File Title
1 Virus and elderly: Avoid crowds, cruises, long plane trips
2 Is a 'universal' flu vaccine on the horizon?
3 Stress-related disorders linked to neurodegenerative disease
4 Gabapentin seems efficacious for alcohol use disorder
5 It's tough for clinical trial participants to learn results
6 What's the best blood thinner if you have a-fib?
7 Second HIV patient reportedly 'cured'
8 Traffic noise might increase diabetes, blood pressure risks
9 Guidelines detail management of liver failure in ICU patients
10 Rotavirus vaccination, type 1 diabetes not linked in children
11 66-year study finds tall, slim girls are at greater risk of endometriosis
12 Persistent sleep difficulties in infancy linked to heightened risk of childhood anxieties
13 'Stay at home': Italy's quarantine rules
14 Italy limits travel and bans public gatherings across whole country
15 First-ever analysis of video recorded CPR improves resuscitation outcomes in emergency departments
16 A single dose of universal flu vaccine, FLU-v, may provide long-lasting protection against influenza
17 China's Xi says Wuhan has 'turned the tide' againt virus epidemic
18 Noncitizens are undertreated for heart attack, stroke risk factors
19 Closing in on liver fibrosis: Detailing the fibrosis process at unprecedented resolution
20 International study completes the largest genetic map of psychiatric disorders so far
21 Cancer cells spread using a copper-binding protein
22 How a key brain region combines visual and spatial information to navigate
23 Knowing more about a virus threat may not satisfy you
24 Thriving neuron 'nursery' found in a section of adult human nose tissue
25 Junk food orders up trouble for young brains
26 COVID-19 and children: What parents should know
27 Is your adolescent getting enough sleep? 3 things every parent should know
28 Why obesity causes high blood pressure--and potential ways to stop it
29 Tomosynthesis outperforms digital mammography in five-year study
30 Low-dose chest CT leaves DNA intact
31 Italy's 'darkest hour': How coronavirus became a very political problem
32 Opioid marketing to Canadian doctors hyped benefits, downplayed harms
33 Long-term hemophilia treatment could lie in patients' own cells
34 Sad about having a boy instead of a girl? 'Gender disappointment' is no mental illness
35 Study shows promising approach for the prevention and cure of gonorrhea in women
36 Nutrition research finds novel target for Alzheimer's diagnosis, treatment
37 Treating asthma with data analytics
38 New automated method developed for corneal nerve fiber tortuosity analysis
39 Invasion of exotic plants elevates disease risks
40 Deep learning electrocardiogram devices found to be susceptible to adversarial attack
41 QuILT study reveals systemic barriers to safe patient transfers in labor and delivery
42 Why you get shorter as you age
43 Altruism may not make people as happy as prior studies suggested
44 2018 health care spending up due to higher prices
45 Study reveals health care gaps for trans, non-binary people
46 Health officials say not to touch your face--but that's harder than it sounds
47 Can cash carry coronavirus? World Health Organization says use digital payments when possible
48 More than a nice coating
49 History mustn't repeat itself with COVID-19
50 Self-help groups empower caregivers of children with disabilities
51 Tracking down 'illegal parkers' in cancer cells
52 7 science-based strategies to cope with coronavirus anxiety
53 German hospital creates drive-through for coronavirus tests
54 Russia issues public transport warning over coronavirus
55 How intermittent fasting changes liver enzymes and helps prevent disease
56 Scientists categorize neurons by the way the brain jiggles during a heartbeat
57 Older women with breast cancer may benefit from genetic testing, study suggests
58 Missouri virus case shows 1 exposure can mean major response
59 Why young people are drinking less--and what older drinkers can learn from them
60 New research shows children and teens worry about political issues
61 Improving the collection of birth and death data worldwide
62 Music shows promise in decreasing delirium in critically ill patients
63 Does screening travelers for disease and infection really work?
64 Routine childhood vaccination linked to improved schooling among adults in India
65 Research finds high rates of trauma exposure, PTSD symptoms for those in drug court
66 Pain researchers get a common language to describe pain
67 Modern virtual and augmented reality device can help simulate sight loss
68 What features make text-based counseling effective?
69 EU backs Italy's 'bold measures' to fight virus
70 Possible treatment for breast cancer patients could roll out to clinical trial immediately
71 Muscle stem cells compiled in 'atlas'
72 Study shows CRISPR effectiveness against colitis pathogen
73 Diabetes-related lower-extremity complications increasing
74 Excess mortality observed for older adults with BP below 130/80 mm hg
75 People with implanted heart pumps may have higher suicide risk
76 Millions of coronavirus test kits available soon, vice president says
77 Could dad-to-be's health affect his newborn's health?
78 Patient-friendly brain imager gets green light toward first prototype
79 Coronavirus case at Apple's EU headquarters in Ireland
80 New study identifies valuable tool for treating pancreatic cancer patients
81 Demographics linked to choice not to vaccinate children in Texas, study finds
82 Study evaluates cervical cancer risks of IUDs
83 Experts urge low-risk virus patients not to overwhelm hospitals
84 Vatican closes to tourists--but not the faithful
85 UN, Red Cross say keeping kids in school could help fight virus
86 Young sugarcane workers at high risk of kidney function decline
87 Virus death toll soars in locked-down Italy as pace slows in China
88 Flawed coronavirus test strategy contributed to US spread: experts
89 Flu and coronavirus: Similar symptoms, different fears
90 Experts call for more support for parents of children with genetic learning disabilities
91 Leaving your baby to 'cry it out' has no adverse effects on child development: study
92 How heartbreak and hardship shape growing old
93 Are non-smoking young adults who use e-cigarettes more likely to smoke in the future?
94 Around 100,000 convicted felons across US likely still own guns, say researchers
95 Addressing HPV vaccination concerns
96 Higher concentrations of IGF-1 are a probable cause of breast cancer
97 Poor sleep in infancy linked to behavioral and emotional problems in toddlers
98 Physician psychotherapy unavailable to 97% of people with urgent mental health need
99 Careless cancer cells may be susceptible to future drugs
100 Further evidence shows clinical viability of natural tooth repair method
101 Alcoholics Anonymous most effective path to alcohol abstinence
102 Virtual reality shows promise for early detection of multiple sclerosis balance problems
103 Study: Doctors, nurses can break 'stigma of silence' that sexual violence survivors face
104 Self-blame for mom's sadness contributes to depression and anxiety in children
105 Mapping bacterial neighborhoods in the gut
106 The importance of research that links autism and the gut
107 Waking up to sleeping pill risks
108 8 tips on what to tell your kids about coronavirus
109 Microbes could influence your desire to get outside
110 A second patient is now said to be 'cured' of HIV
111 Healthy living gives skin a golden glow
112 S1P and its receptor: New approaches to cancer?
113 Researchers successfully stop blood vessel, tumor growth in mice
114 Causes of loneliness differ between generations
115 Finger-size ultrasound capsule endoscopy for effective high-resolution imaging
116 Fat is not inert--it's active
117 Diet has an impact on multiple sclerosis disease course
118 How to protect yourself at the gym, one of the germiest places around
119 Heavy stress and lifestyle can predict how long we live
120 Anticholinergic burden tied to adverse effects in middle age
121 Flu season remains active
122 AI taps human wisdom for faster, better cancer diagnosis
123 How we learned to keep organs alive outside the body: A horrible history