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1 Study: Higher sugar intake correlates to lower vitamin intake
2 One defensive strategy against surprise medical bills: Set your own terms
3 Hospital program tackles pregnancy and postpartum depression that affects 20% of women
4 Reshaping modern play spaces for children's health
5 New study: Chronic kidney disease a 'global killer in plain sight'
6 Women don't fancy easy-to-seduce men
7 Molecule offers hope for halting Parkinson's
8 Our memory prefers essence over form
9 Gold nanoclusters: New frontier for developing medication for treatment of Alzheimer's disease
10 WWI helmets protect against shock waves just as well as modern designs
11 Spanish-speaking stroke survivors face more obstacles
12 Vitamin C may shorten ventilation in critically ill patients
13 Massachusetts health reform tied to decrease in advanced cancer
14 Double success for drug resistance research
15 A good blood supply is good for memory
16 Fast food intake leads to weight gain in preschoolers
17 Subtle decline in cognition predicts progression to Alzheimer's pathology
18 New guidelines for hepatic failure in the intensive care unit
19 Green tea extract combined with exercise reduces fatty liver disease in mice
20 Study finds out-of-network primary care tied to rising ACO costs
21 A prescription for the pain of rejection: Acetaminophen and forgiveness
22 US will test people with flu symptoms for novel coronavirus
23 Amid coronavirus fears, a second wave of flu hits US kids
24 Researchers were not right about left brains
25 Vitamin E effective, safe for fatty liver in HIV patients
26 Team explores pathway to open up blood cancer treatments
27 New technology may significantly reduce diagnostic time of coronavirus
28 Young cancer survivors face higher risk of severe health problems in later life than the general population
29 Q&A: Testing for coronavirus in China
30 China cleans, locks away banknotes to stop virus spread
31 Man runs marathon in apartment as China fights virus with exercise
32 U.S. life expectancy to reach 85 by 2060
33 CDC: Coronavirus spreads most easily when patients are sickest
34 The verdict is in: Courtrooms seldom overrule bad science
35 Southeast Asia feels the burn as virus keeps Chinese tourists at home
36 Study identifies states with highest rates of melanoma due to ultraviolet radiation
37 Parents from lower-income families less likely to say child's water supply is safe
38 Test measures immune response to improve ovarian cancer diagnosis
39 Sitting more is associated with higher heart disease risk in older women
40 Mortality from all causes over 40% higher in female domestic abuse survivors
41 The skinny on why poor sleep may increase heart risk in women
42 Cutting off kidney cancer at its roots
43 China asks recovered patients to donate plasma for virus treatment
44 Machine learning study: At least nine gender expressions exist in the brain
45 Combination drug therapy for childhood brain tumors shows promise in laboratory models
46 Don't try to kick the smoking habit alone
47 Incomplete and inadequate: Information lacking for seniors looking for assisted living
48 Natural supplements can be dangerously contaminated, or not even have the specified ingredients
49 Out-of-context photos are a powerful low-tech form of misinformation
50 Coronavirus detection using CRISPR-Cas13: Open-access SHERLOCK research protocol
51 Study sheds light on regulation of breast cancer initiation
52 HPV vaccine hesitancy in Japan could result in 5,000 additional deaths
53 Immunity key to motor neurone disease treatment
54 When life-saving drugs are scarce, how do clinicians allocate them?
55 Researchers develop new tool to help detect hidden signs of autism in adults
56 New guide helps children be emotionally prepared for school
57 For older adults, hope may be key to improving psychological and social well-being
58 Breastfeeding may reduce diabetes risk for women with gestational diabetes
59 New paediatric care model produces positive results
60 Moderate intensity exercise can benefit memory performance
61 Almost one-third of school students bullied
62 Kinesiology and medicine researchers examine how diabetes affects bone strength
63 Looking for clues to improve the life of a transplanted organ
64 Childhood cancer rates increase with no change in sight
65 When should you worry about your memory?
66 Clinical trials: how to make informed consent more ethical
67 Vaccine misinformation and social media
68 Researchers challenge new guidelines on aspirin in primary prevention
69 Study examines impact of B cells on stroke recovery
70 Outbreaks like coronavirus start in and spread from the edges of cities
71 Eating meat: links to chronic disease might be related to amino acids--new findings
72 Researchers discover the link between ribs and lung function in patients with brittle bone disease
73 Recommended diuretic causes more side effects than similar hypertension drug
74 Disease-causing repeats help human neurons function, study finds
75 Zooming in on breast cancer reveals how mutations shape the tumour landscape
76 New technique allows scientists to 'listen in' on cancer cells
77 Diabetes, Alzheimer's together might increase stroke severity
78 Kids raised by grandparents more likely to pile on pounds: Study
79 One in four opioid ODs involves kids and teens
80 Exploring why mindfulness meditation has positive mental health outcomes
81 WHO warns against novel coronavirus 'blanket measures'
82 Binaural beats synchronize brain activity, don't affect mood
83 Trust your gut on plant-based diets for heart health
84 Beta-arrestin-2 increases neurotoxic tau driving frontotemporal dementia
85 New computational tools identify alternative splicing changes in aggressive cancers
86 New VA/DoD guidelines address sleep-related issues in military personnel, veterans
87 Study investigates rates of adverse events for common rheumatoid arthritis drug
88 Complications of measles can include hepatitis, appendicitis, and viral meningitis, doctors warn
89 Mediterranean diet promotes gut bacteria linked to 'healthy aging' in older people
90 Twenty four genetic variants linked to heightened womb cancer risk
91 Exposure to cleaning products in first three months of life increases risk of childhood asthma
92 Life-course-persistent antisocial behaviour may be associated with differences in brain structure
93 People living with HIV diagnosed with COPD 12 years younger than HIV-negative people
94 Shanghai virus hospital tries array of treatments in 'big test'
95 Hospital director at China virus epicentre dies
96 IVF-conceived children have somewhat higher mortality risk in their first weeks of life
97 Most coronavirus infections are mild, says Chinese study
98 Study to provide new insights into health impact of urban pollution
99 Study designs novel approach for better understanding teens and technology
100 Are ACL tears really more common in women?
101 Biomarker for Parkinson's disease may originate in the gut
102 Gut bacteria's interactions with immune system mapped
103 Robot toys could help detect early signs of autism or ADHD in infants
104 Memory games: Eating well to remember
105 Virtual games help people stand and walk in rehab
106 Neuroscientist links specific action to specific sounds in mice
107 Is Australia's health system failing kids with autism?
108 Fan of sci-fi? Psychologists have you in their sights
109 Gene therapy can protect against ALS and SMA-related cell death
110 Late bedtimes in preschool years could bring weight gain