File Title
1 Curcumin is the spice of life when delivered via tiny nanoparticles
2 Solving a mystery in 126 dimensions
3 Your back pain may be due to evolution and spine shape
4 Scientists monitored brains replaying memories in real time
5 Scientists develop free computer program to map blood flow 'landscape' in tumors
6 Study: Organic molecules discovered by Curiosity Rover consistent with early life on Mars
7 App, AI work together to provide rapid at-home assessment of coronavirus risk
8 Engineered bone marrow cells slow growth of prostate and pancreatic cancer cells
9 York University researchers one step closer to creating organic batteries
10 Social studies teachers link their political views to assessment of news sources
11 Hong Kong study shows best practices protect healthcare workers from COVID-19
12 Chemotherapy after surgery halves risk of rare kidney cancer coming back
13 Young teachers happier but say hard work is unrewarded
14 Researchers question reliability of common autistic personality test
15 Study finds music therapy helps stroke patients
16 Water splitting observed on the nanometer scale
17 Triglycerides control neurons in the reward circuit
18 Researchers discover a new diet-associated gut-microbe metabolite linked to cardiovascular disease
19 More accurate climate change model reveals bleaker outlook on electricity, water use
20 The harmful effects of stress during pregnancy can last a lifetime
21 One step closer to understanding the human brain
22 Colorectal cancer burden shifting to younger individuals
23 Half billion-year-old 'social network' observed in early animals
24 Same genes, same conditions, different transport
25 Bacteria killed by new light-activated coating
26 Study finds that Community Treatment Orders do not reduce hospital readmission rates or stays
27 Exciting tweaks for organic solar cells
28 Deep-sea fish community structure strongly affected by oxygen and temperature
29 New next-generation sequencing technique dramatically shortens diagnosis of sepsis
30 Heart attack patients who follow more guidelines live longer
31 The search for a biological link between reactivated HSV and neurological disease
32 Severe peanut allergy may be a 'gut reaction'
33 Light to electricity: New multi-material solar cells set new efficiency standard
34 What we don't know (about lakes) could hurt us
35 New drug combination could support better cancer treatments
36 Eating more plant protein and dairy instead of red meat may improve heart health
37 Consuming more olive oil associated with less heart disease in Americans
38 More steps-per-day linked to significant reductions in diabetes and high blood pressure
39 For older adults, more physical activity could mean longer, healthier lives
40 Animal behavior: Anxieties and problematic behaviors may be common in pet dogs
41 Rats avoid to hurt other rats
42 Genetic study offers comprehensive and diverse view of recent US population history
43 Unexpected ways animals influence fires
44 Drug that keeps surface receptors on cancer cells makes them more visible to immune cells
45 Walking, gardening, swimming, dancing may prevent brain shrinkage in older adults
46 City of Hope creates innovative platform for landmark study, opening data to more people
47 Genome editing strategy could improve rice, other crops
48 The health of coral reefs in the largest marine protected area in the world
49 A new model of vision
50 Adding MRI-targeted biopsy leads to more reliable diagnosis of aggressive prostate cancer
51 FSU researchers propose new physics to explain decay of subatomic particle
52 UC San Diego synthetic biologists redesign the way bacteria 'talk' to each other
53 Even fake illness affects relationships among vampire bats
54 Third-hand smoke is no joke, can convey hazardous chemicals
55 Integrating electronics onto physical prototypes
56 Diversity semantics shift higher ed inclusivity away from students of color
57 Zombie scanning enables the study of peptide-receptor interactions on the cell surface
58 Platinum-based agents not superior to standard chemotherapy
59 Study shows low carb diet may prevent, reverse age-related effects within the brain
60 Automated CT biomarkers predict cardiovascular events better than current practice
61 Study find delta helps to decrease the impact of river flooding
62 'Triangle 2' plastic containers may see environmental makeover
63 Hypertension in young adulthood associated with cognitive decline in middle age
64 Our eye movements help us retrieve memories, suggests a new Baycrest study
65 High energy Li-Ion battery is safer for electric vehicles
66 Researchers pinpoint mechanism controlling cell protein traffic
67 Flower faithful native bee makes a reliable pollinator
68 New model improves management of wetland, floodplain and river habitats
69 How a magnet could help boost understanding of superconductivity
70 UArizona study identifies hormone that causes women to experience more pain than men
71 March Madness bracket analysis shows picking final four first leads to better brackets
72 Researchers identify novel cybersecurity approach to protect Army systems
73 AI may help spot newborns at risk for most severe form of blinding disease
74 The persistence of pay inequality: The gender pay gap in an anonymous online labor market
75 Almost alien: Antarctic subglacial lakes are cold, dark and full of secrets
76 Reducing problem behaviors for children with autism
77 Research brief: Energy researchers invent error-free catalysts
78 Using molecules to draw on quantum materials
79 Coronavirus treatment and risk to breastfeeding women
80 New material could turn clothing into a health monitor
81 Travel history should become routine in medical assessments to slow pandemics' spread
82 Researchers identify ways to improve care to trafficked children
83 Researchers gather interventions addressing 'word gap' into special edition of journal
84 When the going gets tough, the tough (plants) turn female
85 Oncotarget: Inducible knock-out of BCL6 in lymphoma cells results in tumor stasis
86 Car congestion outweighs scooter scourge on city streets
87 Better planning could save millions in health care costs
88 Being overweight may raise your risk for advanced prostate cancer
89 Researchers identify breaking point of conducting material
90 A small step for atoms, a giant leap for microelectronics
91 New type of indoor solar cells for smart connected devices
92 Impact of obesity on ability to work highest amongst women over 50
93 Bilingualism acts as a cognitive reserve factor against dementia
94 Using ultrasound localization microscopy to detect oxygen levels in tissues
95 UCF study: Sea level rise impacts to Canaveral sea turtle nests will be substantial
96 Teaming basic scientists with clinicians may improve medical education retention
97 Fighting hand tremors: First comes AI, then robots
98 Destruction of an Atlantic rain forest fragment raises the local temperature
99 High-tech contact lenses correct color blindness
100 As farming developed, so did cooperation--and violence
101 Expanding the plasmonic painter's palette
102 Micromotors get supercharged with three 'engines'
103 Family history of heart disease makes premature removal of ovaries especially risky
104 Scorpions make a fluorescent compound that could help protect them from parasites
105 Scientists discover new repair mechanism for alcohol-induced DNA damage
106 Dental teams could play an important role in early diagnosis of Type 2 and pre-diabetes
107 Digital heart model will help predict future heart health, new study finds
108 Sulfonated chitosan studied as potential biodegradable corrosion inhibitor
109 Novel compound sparks new malaria treatment hope
110 Birds of a feather better not together