File Title
1 Can traumatic memories be erased?
2 Bacteria form biofilms like settlers form cities
3 Diagnosing hypertension in children
4 Resolving inflammation: Could it prevent memory loss in Down syndrome and Alzheimer's?
5 Human activity affects interactions between plants and seed-dispersing birds
6 UM professor helps Malaysia develop conservation areas, protect species
7 How skin cells embark on a swift yet elaborate death
8 How sperm unpack dad's genome so it can merge with mom's
9 Invisible plastics in water
10 Oncotarget: MicroRNA (miR) dysregulation during Helicobacter pylori-induced gastric inflammation
11 Oncotarget: DNA methylation of MMPs and TIMPs in atherothrombosis process in carotid plaques
12 Call for older people in poor countries to be considered in global responses to COVID-19
13 Coronavirus spreads quickly and sometimes before people have symptoms, study finds
14 Lower-sodium turkey breast wins sensory test over full-salt option
15 Semi-metal compound could treat foal pneumonia without promoting drug resistant bacteria
16 NIH researchers discover tooth-enamel protein in eyes with dry AMD
17 University of Miami researchers find an early behavioral marker for autism
18 How plants sound the alarm about danger
19 Brain-doping produced by your own body
20 Hornwort genomes could lead to crop improvement
21 New planting guidelines could boost edamame profits
22 Mercury's 400íC heat may help it make its own ice
23 COVID-19 appears less severe in children, says review in Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal
24 Discovery of zero-energy bound states at both ends of a one-dimensional atomic line defect
25 Buffed-up avatars deter us from exercising hard
26 NCAM2 protein plays a decisive role in the formation of structures for cognitive learning
27 Brief entrance test can predict academic success within first year of study in economics
28 Treated wastewater may be safe for aquaculture--Ben-Gurion University researchers
29 How curved are your bones?
30 The discovery of a new gene that 'supervises' strawberry ripening
31 Receptors for the immune defense
32 Blood stem cells boost immunity by keeping a record of previous infections
33 Astrophysicists wear 3D glasses to watch quasars
34 Control of the fatty acid synthase
35 One drug, three action modes
36 HKU scientists find high concentrations of toxic phenyltin compounds in local Chinese white dolphins
37 3D hierarchically porous nanostructured catalyst helps efficiently reduce CO2?
38 Solving obesity: Could manipulating microbes offer an alternative to weight loss surgery?
39 Worm nerve responses for good and bad
40 Pathways toward realizing the promise of all-solid-state batteries
41 Long-term analysis shows GM cotton no match for insects in India
42 SUTD develops missing link to circular economy while tackling global waste
43 First-time direct proof of chemical reactions in particulates
44 How associative fear memory is formed in the brain
45 Research on the fossil
46 UK study highlights importance of spirometry in diagnosing COPD
47 Ouch: Patients prescribed opioids after tooth extraction report worse pain
48 Alzheimer's and an unusual molecular chaperone
49 New study presents hygroscopic micro/nanolenses along carbon nanotube ion channels
50 New catalyst provides boost to next-generation EV batteries
51 Water-free way to make MXenes could mean new uses for the promising nanomaterials
52 How brain cells lay down infrastructure to grow and create memories
53 Scientists work toward more reliable prediction of South Asian summer monsoon rainfall for the upcoming 15-30 years
54 Mimicking cancer's evasive tactics, microparticles show promise for transplant rejection
55 What can you do with spiral graph? Help understand how galaxies evolve
56 Surprising research: Prehistoric hyenas and humans share migration patterns
57 The keto diet can lead to flu-like symptoms during the first few weeks on the diet
58 Silicon-graphene hybrid plasmonic waveguide photodetectors beyond 1.55 microns
59 Evidence clearly favors taxing sugary drinks--new study
60 What causes an ice age to end?
61 Fall precipitation predicts abundance of curly top disease and guides weed management
62 Protective brain-cell housekeeping mechanism may also regulate sleep
63 Facebook language changes before an emergency hospital visit
64 Mayo Clinic research discovers how stem cells repair damage from heart attacks
65 Monty Python's silly walk: A gait analysis and wake-up call to peer review inefficiencies
66 How brain biology promotes starvation in patients with anorexia nervosa
67 A new use for museum fish specimens
68 Molds damage the lung's protective barrier to spur future asthma attacks
69 Ocean acidification impacts oysters' memory of environmental stress
70 Computer model solves mystery of how gas bubbles build big methane hydrate deposits
71 Moving beyond 'defensive medicine'
72 Environmental DNA in rivers offers new tool for detecting wildlife communities
73 'Fossil earthquakes' offer new insight into seismic activity deep below earth's surface
74 Study examines environmental footprint of California dairy cows over 50 years
75 Fruit flies advance research on ACOX1-related neurodegenerative disorders
76 Separations between earthquakes reveal clear patterns
77 Low-dose aspirin linked to reduced liver cancer risk
78 Treatment disparities drive worse outcomes for pediatric black, Hispanic brain cancer patients
79 Alcoholism without borders
80 Cancer: The immune system attacks tumors remotely
81 New aflatoxin biocontrol product lowers contamination of groundnut and maize in Senegal
82 HPV infections can be eliminated if both boys and girls are vaccinated
83 New strategies for managing bowel and bladder dysfunction after spinal cord injury
84 Aerial insect trap network describes life in the skies
85 Bursts of diversity in the gut microbiota
86 The Lancet: Study details first known person-to-person transmission of new coronavirus in the USA
87 Surgery with anesthesia not linked to indicator of Alzheimer's, Mayo study finds
88 Uninsured older adults more likely to be sicker and in need of inpatient care in China
89 Chasing lithium ions on the move in a fast-charging battery
90 Special report highlights potential therapeutic agents, vaccines for COVID-19
91 Robots popular with older adults
92 Plant physiology: Safeguarding chloroplasts from sunburn
93 The need for speed
94 Statins starve cancer cells to death
95 Hair in 'stress': Analyze with care
96 Bacteria might help other bacteria to tolerate antibiotics better
97 Vaping chemical creates toxic ketene gas, RCSI research
98 Genes tell a story about diabetic kidney disease
99 Preterm babies are more likely to be diagnosed with reactive attachment disorder
100 Healthier and happier without Facebook
101 GARDP partners with Japanese pharmaceutical in pursuit of new antibiotics
102 Arrival delayed! Water, carbon and nitrogen were not immediately supplied to Earth
103 Corporate social irresponsibility: Which cases are critically reported--and which aren't?
104 To protect your brain, don't be (too) kind!
105 Gold nanoparticles uncover amyloid fibrils
106 Novel IR-LEGO system enables single-cell labeling and tracking in zebrafish embryos
107 Learning how cancer cells coordinate and collaborate to multiply and metastasize
108 How the historically misunderstood amyloid helps to store memories
109 A molecular map for the plant sciences
110 At 8 months, babies already know their grammar
111 Heat stress may affect more than 1.2 billion people annually by 2100
112 JNCCN: Younger cancer survivors far more likely to experience food and financial insecurity
113 The Lancet Psychiatry: US study reports rate of suicidal ideation in children, and risk and protective factors
114 Mechanical forces shape animal 'origami' precisely despite 'noise'
115 Misinformation on vaccines readily available online
116 'Spillway' for electrons could keep lithium metal batteries from catching fire
117 Sound can directly affect balance and lead to risk of falling
118 Perturbation-free studies of single molecules
119 Heat and light create new biocompatible microparticles
120 University of Iowa scientists pinpoint a brain region that stops breathing in pediatric epilepsy