File Title
1 Over 100 eucalypt tree species newly recommended for threatened listing
2 Sharp decrease in sparrows caused by use of artificial grass in city parks
3 Logistics of self-assembly processes
4 Shark may avoid cold blood by holding its breath on deep dives
5 Revealed: Protein 'spike' lets the 2019-nCoV coronavirus pierce, invade human cells
6 Plant protein helps control powerhouse of plant cell
7 Veterinary behavior expert demystifyies feline behavior
8 Into watching horseshoe crabs have sex? Florida needs your help
9 New climate model projects major impact on coral, important fish habitats
10 I'll scratch yours if you scratch mine: How rats help each other out
11 High frequency of unwanted duplications in CRISPR-Cas9 edits
12 Tadpoles create their own air bubbles to breathe
13 Record number of wild baby Siamese crocodiles spotted in Cambodian hotspot
14 Researchers start to understand blood vessels one cell at the time
15 Citizen scientists discover a new snail, name it after Greta Thunberg
16 Study shows how dogs can benefit from scented toys
17 Microchannel network hydrogel-induced ischemic blood perfusion connection
18 Pacific marine national monuments do not harm fishing industry
19 Let there be 'circadian' light: New study describes science behind best lights to affect sleep, mood and learning
20 Curing genetic disease in human cells
21 More clues for how the monkeyflower got its spots
22 Artificial intelligence yields new antibiotic
23 Social networks reveal dating in blue tits
24 Research team tackles superbug infections with novel therapy
25 DNA from ancient packrat nests helps unpack Earth's past
26 Exploring a genome's 3-D organization through a social network lens
27 How to keep the nucleus clean
28 Earthquakes disrupt sperm whales' ability to find food, study finds
29 A scaffold at the center of our cellular skeleton
30 Bumblebees can experience an object using one sense and later recognize it using another
31 A better pregnancy test for whales
32 Newly found bacteria fights climate change, soil pollutants
33 Smaller animals faced surprisingly long odds in ancient oceans
34 DNA-tagging strategy for early detection of disease signatures
35 We must prioritize the protection of ecosystems
36 How do we protect our unique biodiversity from megafires?
37 Transporter mutation alters cell energy
38 Forest management that factors in stream distance would help protect arthropods
39 Seafloor images reveal the secret lives of sponges
40 Genetic study uncovers clues to explain how killifish stop aging during diapause
41 'Feline grimace scale' published
42 Frozen bird turns out to be 46,000-year-old horned lark
43 New torula yeast product as digestible as fish meal in weanling pig diets
44 Deciphering the mechanism that determines organ size and shape
45 Study reveals hidden risks of estuary development for young salmon
46 Tools used to study human disease reveal coral disease risk factors
47 The strategy of cells to deal with the accumulation of misfolded proteins is identified
48 Why do whales migrate? They return to the tropics to shed their skin, scientists say
49 Brain cells protect muscles from wasting away
50 Spinal deformities in Sacramento-San Joaquin delta fish linked to toxic mineral selenium
51 New CRISPR base-editing technology slows ALS progression in mice
52 Feed supplement for dairy cows cuts enteric methane emissions by 25%
53 New tool raises awareness of fish farming practices and parasites
54 Computer vision boosts pest control efficacy via insect sterilization
55 Research: Algal bloom neurotoxin found during non-bloom periods
56 Quokkas: What happened to the 'happiest animal in the world'
57 Buzz off, honey industry: National parks shouldn't be milked for money
58 Worms discovered in the brain of lizard embryos for the first time
59 A promising new strategy to help broken bones heal faster
60 Undulatory topographical waves for flow-induced foulant sweeping
61 Mechanism of jasmonate-promoted root hair growth in Arabidopsis
62 Extinction rate in bivalve mollusks is not entirely determined by growth rate
63 Threatened birds and mammals have irreplaceable roles in the natural world
64 Trajectory of fast-swimming magnetotactic bacterium is series of complex loops
65 Nations seek biodiversity accord to stave off mass extinction
66 Oldest reconstructed bacterial genomes link farming, herding with emergence of new disease
67 One billion-year-old green seaweed fossils identified, relative of modern land plants
68 Soft robot fingers gently grasp deep-sea jellyfish
69 Solar storms may leave gray whales blind and stranded
70 Tackling a top killer of New Jersey's bald eagles: electrocution
71 CRISPR gene cuts may offer new way to chart human genome
72 The 'purrfect' music for calming cats
73 Boost soybean yields by adapting photosynthesis to fleeting shadows, according to model
74 Transport protein efficiently uses three independent lifts to shuttle the goods
75 Researchers examine nations losing fish species due to climate change
76 Researchers ID protein function in parasites that cause sometimes fatal diseases
77 Camera trap study captures Sumatran tigers, clouded leopards, other rare beasts
78 Ancient DNA from Sardinia reveals 6,000 years of genetic history
79 Five rhinos die from suspected anthrax infection in India
80 Nearly 50 rhinos killed in Botswana in 10 months as poaching surges
81 Computer-based simulator tests insects for effects of new pesticide
82 Living cell imaging technique sheds light on molecular view of obesity
83 Ghostly particles detected in condensates of light and matter
84 New phase diagrams of superfluid helium under varying degrees of confinement
85 Scientists invent a new method of generating intense short UV vortices
86 Wannier90 program becomes community code in major new release
87 Quantum experiments explore power of light for communications, computing
88 Discovery sheds new light on how cells move
89 On the way to quantum networks
90 Experimental probe of a complete 3-D photonic band gap
91 Gravity: We might have been getting it wrong this whole time
92 Adding memory to pressure-sensitive phosphors
93 A new twist on quantum communication in fiber
94 Going with the flow: New insights into mysterious fluid motions
95 Researchers discover a unique orbital texture in single-layer of 3-D material
96 A template for silk growth: Peptides bring control on many levels
97 Waves of ice inside a droplet
98 How to take a picture of a light pulse
99 Quantum computers offer another look at classic physics concepts
100 Topological defects produce exotic mechanics in complex metamaterials
101 Detection of very high frequency magnetic resonance could revolutionize electronics
102 Discovery of a new liquid-liquid interfacial deformation by partial miscibility
103 New mathematical model for amyloid formation
104 Qubits made from strontium and calcium ions can be precisely controlled by technology that already exists
105 Researchers achieve ultrafast spin-orbit torque switching in ferrimagnetic devices
106 Measuring a particle's spin in a rapidly rotating object
107 Improved mathematical model helps explain different lotus leaf types
108 Fourier's 200-year-old heat equation explains hydrodynamic heat propagation
109 An ultrafast microscope for the quantum world
110 Researchers' golden touch enhances quantum technology
111 Quantum logic spectroscopy unlocks potential of highly charged ions
112 Smaller detection device effective for nuclear treaty verification, archaeology digs
113 Researchers rank 'smartest' schools of fish when it comes to travel formations
114 Coupled quantum dots may offer a new way to store quantum information
115 Scientists develop a concept of a hybrid thorium reactor
116 Super accurate sensor could lead to producing even smaller chips
117 Bats inspire detectors to help prevent oil and gas pipe leaks
118 Improving aerodynamics during entire flight, not just takeoff and landing
119 Researchers discover a new way to control infrared light
120 Physics of giant bubbles bursts secret of fluid mechanics
121 Researchers lay foundation for next generation aortic grafts
122 A quantum of solid: A glass nanoparticle in the quantum regime