroves has been deforested in the last 20 years: NUS study
51 Nobody at home: A great increase in out-of-home rates over 28 years in Kumamoto, Japan
52 New version of Earth model captures detailed climate dynamics
53 A PLOS Medicine special issue devoted to refugee and migrant health
54 SwRI fire study reveals how country, code variations impact escape time
55 Study homes in on possible cause of sudden cardiac deaths
56 This wearable device camouflages its wearer no matter the weather
57 SFU team helps discover potential superbug-killing compound
58 Reef-building coral exhibiting 'disaster traits' akin to the last major extinction event
59 Drinking weakens bones of people living with HIV: BU study
60 How do you make adhesives for electronics, vehicles, and construction tougher?
61 Boosting energy levels within damaged nerves may help them heal
62 NYU Abu Dhabi researchers design new technology for targeted cancer drug delivery
63 Advances in computer modeling, protein development propel cellular engineering
64 Unstable rock pillars near reservoirs can produce dangerous water waves
65 Visceral fat delivers signal to the brain that hurts cognition
66 Optimizing use of the 'hug hormone' to help those with social difficulties
67 Scientific community pledges to end obesity stigma
68 Pesticides impair baby bee brain development
69 Yale study may help resolve bitter debate over low-cal sweeteners
70 Better sleep habits may help reduce heart disease risk and aid in weight loss
71 BAT study shows new vaping technology significantly reduces exposure to toxicants
72 Starting estradiol therapy soon after menopause may benefit arteries
73 The origin of satiety: Brain cells that change shape after a meal
74 How millets sustained Mongolia's empires
75 The CNIO discovers that rapamycin has harmful effects when telomeres are short
76 Anti-evolution drug could stop antibiotic resistance
77 Cell-based test shows potential to predict which drugs and chemicals cause birth defects
78 New research reveals pharma companies are more profitable than most S&P 500 companies
79 Artificial sweeteners combined with carbs may be more harmful than those sweeteners alone
80 New study: Low back and neck pain tops us health spending
81 Drug prices rose 3x faster than inflation over last decade, even after discounts
82 Cancer survival rates improve for young adults
83 Plastic from wood
84 New insights into the Transatlantic slave trade on African ancestry in the Americas
85 Study looks at EVALI findings in teens
86 Study: PFAS act similar to known cancer-causing chemicals
87 Obesity promotes virulence of influenza
88 Research reveals best hospital-based methods for reducing readmission rates
89 Researchers find gene variants that may increase susceptibility to Alzheimer's proteins
90 Deep learning rethink overcomes major obstacle in AI industry
91 Discovery of GABAergic synaptic regulations inside the brain for a new epilepsy treatment
92 Scientists pair machine learning with tomography to learn about material interfaces
93 Immune cells may improve accuracy of predicting survival in colorectal cancer
94 Big drop in global drownings
95 OHSU-led evidence review shows new therapy for Hepatitis C is highly effective
96 MTU engineers zap and unstick underwater smart glue
97 The microbes in your mouth, and a reminder to floss and go to the dentist
98 Researchers identify protein critical for wound healing after spinal cord injury
99 Study maps landmarks of peripheral artery disease to guide treatment development
100 Mayo researchers recommend all women with breast cancer diagnosis under age 66
101 Novel use of robotics for neuroendovascular procedures
102 Improved work environments enhance patient and nurse satisfaction
103 Study finds 'silent' genetic variations can alter protein folding
104 Tool for identifying frail patients to reduce surgical risk works in health system setting
105 Navigating the potential pitfalls of tracking college athletes
106 To predict an epidemic, evolution can't be ignored
107 To bee, or not to bee, a question for almond growers
108 'Smart water' may aid oil recovery
109 Space weather model gives earlier warning of satellite-killing radiation storms
110 Fresh clean drinking water for all could soon to be a reality in Pakistan