File Title
1 Scorpion Venom Used to Direct T Cells to Target Brain Cancer Tumors
2 Dying Breaths of a Massive Star--Supernovae that Result from Pulsating Supergiants like Betelgeuse
3 Widely Used Weed Killer--Roundup--Contaminates Ecosystems, Harms Biodiversity
4 Advanced Reactor Technologies to Accelerate the Next Generation of Nuclear Power
5 Study Finds Fish Oil Supplements May Lower Risk of Heart Disease and Death
6 A Psychological Theory Helps Robots Walk like Humans [Video]
7 New Repair Mechanism for Alcohol-Induced DNA Damage Discovered
8 MIT: How Putting Warning Labels on Fake News Can Backfire
9 Organic Battery Breakthrough Makes Lithium-Ion Batteries More Environmentally Friendly
10 Scientists from 20 Countries Warn of Risk to Lakes and Water Quality as Extreme Weather Increases
11 New Light-Activated Coating Kills Bacteria in Low Intensity, Ambient Light
12 Common Autistic Personality Test Unreliable, Psychologists Say
13 NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover Snaps Stunning 1.8-Billion-Pixel Panorama
14 WHO Warns: Health Workers Endangered Worldwide by Shortage of Personal Protective Equipment
15 Exciting Molecular Tweaks Could Improve the Efficiency of Organic Solar Cells
16 OSIRIS-REx Swoops Over Sample Site Nightingale on Asteroid Bennu
17 New Efficiency Record Set by Novel Multi-Material Solar Cells
18 A Galactic Traffic Jam in "The Cup" Over 60 Million Light-Years Away
19 New Mass-Timber Sustainable Building Takes Shape in Boston
20 COVID-19: A Potent Reminder of the Challenge of Emerging Infectious Diseases
21 Incredible Journey of Main Mirror Segments for the Extremely Large Telescope
22 NASA's Mars 2020 Rover Named--Virginia Middle School Student Wins Naming Contest
23 Showing Robots How to Do Your Chores--Automated Robots that Learn Just by Watching
24 Highly Detailed Images of the Human Brain Using Revolutionary Seismic Imaging Technology
25 'Spectacular Meteorite Fall' of Flensburg Reveals Liquid Water Existed in Early Solar System
26 Despite International Media Frenzy, 2019 Burned Area Trends in the Amazon Similar to Previous Years
27 Researchers Surprised that Gut Bacteria Penetrates Tumors--Improves Cancer Therapy
28 Rare Lizard Fossil Provides Important Clues on How Fossils Stay Preserved for Millions of Years
29 Targets for Vaccines and Treatments Revealed by Novel Coronavirus Structure
30 Light Flows Around Corners Unhindered and Without Reflecting in Special Material
31 New AI Can Reliably Spot When Correlation Really Does Mean Causation
32 First Scientific Evidence of a Potentially Invasive Species to Reach Antarctica--Here's How It Got There
33 Fastest High-Precision 3D Printer--Unmatched Speed with Submicrometer Accuracy
34 Marsquakes--InSight Mars Lander Opens a New Era for Planetary Seismology
35 CRISPR-HOT: New Genetic Tool Can Label Specific Genes and Cells
36 Plasma Reactor Zaps Airborne Viruses--Could Slow the Spread of Infectious Diseases like Coronavirus
37 Jaw Dropping 4K Views of the Moon Apollo 13 Astronauts Saw on Their Perilous Journey Around the Farside
38 SOFIA's Infrared View of the Skies Uncovers Massive Newborn Stars and Celestial Magnetic Fields
39 Organized Cybercrime--Hacker Networks Are Not Your Average Mafia
40 A Sea Monster's Genome--Full Genetic Sequence of the Elusive Giant Squid
41 Why Pedestrians Need to Be on the Lookout for Expensive Cars
42 NASA Astrobiology Finds Primordial Organic Matter in the Zag Meteorite
43 Self-Replicating, Self-Repairing Homes on the Moon and Mars Made of Fungi
44 Breakthrough Self-Assembly Innovation Enables Cheaper Solar Energy Production
45 How Did Life Begin? New Study Reveals Life in the Universe Could Be Common
46 Tickling an Atom to Investigate Atomic Impurities in Nanomaterials
47 Neandertals Dove Underwater to Collect Clam Shells to Use as Tools
48 How to Wash Your Clothes So They Last Longer? Scientists Find Answers
49 Tapping Graphene's Hidden Potential for the Advancement of Quantum Information Science
50 Chasing the Rush: Sugar Actually Changes the Chemistry of Your Brain
51 Scientists Built an Underwater Theater and Attached 3D Glasses to Cuttlefish--Here's What They Learned
52 Features on Asteroid Bennu Now Have Official Names--Based on Mythological Creatures
53 Evidence of a Cosmic Impact that Destroyed One of the World's Earliest Human Settlements
54 Subatomic Particle Disintegration Violates the Standard Model of Physics--"Completely Unexpected"
55 Moreux Crater: The Dark Dunes of Mars in Stunning Imagery from Mars Express Orbiter
56 Near-Earth Space is Becoming an Orbital Landfill
57 Scientists Say Global Plan to Protect Endangered Species Has Major Flaw
58 Teeming with Chlamydia: Diverse Populations Discovered Deep Below the Arctic Ocean
59 Radar and Ice Could Help Detect Mysterious Subatomic Particles that Pass Right Through Matter
60 Bioluminescent Bacteria Kill Rivals and Establish Symbiosis in Squid Using Genetic Regulatory Factors
61 Deadly Attraction: Why Sea Turtles Eat Ocean Plastics
62 'Strange' Glimpse into Neutron Stars and Violations of Fundamental Symmetries in the Universe
63 New Flexible Ultrathin Organic Solar Cell Is Both Highly Efficient and Durable
64 New Study on COVID-19 Incubation Period: Coronavirus Infected May Be Symptom-Free for 5 Days
65 Super Magnets Produced Successfully with Laser-Based 3D Printer
66 Evolution Can Go in Reverse--Research on Soldier Ants Reveals Surprising Flexibility
67 MIT System "Recruits" Defects for Easier Scaling of Quantum Devices
68 One-Sided Pulsator: New Type of Pulsating Star Discovered After 40-Year Search
69 MIT Neuroscientists Identify "Landmark Code" in the Brain that Helps Us Navigate
70 Research Shows Significant Mitigation of Global Warming Is Possible with Biomass Fuels
71 Remarkable Mechanism Plants Use to Protect Themselves from Sun Damage
72 During Planet Formation "Safety Zone" Saves Giant Moons from Fatal Plunge
73 Worrying Indian Ocean Phenomenon Spells Climate Trouble for Australia
74 Unlocking Hidden Frequencies in the Electromagnetic Spectrum with a New Graphene Amplifier
75 Surprising Impact on Fat Metabolism: How Intermittent Fasting Changes Liver Enzymes and Helps Prevent Disease
76 Point of No Return--Amazon Rainforest Could Be Gone Within 50 Years
77 Another Security Flaw Exposed in Intel Processors--Kept Secret for Almost a Year
78 100,000 Convicted Felons Across US Likely Still Own Guns, Despite Being Banned from Doing So
79 Teeth that Repair Themselves--Study Finds Success with Natural Tooth Repair Method
80 Bullseye TAG--How NASA's OSIRIS-REx Will Navigate to Touchdown on Asteroid Bennu
81 Future Sound "Computer" Using New Acoustic Smart Material Inspired by Shark Skin
82 Stellar Dynamos: Turbulent Convection at the Heart of Star Activity
83 Workers Are Getting Smaller Pieces of the Pie--MIT Study Finds Out Why
84 Breakthrough in Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment--Building the World's Most Powerful Particle Accelerator
85 Comprehensive Analysis by Stanford: Alcoholics Anonymous Most Effective Path to Alcohol Abstinence
86 Arsenic Contamination in Groundwater Influenced by Natural Organic Matter
87 House Cats Have a Much Larger Impact on Wildlife than Wild Predators
88 Axiogenesis: New Insight into Fundamental Physics and the Origin of the Universe
89 Happy Accident Cracks 58-Year-Old Puzzle on Way to Quantum Computing Breakthrough
90 Very Large Telescope Observes Extreme Exoplanet Where It Rains Molten Iron
91 50 Newly Identified Footprints Show Stegosaurs Left Their Mark on Scottish Isle of Skye
92 Likely Extinction of Snake Due to Warming Mountaintops
93 How Environment Influences the Spread of Infectious Disease Revealed in Banded Mongoose Study
94 Innovative Biocompatible Microparticles Created with Nothing More than Heat and Light
95 New Minor Planets Discovered Beyond Neptune Using Dark Energy Survey Data
96 Worst-Case Climate Change Scenario: Greenland and Antarctica Losing Ice 6x Faster than Expected
97 New Flat Lens Enables Focus-Free Cameras with Drastically Reduced Weight, Complexity & Cost
98 Study Finds Western Gorillas Are Territorial and Their Behavior Is Very Similar to Our Own
99 The Epidemic Outbreak of the Zika Virus Was Bad--Something in the Water Made It Worse
100 Astronomers Map Dark Matter Filaments Holding Universe Together with Some Help from Slime Mold
101 Do Your Kids Have Cavities/Tooth Decay? It Could Be from a Chemical Found in Drinking Water
102 MIT COVID-19 Diagnostic Could Aid Efforts to Detect and Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus
103 Star Torn Apart and Devoured by Ravenous Supermassive Black Hole
104 How Iron Carbenes Store Energy from Sunlight--And Could Make Solar Power More Efficient
105 Unexpected Approach Is Chemistry 'Warp Drive' for Creating Better Synthetic Molecules for Medicine
106 Mystery of the Expansion of the Universe Solved? Theoretical Physicist Offers Hypothesis to Resolve Scientific Controversy
107 ExoMars Rover Launch Postponed Until 2022 Due to Coronavirus and Additional Testing
108 NASA's 10 Ways to Celebrate Pi Day on March 14
109 After Decades of Trying, Physicists Observe Kondo Cloud Quantum Phenomenon for the First Time
110 Remote South American Kelp Forests Surveyed for First Time Since 1973--And They Are "Pristine"
111 How the Brain Shuttles Genetic Code Within Its Cells to Grow and Create Memories
112 3.8 Billion-Year-Old Rocks Show that Water and Other Elements Necessary for Life Were Delivered to Earth Very Late in Its History
113 Discovery Points to Origin of Mysterious Ultraviolet Radiation with Energy Output Billions Times the Sun
114 How Many Decimals of Pi Do We Really Need? NASA Answers
115 Stanford Scientists Discovered the Invisible Pattern that Growing Neurons Follow to Form a Brain
116 Our Current Understanding of the Formation of the Moon May Be Wrong
117 Jaw-Dropping Video Shows Nitrogen Dioxide Emissions Drop Over Italy Due to Coronavirus
118 First Science Instruments for Gateway Lunar Outpost Selected by NASA
119 Erasing Traumatic Memories May One Day Be Possible Thanks to New Discovery
120 Fusion Energy Solution May Come from Permanent Magnets like Those on Refrigerator Doors--But Far Stronger