File Title
1 Why tourism's future lies in its past
2 Study of African society inspires broad thinking about human paternity, fidelity
3 Why is the pain of women and minorities often ignored?
4 Study finds no acceleration in crime from Formula 1 race
5 To help students think in 3-D, a geologist turns to paper model making
6 What's the real cost of a bottle of soda (and everything else)?
7 Repor: Justice-involved youth experience mental and psychological challenges
8 Mobile phones are a workplace problem in retail
9 Male doctoral graduates earn more, more likely to have permanent jobs than female counterparts
10 The 20-minute neighborhood: Why isn't it a key policy direction?
11 Have a little, as a treat: Excuses and 'indulgence effects' in consumption
12 New analysis sheds important light on an ancient mass extinction event
13 Mathematicians propose new way of using neural networks to work with noisy, high-dimensional data
14 Study charts rising trend of image-based sexual abuse
15 Tiny prehistoric lizard sheds light on reptile evolution
16 In an Internet vacuum, private securities companies prosper in the 'new wild west'
17 Hate speech dominates social media platform when users want answers on terrorism
18 Earliest interbreeding event between ancient human populations discovered
19 How a 'no raw data, no science' outlook can resolve the reproducibility crisis in science
20 People prefer monthly payments in multiples of $100, even when it may cost them money
21 It's a crime--but for meth cooks, it's also a job
22 Archaeologists discover lost city that may have conquered the kingdom of Midas
23 Report shows 3 million Australians living in poverty
24 Canada cannot dust off gender roles in home
25 Carbon pricing may be overrated, if history is any indication
26 Researchers examine how stereotypes of older adults impact jury duty
27 Fossils help identify a lone 'bright spot' in a similar state to coral reefs before human impact
28 Social accounting, a different perspective when analysing public spending efficiency
29 Roman Forum find could be shrine to Rome's founder, Romulus
30 Fossilized wing gives clues about Labrador's biodiversity during the Cretaceous
31 Disease-aggravating mutation found in a mouse model of neonatal mitochondrial disease
32 How climate change is affecting gardens
33 Barramundi seek safe refuge after rains
34 Great Barrier Reef water pollution threatens dolphins
35 Diving into Denver's geese controversy
36 Spider glue turns moths' defenses against them
37 Scientists create listeriosis-immune mice by turning off gene in myeloid cells
38 Compulsory cat microchipping is great in theory, but the system is flawed
40 Fungi as food source for plants
41 Historical impacts of development on coral reef loss in the South China Sea
42 Success and failure of ecological management is highly variable
43 Researchers develop new approach to more efficiently store and preserve human cells
44 Protective protein in the eye lens affects protein oxidation
45 Research shows airborne microbes link Great Barrier Reef and Australian continent
46 Blind as a bat? The genetic basis of echolocation in bats and whales
47 Researchers combine technologies to resolve plant pathogen genomes
48 Understanding how cells defend their genome against invaders
49 A host's genes likely influence the spread of antibiotic resistance
50 Molecular machine tears toxic protein clumps apart
51 Watching bat coronaviruses with next-generation sequencing
52 Molecular motors direct the fate of stem cells
53 Identifying factors associated with reports of accidental opioid poisoning in dogs
54 Scientists learn how plants manipulate their soil environment to assure a cheap, steady supply of nutrients
55 One quarter of bacterial pathogens can spread antibiotic resistance directly to peers
56 Nitrogen fertilizers finetune composition of individual members of the tomato microbiota
57 Can chickpea genes save mustard seeds from blight disease?
58 Speedy recovery: New corn performs better in cold
59 Drug lord's hippos make their mark on foreign ecosystem
60 The health of foundation species promotes the stability of the ecosystems that depend on them
61 Prescribed burns benefit bees
62 Berlin's panda twins ready for public debut
63 Cells' springy coils pump bursts of RNA
64 Microscopic partners could help plants survive stressful environments
65 Researchers discover a genetic mechanism that affects birth defects, some cancers
66 Biological diversity as a factor of production
67 Oysters as catch of the day? Perhaps not, if ocean acidity keeps rising
68 Why Australia's severe bushfires may be bad news for tree regeneration
69 Coral genes go with the flow further than expected
70 Solving the riddle of strigolactone biosynthesis in plants
71 Novel method for reading complete genomes from limited amounts of biological material
72 Biophysicists find 'extra' component in molecular motor
73 Researchers discover high levels of selenium in wheat grown in selenium-rich areas
74 Scientists boost gene-editing tools to new heights in human stem cells
75 Trees might be 'aware' of their size
76 Orientation of protein patterns
77 Immune systems not prepared for climate change
78 Near caves and mines, corrugated pipes may interfere with bat echolocation
79 Researchers discover new cellular mechanism related to aging and chronic illnesses
80 Hemp 'goes hot' due to genetics, not growing conditions
81 Bacteria engineered to protect bees from pests and pathogens
82 Zoo improvements should benefit all animals
83 Study provides first look at sperm microbiome using RNA sequencing
84 Got slime? Using regenerative biology to restore mucus production
85 New potato varieties have lower levels of probable carcinogen
86 Survival of Australian species hinges on working together
87 Endoplasmic reticulum found to contact at least two membraneless compartments and influence their behavior
88 Study identifies the first potentially invasive species to reach the Antarctica on drifting marine algae
89 How do woodpeckers avoid brain injury?
90 Efficient cryopreservation of genetically modified rat spermatozoa
91 Not-so-dirty birds? Not enough evidence to link wild birds to food-borne illness
92 Simplifying simple sequence repeats
93 A tsetse fly's bite can be fatal: New research takes a step toward ending that
94 Relative of extinct tortoise located in Galapagos
95 US states join global push to ban animal-tested cosmetics
96 Grey seals discovered clapping underwater to communicate
97 Research could reveal how human social life evolved
98 Dozens of koalas dead after logging at Australian plantation
99 Observing the specific roles of cells that have been lost in the noise of the body
100 Australian animals under extreme stress in drought, bushfires
101 Signs of fires, hurricanes, other disruptions linger in the Florida Everglades for years
102 Butterflies can acquire new scent preferences and pass them on to their offspring
103 Shape-morphing living composites
104 Promising advances in breast regeneration therapy
105 Family matters for world's second biggest fish
106 New membranes for cellular recycling
107 Updated shark tagging atlas provides more than 50 years of tagging and recapture data
108 Extinction is difficult to prove for Earth's ultra-rare species
109 The secret life of microbes: A snapshot of molecules in a deep-sea symbiosis
110 Exposing a virus's hiding place reveals new potential vaccine
111 How and when spines changed in mammalian evolution
112 French mathematician and spider aficionado Cedric Villani honoured with a new orb-weaver
113 Lights out? Fireflies face extinction threats of habitat loss, light pollution, pesticides
114 The sleeping sigma factor--a previously unrecognized mechanism of bacterial transcriptional regulation