File Title
1 How to recover from burnout and chronic work stress, according to a psychologist
2 Magnolia bark compound could someday help treat drug-resistant epilepsy
3 Acute appendicitis incidence not randomly distributed
4 Q&A: Treating gout involves combination of lifestyle changes, medication
5 Researchers evaluate free vape kit program for smoking cessation
6 More time living in better cardiovascular health may lower risk of chronic diseases, mortality
7 Exercise works for those beginning cancer treatment
8 Romosozumab added to guideline for management of osteoporosis
9 Anticholinergic burden tied to adverse effects in middle age
10 JNK protein triggers nerve cells to withdraw their synapses when stressed
11 Antibiotics: City dwellers and children take the most
12 An app for patients and doctors to calculate cancer survival probabilities
13 U.S. primary care docs unprepared for surge in Alzheimer's cases
14 When safety measures lead to riskier behavior by more people
15 Marketing makes dubious claims about infant formulas
16 Report finds the UK is lagging behind other countries' mortality trends
17 Gasdermin E: A new approach to cancer immunotherapy that could have broad reach
18 Wireless, skin-mounted sensors monitor babies, pregnant women in the developing world
19 Microbial DNA in patient blood may be tell-tale sign of cancer
20 WHO declares that virus crisis is now a pandemic
21 Genetic risk linked to T2DM in women with history of gestational diabetes
22 How to understand new food labels
23 Study unveils striking disparities in health outcomes among two populations
24 Breastfeeding guide aims to help docs ease moms through tough first week
25 Newer anti-HIV drugs safest, most effective during pregnancy
26 Validating a better way to stratify BPD risk in vulnerable newborns
27 A proven method to grow human blood vessels
28 Sugar tax has more public support than expected
29 U.S. blood donors needed in face of COVID-19 crisis
30 Updated guidelines for exposure to high-frequency electromagnetic fields
31 Older children's brains respond differently to rewarding versus negative experiences late in day
32 Artificial intelligence and family medicine: Better together
33 African Americans, Hispanics less likely to receive recommended lung cancer imaging
34 States race to stop virus, as official warns of worse ahead
35 No, coronavirus isn't the same as the flu
36 More than half of Americans want money, control in exchange for genetic data
37 Giving common muscle relaxant via nose shows potential to treat neurodegenerative diseases
38 Study reveals a delicate dance of dynamic changes in the conscious brain
39 'Zombie' brain cells develop into working neurons
40 World's first minimally invasive tricuspid valve replacement performed in Toronto
41 Researchers identify marker that may predict whether lung cancer likely to spread
42 Rural Hondurans embrace cancer screening opportunities
43 Like patching a flat tire: New fix heals herniated discs
44 Probing the genes that organize early brain development
45 Survey shows emergency physicians may benefit from training on safely handling firearms
46 BIN1 deficit impairs brain cell communication, memory consolidation
47 Sensing infection, suppressing regeneration
48 Popular painkiller ibuprofen affects liver enzymes in mice
49 Italy shuts stores across country to fight virus (Update)
50 Q&A: What the WHO pandemic declaration means
51 WHO labels coronavirus a 'pandemic' as Europe scrambles to contain it
52 Scientist links 2 state outbreaks with genetic fingerprints
53 Cluster of coronavirus cases is tied to US biotech meeting
54 Cycling to work linked to higher risk of injury-related hospitalisation among UK commuters
55 Capping out-of-network hospital bills could create big savings
56 Two-pronged attack on DNA repair could kill drug-resistant cancers
57 Poor physical health a barrier for job seekers with serious mental illness
58 Trump halts travel from Europe in 'aggressive' coronavirus response
59 Most coronavirus patients recover, still anxiety, fear loom
60 Americans snap to attention on virus as big events canceled
61 'Don't panic' says US woman who recovered from coronavirus
62 Latin America steps up measures against coronavirus spread
63 Tom Hanks in Australian hospital isolation after getting coronavirus
64 Rome's eternally packed tourist sites emptied
65 Tests show new coronavirus lives on some surfaces for up to three days
66 Russia supplies ex-USSR, Iran, North Korea with virus test kits
67 World walls off as leaders warn viral pandemic will worsen
68 Hand-made tale: Indian amputee's new lower limbs adapt to her body
69 Shock Trump ban on travel from Europe as virus surges
70 New book details roadmap to prevent and treat Parkinson's
71 Can breathing dirty air make you gain weight?
72 Non-Hodgkin lymphoma treatment gets an initial 'no' for NHS use in England
73 Why throat cancers are on the rise, and why it matters to you
74 Research reduces barriers for doctors treating children with autism
75 How chronic stress changes the brain--and what you can do to reverse the damage
76 Vaping chemical creates toxic ketene gas, research finds
77 Nepal exposed to climate-sensitive disease outbreaks
78 Coronavirus control measures aren't pointless: Slowing down the pandemic could save millions of lives
79 Learning how cancer cells collaborate to multiply and metastasize
80 Dine out or eat in during the coronavirus crisis? Here's what public health and food safety experts say
81 Special report highlights potential therapeutic agents, vaccines for COVID-19
82 Healthier and happier without Facebook
83 At eight months, babies already know their grammar
84 Sound can directly affect balance and lead to risk of falling
85 Scientists identify potential targets for immune responses to novel coronavirus
86 Misinformation on vaccines readily available online
87 Don't underestimate the developing brains of children
88 COVID-19 vs. seasonal flu: What you need to know about both
89 Starbucks stores may go drive-thru only or limit seating
90 Philippine president orders virus lockdown of capital
91 Younger cancer survivors far more likely to experience food and financial insecurity
92 Scientists identify first invasive case of rare mold in a cancer patient
93 Personality traits found to be protective in Alzheimer's disease
94 Gut microbiota: Evolution of bacteria with the mutagenic power of cancer cells
95 Cancer death rates continue to fall in U.S., report says
96 HPV infections can be eliminated if both boys and girls are vaccinated
97 Getting on with your life in the age of coronavirus
98 Scientists pinpoint a brain region that stops breathing in pediatric epilepsy
99 Weight-loss surgery may lower colon cancer risk
100 More U.S. adults at high risk for vision loss in 2017 than 2002
101 Cancer: The immune system attacks tumors remotely
102 Study details first known person-to-person transmission of new coronavirus in the USA
103 Alcoholism without borders
104 Treatment disparities drive worse outcomes for pediatric Black, Hispanic brain cancer patients
105 Canada PM's wife positive for new coronavirus (Update)
106 Many clinicians unaware of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis
107 How anti-gay attitudes hurt teen fitness
108 Nonglycemic factors up risk for peripheral neuropathy in T1DM
109 Study correlates consumption of contaminated water with the severity of malformations caused by the Zika virus
110 How the historically misunderstood amyloid helps to store memories
111 National dietary guideline adherence lowers cardiovascular risk
112 New strategies for managing bowel and bladder dysfunction after spinal cord injury
113 Fruit flies advance research on ACOX1-related neurodegenerative disorders
114 5,000-10,000 people 'likely' have COVID-19 in UK: govt.
115 Wikipedia visits to disease outbreak pages show impact of news media on public attention