File Title
1 Antidepressant harms baby neurons in lab-grown 'mini-brains'
2 The fat around your arteries may actually keep them healthy
3 Delivering bad news: 'Patients remember these conversations forever'
4 Height limits for 'blade runners' baseless, new study suggests
5 DIY virus protection: Hong Kongers making own masks amid shortages
6 China says coronavirus vaccine trials to start around late April
7 Virus hotspots emerge in Chinese prisons
8 Young Chinese doctor dies of coronavirus
9 Osteosarcoma profiling reveals why immunotherapy remains ineffective
10 Drug cocktail holds promise for spinal injuries
11 Study finds that lack of oxygen during pregnancy can cause schizophrenia
12 A nutraceutical formulation to fight hypertension
13 7-year study finds 40% increase in Medicare patients hospitalized with sepsis
14 The US birth rate keeps declining: 4 questions answered
15 Boomers have a drug problem, but not the kind you might think
16 Coronavirus: We need to start preparing for the next viral outbreak now
17 What are viruses anyway, and why do they make us so sick?
18 Study shows impact of paternal marijuana exposure on the brains of offspring
19 Study builds predictive model for how attention fluctuates over time
20 Childhood trauma changes your brain, but it doesn't have to be permanent
21 Vaccine effectiveness 45 percent for flu virus linked to ARI
22 Flu season that's sickened 26 million may be at its peak
23 'Significant step' in COVID-19 vaccine quest
24 Post-transplant diabetes may be reversible
25 Protein interactions and brain function
26 Primary care services ease pressure on crowded emergency rooms
27 Vaccines: How we make them, how they work, why we need them
28 Dementia gene: Heading soccer balls increases brain risks for certain players
29 Secondhand smoke may be fueling rise of chronic liver disease in children and adults
30 Without more detail, it's premature to say voluntary assisted dying laws are 'working well'
31 Is pain in your body or mind? How the answer can help guide your treatment
32 Major discovery in the genetics of Down syndrome
33 Using machine learning to find new antibiotics
34 ER patients may care less about a doctor's race and gender than previously thought
35 Study examines why colon cancer is more deadly in pediatric and young adult patients
36 Mental health challenges four times higher in young mothers
37 Researchers discover Mediterranean diet ingredient may extend life
38 Guidelines for thyroid surgery published
39 Study finds certain genetic tests not useful in predicting heart disease risk
40 Cross-talk between enzymes that read and correct recipes in the cookbook of life
41 Intervention is essential for reducing loneliness and social isolation in ASD
42 Autism eye scan could lead to early detection
43 Newly discovered immune cell type may be key to improving pancreatic cancer immunotherapy
44 Can men dine their way to higher sperm counts?
45 Mayo researchers recommend all women with breast cancer diagnosis under age 66 be offered genetic testing
46 Dengue virus infection may increase risk for developing leukemia
47 Brush your way to heart health
48 Study detects abnormally low levels of a key protein in brains of young men with autism
49 New research challenges theory explaining the effects of diet on lifespan
50 When should you get a cardiologist?
51 For weight-loss surgery patients who quit smoking, relapse is common
52 Leg pain medication may prevent re-blockage of neck arteries after a stent
53 Mechanical clot removal without clot busters may be sufficient stroke treatment
54 Secondary analysis confirms safety of blood thinning agent
55 Study finds trend toward benefit in using blood-clotting agent for bleeding stroke
56 Surgeons successfully treat brain aneurysms using a robot
57 Telemonitoring plus phone counseling lowers blood pressure among black and Hispanic stroke survivors
58 Lipid signaling from beta cells can potentiate an inflammatory macrophage polarization
59 Changing what heart cells eat could help them regenerate
60 South Korea becomes newest front in shifting virus outbreak
61 Health officials worry as untraceable virus clusters emerge
62 China's couriers take hands-off approach amid virus
63 Cancer drug shortages leave Mexican kids fighting for life
64 Coronavirus survivor recounts fear, confusion
65 China virus cases drop as foreign fears rise
66 Moscow targets Chinese with raids amid virus fears
67 South Korea raises virus alert to 'grave' as infections surge
68 Floating Petri dishes? Coronavirus puts cruise industry in the dock
69 Most young women unhappy, stressed about their sex lives, study finds
70 Spread of coronavirus confirms WHO fears, say experts
71 Study of 418,000 Europeans finds different foods linked to different types of stroke
72 Could this plaque identifying toothpaste prevent a heart attack or stroke?
73 Alcohol ads lead to youth drinking, should be more regulated, experts say
74 'No one cares': Locked-in Wuhan residents adapt to find food
75 South Korea on frontline as coronavirus spreads
76 China 'comprehensively bans' wildlife trade over virus
77 WHO experts visit Chinese virus epicentre
78 Intensive behavioral therapy and liraglutide 3.0 mg show positive results for weight loss
79 Researchers propose new disease classification system for obesity
80 Validating Toolbox to evaluate cognitive processing in people with intellectual disability
81 Specific gut bacteria may be associated with pulmonary arterial hypertension
82 A perspective on the study of artificial and biological neural networks
83 New DNA test that reveals a child's 'true age' has promise, but ethical pitfalls
84 Antibodies: The body's own antidepressants
85 Methamphetamine use and its impact on violence laid bare in world-first study
86 U.S. life expectancy goes up as cancer deaths go down
87 Generosity breeds generosity: 4-year-olds who receive a kindness pay it forward
88 Paying all blood donors might not be worth it
89 I think my child has outgrown their food allergy. How can I be sure?
90 National approach 'urgently needed' for smoke pollution advice
91 How brain networks change with age
92 Study: Personal data security concerns hinder mobile health app use
93 Child participation in organized activities interferes with family meals
94 Alcohol too easy for minors to buy online
95 Consumption-driven climate change leaves the poor worse off
96 Quality of life similar after surgery, antibiotics for uncomplicated appendicitis
97 Alzheimer's gene-mapping project proposed in New York state
98 We don't know the true extent of cyberbullying--and children need help in dealing with it
99 Social norms stop Ethiopian girls from making safe choices about pregnancy
100 Blacks are at higher risk for Alzheimer's, but why?
101 Eating disorders are about emotional pain, not food
102 Study finds inflammation caused by radiation can drive triple-negative breast cancer
103 Four more Mideast nations report coronavirus cases
104 WHO warns coronavirus may be 'around for months'
105 Thailand prepares tough measures to control spread of virus
106 Researchers show that DNA topological problems may cause lymphoma
107 Italy's coronavirus 'red zone' gets used to life under quarantine
108 Leukemia drugs hold promise for treatment-resistant lung cancer
109 Why monkeys choose to drink alone
110 Extra chromosomes in cancers can be good or bad
111 Pediatricians should promote physical activity in children
112 Increases in alcohol-induced death rates ID'd across U.S.
113 Can a phone call help restart the heart?
114 There's still a 'fighting chance' to contain coronavirus but time is running out, world health leader says
115 By decoding the coronavirus genome, scientists seek the upper hand against COVID-19