File Title
1 Waves and tides have bigger impact on marine life than human activity
2 Sensitivity to low flow
3 New analysis highlights impact of poverty and exploitation on children's lives
4 DNA sugars characterised in unprecedented resolution, atom by atom
5 New platform for cancer diagnostics and drug testing
6 All optical control of exciton flow in a colloidal quantum well complex
7 First bufferless 1.5 microns III-V lasers grown directly on silicon wafers in Si-photonics
8 Honeybee dance dialects
9 Neanderthal migration
10 A model proposed for predicting photodamage and development of plant protection mechanisms
11 Book on plants in the Murmansk region (Russia) scores 4/19 correct insect identifications
12 Exciting apparatus helps atoms see the light
13 Women deflated by #Fitspiration images
14 New measure for excessive buying problems
15 SMART announces revolutionary new process for scientific applications
16 A talented 2D material gets a new gig
17 Why runner's addiction is adding to your injury woes
18 New study finds inaccuracies in arsenic test kits in Bangladesh
19 Household chemical use linked to child language delays
20 Fisherwomen contribute tons of fish, billions of dollars to global fisheries
21 Studies show number of US medical students with disabilities grows, but disparities continue
22 Robot uses artificial intelligence and imaging to draw blood
23 Decades-old antidepressant may fend off prostate cancer's return
24 Rapid DNA test quickly identifies victims of mass casualty event
25 Yale researchers help restore hormonal balance disrupted in metabolic diseases
26 Multi-country study reveals shortcomings in treating obesity
27 Breastfeeding and risks of allergies and asthma
28 Biomaterial discovery enables 3D printing of tissue-like vascular structures
29 Bereaved individuals may face higher risk of dying from melanoma
30 Nanoscale spectroscopy review showcases a bright future
31 Moderate egg consumption not associated with higher cardiovascular disease risk
32 Safe tackling, padded helmets lower head injuries in youth football
33 Real-world evidence empowers personalized decisions about weight-loss surgery
34 New evidence supports ablation for heart failure patients with atrial fibrillation
35 Researchers catalog dozens of mutations in crucial brain development gene
36 Young women with breast cancer may face financial hardship after diagnosis
37 Is it time to nationalize the drug industry?
38 Fish oil supplements linked to lower risk of heart disease and death
39 Moderate egg intake not associated with cardiovascular disease risk
40 Supercomputers drive ion transport research
41 HIV reservoirs in humans: Immediate antiretroviral therapy makes them 100 times smaller
42 New insights into evolution: Why genes appear to move around
43 Testing with combined biopsy method improves prostate cancer diagnosis in NIH study
44 Zigzag DNA
45 Tropical forests' carbon sink is already rapidly weakening
46 CABI scientists help discover new biological control for noxious parthenium weed in Pakistan
47 Robots on the march to walking like humans
48 Bristol scientists demonstrate first non-volatile nano relay operation at 200íC
49 Study: Smartphone users with headache may use more medication and find less relief
50 Tiny scorpion-derived proteins deliver arthritis drugs to joints in preclinical study
51 Heart disease risk profiles differ widely among African-Americans, blacks from the Caribbean and Africa
52 Newfound cell defense system features toxin-isolating 'sponges'
53 Amber specimens reveal origin of long mouthpart of scorpionflies
54 From scorpion to immunotherapy: City of Hope repurposes nature's toxin for CAR T
55 Newly discovered brain response to obesity drug may inform future treatments
56 Cover crops can benefit hot, dry soils
57 Gold-coated pantyhose inspire a technique for comfortable light-emitting clothing
58 'It's like you have a hand again': An ultra-precise mind-controlled prosthetic
59 Divorced parents may impact some teens' academics
60 Households in Switzerland could feasibly be energy self-sufficient by 2050
61 Mother nose best: Child body odor provides olfactory clues to developmental stages
62 Can boxing improve quality of life for people with Parkinson's disease?
63 Coherent phonon dynamics realized in spatially separated mechanical resonators
64 Tunnel fire safety
65 Monash researchers discover fainting disorder drug
66 ACTG to present new HIV and TB research at CROI 2020
67 Nutrient pollution and ocean warming negatively affect early life of corals
68 Why do men--and other male animals--tend to die younger? It's all in the Y chromosome
69 Caesarean birth has little impact on children developing allergies
70 Does consuming fruit during pregnancy improve cognition in babies?
71 Gene variants may increase susceptibility to accumulate Alzheimer's protein tau
72 Improved CRISPR gene drive solves problems of old tech
73 The brains of shrimps and insects are more alike than we thought
74 In US, changing self-concept can lower well-being
75 UH Hilo professor's marine animal biodiversity research featured in Science
76 Chinese researchers detail chest CT findings in coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pneumonia
77 Hydrogen sulfide heightens disease in tuberculosis, suggesting a new therapeutic target
78 Jellyfish help understand the timing of egg production
79 Can't sleep? Prebiotics could help
80 Scientists created an 'impossible' superconducting compound
81 How our brains create breathing rhythm is unique to every breath
82 New way to identify patients likely to return to hospital could reduce future readmissions
83 Mayo Clinic researchers clarify how cells defend themselves from viruses
84 Study suggests guidelines to improve YouTube videos on chronic health care conditions
85 Two complete genome sequence for coronavirus in Brazil were published
86 'Optical tweezers' help in quest for better cancer treatments
87 Team sheds new light on design of inorganic materials for brain-like computing
88 Profit-prediction system may lower suicide rates among indebted Indian farmers
89 Starve a tumor, feed a cell: How cancers can resist drugs
90 Research brief: Atomic-scale imaging reveals secret to thin film strength
91 New tool aims to expedite military evacuation of civilians during crisis
92 Study can help identify cancer patients most likely to develop cachexia
93 Researchers develop new explanation for destructive earthquake vibrations
94 New model shows winners, losers among marine microbes in warming oceans
95 Less than 20% of Americans have rapid access to endovascular thrombectomy for stroke
96 The case for economics--by the numbers
97 Study links depressive symptoms during pregnancy with lowered immunity in infants
98 Study explores sexual harassment at AADR conferences
99 New technology helps reduce salt, keep flavor
100 Hope for a new permanent magnet that's cheap and sustainable
101 Interplay between states and federal government in implementing the ACA
102 With 30,000 surveys, researchers build the go-to dataset for smallholder farms
103 Does your cat have degenerative joint disease?
104 IU scientists study link between energy levels, spinal cord injury
105 Pregnant women with depression are more than 3 times more likely to use cannabis
106 A joint venture at the nanoscale
107 For anxious spouses, a baby may be a rival
108 New Cas9 variant makes genome editing even more precise
109 Radiation therapy for colon cancer works better when specific protein blocked
110 Manipulating atoms to make better superconductors