File Title
1 In US, changing self-concept can lower well-being
2 Layoffs lead to higher rates of violent offenses and property crimes
3 Climate change-related rain to push up insurance costs
4 Putting off the procrastination: Time efficiency habits can be encouraged in the workplace
5 New analysis highlights impact of poverty and exploitation on children's lives
6 Underage sexting: Change law to provide a more proportional response
7 What schools can do to reduce the risk of sexual abuse by educators
8 Rare Isaac Newton manuscript discovered in Corsican library
9 Siberian Neanderthals originated from various European populations
10 Teaming basic scientists with clinicians may improve medical education retention
11 As farming developed, so did cooperation--and violence
12 Car congestion outweighs scooter scourge on city streets
13 Researchers gather interventions addressing 'word gap' into special edition of journal
14 Study: Temporary work visas could deter illegal immigration of Mexican migrants
15 The persistence of pay inequality: The gender pay gap in an anonymous online labor market
16 Divorced parents may impact some teens' academics
17 Amber specimens reveal origin of long mouthpart of scorpionflies
18 Fisherwomen contribute tons of fish, billions of dollars to global fisheries
19 Diversity semantics shift higher ed inclusivity away from students of color
20 Social studies teachers link their political views to assessment of news sources
21 Smallest Homo erectus cranium in Africa and diverse stone tools found at Gona, Ethiopia
22 Mentoring significantly improves career outcomes for female economists, study finds
23 Audience size and comments may affect enjoyment of social television
24 'Foreseeability expectations': Why people take offense
25 Why drug sellers see the internet as a lucrative safe haven
26 Asessing the scope of witnessed violence in prisons
27 New light shed on ancient New Zealand fossils
28 Half billion-year-old 'social network' observed in early animals
29 The arrival of the laptop in the classroom and parental mediation
30 When older people feel excluded at work
31 Downsizing the McMansion: Study gauges a sustainable size for future homes
32 Young teachers happier but say hard work is unrewarded
33 Support communities key for military wives and partners facing employment and social challenges
34 Book explores 'rugged individualism' and its impact on inequality in America
35 Study pushes back origin of existing Ilex crown clade into early Eocene
36 Don't blame the messenger--unless it's all stats and no story
37 How communication about environmental issues can bridge the political divide
38 E-learning and Nintendo: coping with virus school shutdowns
39 Researchers find adaptive morphology influenced by climate
40 'Data feminism' examines problems of bias and power that beset modern information
41 Sticky tape: A key ingredient for mapping artifact origins
42 How coronavirus will affect the global supply chain
43 Coronavirus, rail blockades: Crisis management plans protect companies
44 Mathematical thinking begins in the early years with dialog and real-world exploration
45 Young men on sexting: It's normal, but complicated
46 Rare Gabon burial cave reveals clues to African history
47 With the coronavirus outbreak, it matters how you get your news
48 Linguistics lessons for police 'could catch more Dark Web paedophiles'
49 What MH17 has taught us about international disaster investigations
50 How technology can combat the rising tide of fake science
51 Food prices after a hard Brexit could increase by GBP50 per week
52 Tax incentives for businesses could contribute to the decline of the middle class
53 Stone-age 'likes': Study establishes eggshell beads exchanged over 30,000 years
54 Underrepresented college students benefit more from 'active learning' techniques in STEM
55 Collaborating with a team of rivals can resolve conflict--and advance science
56 Why do banking crises occur?
57 Hotels benefit from marijuana legalization, study finds
58 Does lack of paid sick time make US susceptible to global health crisis?
59 Why do people migrate in Europe? New online tool explains
60 Coronavirus: Universities are shifting classes online, but it's not as easy as it sounds
61 Online shoppers swayed by customer reviews of physical products--not experiences
62 New framework factors climate risk into financial valuation
63 How refugees succeed in visa reviews: New research reveals the factors that matter
64 Mennonites turned Paraguay into a mega beef producer: Now Indigenous people must pay the price
65 Study shows how contact with law enforcement, even for family members, decreases political participation
66 Toxic masculinity is unsafe...for men
67 The coronavirus may force American schools to teach online. Are they ready?
68 Anthropologists find a mother's social status improves her children's health
69 Students' genes cannot accurately predict educational achievement
70 Why are workers getting smaller pieces of the pie?
71 How cities have blunted the subversive force of counterculture
72 Deep evolutionary links between monogamy and fatherhood are more complicated than we thought
73 Coronavirus could spark a revolution in working from home. Are we ready?
74 Most couples are less satisfied when the woman earns more
75 How dangerous news spreads: What makes Twitter users retweet risk-related information
76 Basic knowledge of finances empowers elderly population in Japan
77 Education is key to equal parenting rights for same-sex couples
78 Sorry, Einstein: Hard workers may make better role models than geniuses
79 3-D printed models improve jurors' understanding of evidence
80 Populism jeopardizes democracies around the world
81 Discovery of smallest known mesozoic dinosaur reveals new species in bird evolution
82 Dinosaur stomping ground in Scotland reveals thriving middle Jurassic ecosystem
83 Intensive management of crops and livestock spurred La Bastida's economic development
84 How AI could help translate the written language of ancient civilizations
85 New record set for cryptographic challenge
86 Caitlyn Jenner's influence on transgender political attitudes measured in new study
87 Polarization of climate change news is no hoax
88 Ancient Maya kingdom unearthed in a backyard in Mexico
89 When skin tone scars: The hurt of colorism among Asian-Americans
90 Coronavirus fears increase economic anxieties, researchers find
91 Piracy takes greater toll on small Persian gulf energy exporters
92 Is coronavirus the end of the handshake?
93 Corporate social irresponsibility: Which cases are critically reported--and which aren't?
94 Pandemic exposes 'digital divide' as schools, workplaces close
95 Internet inventor warns web 'not working for women'
96 New book debunks myths about who causes crime and why
97 Monty Python's silly walk: A gait analysis and wake-up call to peer review inefficiencies
98 How we choose: Applying 'decision science' to transportation behaviors
99 When the coronavirus gets tough, the tough get stockpiling
100 COVID-19 pushes universities to switch to online classes--but are they ready?
101 Pathways highlight Australian social housing's importance
102 The role of social support in intimate partner violence and economic hardship
103 Coronavirus: Economist sees sharp, short-lived effects
104 Brief entrance test can predict academic success within first year of study in economics
105 The tooth enamel of the Atapuerca hominids grew faster than in modern humans
106 Some US colleges cancel, postpone graduation over virus
107 Some US colleges cancel, postpone graduation over virus
108 Crowdsourcing plot lines to help the creative process
109 Prehistoric hyenas and humans share migration patterns
110 Ancient mantis-man petroglyph discovered in Iran
111 Majority in national survey against separating immigrant families at US/Mexico Border
112 COVID-19 'should not necessarily foreshadow an economic downturn'
113 How to optimize online learning in the age of coronavirus
114 Addressing the nation, leaders say one thing. Does their body language say another?
115 Ancient ballcourt in Mexico suggests game was played in the highlands earlier than thought
116 Measuring the psychological impact of a health pandemic on stock markets
117 Employers need to give paid sick days to fight COVID-19
118 Stock market rollercoaster: Why high-frequency trading isn't to blame
119 Canceled matches and growing turmoil: The impact of COVID-19 on the sports industry
120 Australia's most livable regional cities revealed
121 Research uses simulation game to alter beliefs about poverty
122 If you're poor, poverty is an environmental issue
123 Aversion to risk by R&D managers may hurt US economic prospects