File Title
1 A megalibrary of nanoparticles
2 Improving the manipulation of microparticles by sound
3 Tackling antibiotic resistance: Phage-mimicking antibacterial core-shell nanoparticles could help
4 Researchers find ways to improve on soap and water
5 Researchers explain how disorder in tiny crystals enables heat-therapeutic systems
6 Big data at the nanoscale
7 Researchers use chicken poop to dope graphene to make a point
8 A new model has been developed that simulates the accumulation of lipids in membranes
9 New type of curved acoustic beams to provide manipulations with nanoparticles
10 Lab turns trash into valuable graphene in a flash
11 Nanocontainers introduced into the nucleus of living cells
12 Nanoparticle chomps away plaques that cause heart attacks
13 Method detects defects in 2-D materials for future electronics, sensors
14 Nanoscopy through a plasmonic nanolens
15 Putting a nanomachine to work
16 Iron nanorobots show their true mettle
17 Tiny magnetic structures enhance medical science
18 Crab-shell and seaweed compounds spin into yarns for sustainable and functional materials
19 Microswimmers swim faster over slippery surfaces
20 CAR T treatments could have fewer side effects than other cancer immunotherapies
21 Handbook of graphene manufacturing published
22 A nanoscale lattice of palladium and yttrium makes for a superlative carbon-linking catalyst
23 Hybrid technique to produce stronger nickel for auto, medical, manufacturing
24 It's closeness that counts: How proximity affects the resistance of graphene
25 Stress test reveals graphene won't crack under pressure
26 Cheap nanoparticles stimulate immune response to cancer in the lab
27 Synchronized swimming: Biology on a micro-scale
28 Nesting nanotubes to create 1-D van der Waals heterostructures
29 Nanospirals that form as molten metals solidify could be key to new materials--and invisibility
30 First view of hydrogen at the metal-to-metal hydride interface
31 Graphene amplifier unlocks hidden frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum
32 Thinning down Weyl semimetals provides a new twist to spintronics
33 Using bone's natural electricity to promote regeneration
34 Vibrations on a chip feel a magnetic field
35 Chemist synthesizes gold-based electrocatalysts
36 Sweet nanoparticles trick kidney
37 Researchers plan DNA-based nanorobot for cancer diagnostics
38 Fireproof, lightweight solid electrolyte for safer lithium-ion batteries
39 Nanoparticles produced from burning coal result in damage to mice lungs, suggesting toxicity to humans
40 Scientists create artificial virus in the fight against superbugs
41 Bending diamond is possible, at the nanoscale
42 Chaos generated with a nanoscale magnetic vortex
43 How manipulating ligand interactions in metal clusters can spur advances in nanotechnology
44 A gold butterfly can make its own semiconductor skin
45 Controlling buckling in a nanoscale beam using electrostatic effects
46 Controllable functional ferroelectric domain walls under piezoresponse microscope
47 Magnetic microrobots use capillary forces to coax particles into position
48 The power of going small: Copper oxide subnanoparticle catalysts prove most superior
49 Cerium oxide nanoparticles may improve hepatocellular carcinoma prognosis
50 Sensitive and specific potassium nanosensors to detect epileptic seizures
51 The human brain's meticulous interface with the bloodstream now on a precision chip
52 New threads: Nanowires made of tellurium and nanotubes hold promise for wearable tech
53 Brain temperature can now be measured using light
54 Misalignments in encapsulated graphene lead to strong modification of electronic properties
55 New sensor provides better leak protection in buildings
56 'Atomic dance' reveals new insights into performance of 2-D materials
57 Small world: atom-scale materials are the next tech frontier
58 Animal simulations and smart drug design: Nanomaterial transport to individual cells
59 Professor teaches tiny nanoparticles to prevent heart attacks
60 Discovery brings nanoscale thermal switches needed for next-gen computing
61 X-ray microscopy at BESSY II: Nanoparticles can change cells
62 New etching technique could advance the way semiconductor devices are made
63 Researchers shrink laser-induced graphene for flexible electronics
64 Identifying the source of water pollution using synthetic DNA sand
65 A fast light detector made of two-dimensional materials
66 New nanosensor detects cancer biomarkers in drop of blood
67 Movement of a liquid droplet generates over 5 volts of electricity
68 Scientists propose new properties in hollow multishell structure
69 Pancreatic cancer 'time machine' exposes plot twist in cell growth and invasion
70 Catalyst deposition on fragile chips
71 Researchers unveil the mystery of van der Waals magnets, a material for future semiconductors
72 Researchers develop device that mimics brain cells used for human vision
73 Novel formulation permits use of toxin from rattlesnake venom to treat chronic pain
74 New catalyst recycles greenhouse gases into fuel and hydrogen gas
75 Perovskites reveal huge resettable single-photon response
76 New green technology generates electricity 'out of thin air'
77 Creating custom light using 2-D materials
78 Scientists create supersensitive nanomaterials for DNA diagnostics and targeted drug delivery
79 A new world record for the conversion of solar energy to electricity using quantum dots
80 Improving the electrical and mechanical properties of carbon-nanotube-based fibers
81 Time-resolved measurement in a memory device
82 Nanomaterials derived from cellulose could make renewable energy cheaper
83 Walking the wire: Real-time imaging helps reveal active sites of photocatalysts
84 A spin wave detective story: Researchers verify surprising behavior in a 2-D magnet
85 The green chemistry of fullerene
86 New graphene-based metasurface capable of independent amplitude and phase control of light
87 Scientists find an effective way to obtain fuel for hydrogen engines
88 Researchers show what drives a novel, ordered assembly of alternating peptides
89 Researchers develop new method to isolate atomic sheets and create new materials
90 Black phosphorous tunnel field-effect transistor as an ultra-low power switch
91 Researchers develop high-capacity EV battery materials that double driving range
92 A combination of plant-based particles and water forms an 'eco-glue'
93 DNA nanostructures suit up for future missions
94 Large-area electronic-grade graphene grows on the cheap
95 New gold nanocatalyst: High catalytic activity and excellent stability
96 Watching magnetic nano 'tornadoes' in 3-D
97 Directing nanoparticles straight to tumors
98 Going super small to get super strong metals
99 Breaking the temperature barrier in small-scale materials testing
100 Regioselective magnetization enabled chiral semiconducting heteronanorods
101 When bonding noble metals to 2-D materials, interfaces matter
102 Light-shrinking device enables detection of ultra-tiny substances
103 Weak forces are strong enough to align semiconductor nanoparticles
105 Researchers develop technique to create nanomaterials which may help detect cancer earlier
106 Physicists may have accidentally discovered a new state of matter
107 Assessing the risks associated with nanoparticles in medical applications
108 Oil separation made easier with 2-D material membrane
109 Scientists create solar panel by combining protein and quantum dots
110 Stress-relief substrate helps OLED stretch two-dimensionally
111 A new template for nonspherical viral nanocages