File Title
1 Scientists develop first electrically-driven 'topological' laser
2 Machine learning implemented for quantum optics
3 Quantum memories entangled over 50-kilometer cable
4 Simulation experiment allows deeper insights into ultrafast light-induced processes
5 Quantum anomalous Hall effect in intrinsic magnetic topological insulator
6 Resistance is futile: Superconductivity will herald the age of electric flight
7 Temporally shaping the electric field of an attosecond pulse
8 Fragile topology: Two new studies explain the strange electron flow in future materials
9 Study uncovers new electronic state of matter
10 Skyrmions like it hot: Spin structures are controllable even at high temperatures
11 Measurement of mechanical stability of force transmission supramolecular linkages
12 Using noise to enhance optical sensing
13 The 'electronic Griffiths phase' in solid-state physical systems
14 Researchers realize two-photon pumped nanolaser from formamidinium perovskites
15 Quantum interference observed in real time: Extreme UV-light spectroscopy technique
16 Broadband transmission-type coding metasurface for electromagnetic beam forming and scanning
17 Deconstructing Schrodinger's cat
18 Producing single photons from a stream of single electrons
19 Exotic atomic nuclei reveal traces of new form of superfluidity
20 Scientists unlock low-cost material to shape light for industry
21 New all-sky search reveals potential neutrino sources
22 Lensless on-chip microscopy platform shows slides in full view
23 Correcting the jitters in quantum devices
24 In acoustic waves, engineers break reciprocity with 'spacetime-varying metamaterials'
25 Researchers report on helical soft-X-ray beams
26 MoEDAL hunts for dyons
27 How laser pulses can manipulate magnetization via ultrafast transfer of electrons
28 Novel quantum effect found: Spin-rotation coupling
29 Highly sensitive sensors show promise in enhancing human touch
30 Nanolaminate-based design for UV laser mirror coating
31 An intelligent and compact particle analyzer
32 Light-sheet fluorescence imaging becomes more parallelized
33 New artificial neural network model bests MaxEnt in inverse problem example
34 SR-FACT microscopy reveals the landscape of the cellular organelle interactome
35 Researchers combine lasers and terahertz waves in camera that sees 'unseen' detail
36 Stability by fluctuation: topological materials outperform through quantum periodic motion
37 Physicists see nuclear wobbling in one isotope of gold
38 Measuring a dynamical topological order parameter in quantum walks
39 3-D imaging the flavor content of the nucleon
40 Cryo-chip overcomes obstacle to large-scale quantum computers
41 Intelligent control of mode-locked femtosecond pulses by time-stretch-assisted spectral analysis
42 Unraveling the physics behind tossing fried rice
43 A spookily good sensor
44 Five millimeter diameter motor is powered directly with light
45 What if we could teach photons to behave like electrons?
46 ALPHA collaboration reports first measurements of certain quantum effects in antimatter
47 How are microbes attracted to an oil spill?
48 Physicists grab individual atoms in groundbreaking experiment
49 Carrier-assisted differential detection
50 10,000 times faster calculations of many-body quantum dynamics possible
51 Laser writing enables practical flat optics and data storage in glass
52 Compact dark object search: Scanning Earth's core with superconducting gravimeters
53 Scientists predict state of matter that can conduct both electricity and energy perfectly
54 Scientists crack the mystery of liquid light interactions in organic materials
55 When plasmons reach atomic flatland
56 A step towards controlling spin-dependent petahertz electronics by material defects
57 Novel laser crystal emerges as a promising candidate for 2.7 microns lasers
58 Scientists reveal infrared spectroscopy of neutral water dimer
59 Electron-hole recombination mechanism in halide perovskites
60 ATLAS experiment searches for natural supersymmetry using novel techniques
61 Mirrored chip could enable handheld dark-field microscopes
62 Ability to control spin of atom-like impurities in 2-D material hexagonal boron-nitride demonstrated
63 When coronavirus is not alone: Team of complexity scientists present 'meme' model for multiple diseases
64 Team develops optical communications technology to double data transfer speed
65 Team discovers new way to control the phase of light using 2-D materials
66 A simple retrofit transforms electron microscopes into high-speed atom-scale cameras
67 Researchers shine light on the defects responsible for messy behavior in quantum materials
68 Design of the W7-X fusion device enables it to overcome obstacles, scientists find
69 Want to catch a photon? Start by silencing the sun
70 Advancement simplifies laser-based medical imaging
71 Team demos breakthrough in analog image processing
72 Researchers create new state of light
74 Radio waves detect particle showers in a block of plastic
75 CaPtAs: A new noncentrosymmetric superconductor
76 Simple self-charging battery offers power solutions for devices
77 Observation of non-trivial superconductivity on surface of type II Weyl semimetal
78 Lights, camera, action...the super-fast world of droplet dynamics
79 Stimulating resonance with two very different forces
80 A better starting point for exploring entanglement
81 From China to the South Pole: Joining forces to solve the neutrino mass puzzle
82 The first quantum orienteering by quantum entangling measurements enhancement
83 Researchers report more accurate measurement of neutrons
84 Engineers ensure quantum experiments get off to the right start
85 A possible new way to cool computer chips
86 Scientists 'film' a quantum measurement
88 Study identifies a transition in the strong nuclear force that illuminates the structure of a neutron star's core
89 Isotope movement holds key to the power of fusion reactions
90 Explained: Why water droplets 'bounce off the walls'
91 Method with polarized light can create and measure nonsymmetrical states in a layered material
92 Scientists make most sensitive measurements to date of silicon's conductivity
93 Particle accelerator technology could solve one of the most vexing problems in building quantum computers
94 Researchers combine advanced spectroscopy technique with video-rate imaging
95 Quantum researchers able to split one photon into three
96 Witnessing the birth of baby universes 46 times: The link between gravity and soliton
97 Illuminating numerical study on light propagation in nonlinear optical fibers
98 Tracking down the mystery of matter
99 Why is there any matter in the universe at all? New study sheds light
100 New study explains why superconductivity takes place in graphene
101 Twisted 2-D material gives new insights into strongly correlated 1-D physics
102 Reconfigurable chiral microlaser by spontaneous symmetry breaking
103 Innovative switching mechanism improves ultrafast control of microlasers
104 Ultrafast probing reveals intricate dynamics of quantum coherence
105 Unique material could unlock new functionality in semiconductors
106 Unraveling turbulence: New insights into how fluids transform from order to disorder
107 Scientists measure electron spin qubit without demolishing it
108 Why is an empty shampoo bottle so easy to knock over?
109 Scientists pair machine learning with tomography to learn about material interfaces
110 Scientists expand memory effect range through spatial filtering
111 Measuring the sound of a soap bubble popping
112 Fish school by randomly copying each other, rather than following the group
113 The magnet that didn't exist
114 KITE code could power new quantum developments
115 Gold in limbo between solid and melted states