File Title
1 Coronavirus lingers in rooms and toilets but disinfectants kill it
2 Testing with combined biopsy method improves prostate cancer diagnosis
3 Fish oil supplements linked to lower risk of heart disease and death: study
4 Is it time to nationalize the drug industry?
5 Moderate egg intake not associated with cardiovascular disease risk: study
6 Science Says: How risky is that virus? Your mind may mislead
7 Colorectal cancer burden shifting to younger individuals
8 Third-hand smoke is no joke, can convey hazardous chemicals
9 New next-generation sequencing technique dramatically shortens diagnosis of sepsis
10 App, AI work together to provide rapid at-home assessment of coronavirus risk
11 Study shows low carb diet may prevent, reverse age-related effects within the brain
12 Platinum-based agents not superior to standard chemotherapy
13 Automated CT biomarkers predict cardiovascular events better than current practice
14 290 million students out of school as global virus battle intensifies
15 Dogs, cats can't pass on coronavirus, but can test positive
16 Japan to quarantine visitors from China, South Korea over virus
17 'Very homesick' Wuhan residents trickle back to stricken city
18 Wuhan doctor recounts fears and hope at virus frontline
19 US Supreme Court hears case that could set future of abortion
20 China's factories try to shield workers as output revives
21 Panic buying follows coronavirus across the globe
22 Study finds that Community Treatment Orders do not reduce hospital readmission rates or stays
23 Heart attack patients who follow more guidelines live longer
24 Heart disease risk profiles differ widely among African-Americans, blacks from the Caribbean and Africa
25 Researchers question reliability of common autistic personality test
26 Lifestyle affects women's life expectancy and quality-of-life
27 New delivery method could transform vaccine distribution to remote, developing areas
28 Study: Learning influenced by visualizing an action just before performing it
29 Caffeine boosts problem-solving ability but not creativity, study indicates
30 New system will streamline development of tuberculosis vaccines
31 Instagram makes it easier to exercise
32 How to keep coronavirus away: 4 questions answered by a public health professional
33 Device helps deliver electronic cigarette vapors for research
34 Understanding how the brain predicts could make treating autism easier
35 Report: Screen older MS patients for cognitive decline and age-associated neurological conditions
36 Parents' social isolation linked to their children's health
37 U.S. workers need paid sick leave to stop the spread of coronavirus
38 Curcumin is the spice of life when delivered via tiny nanoparticles
39 Study shows LGBTQ+ individuals with autism have greater health disparities than peers
40 Intuitive eating during teenage years linked to better mental health and eating behaviors in adulthood
41 Coronavirus mutations 'no cause for alarm'
42 Vaccines without needles: New shelf-stable film could revolutionize how medicines are distributed worldwide
43 New treatments for migraines show promise
44 Following blood stem cells in the body could yield better, safer treatments
45 Why losing weight isn't the right reason to adopt a healthier lifestyle
46 Electronic health records use up in residential care communities
47 Coronavirus concerns: People working out at home to avoid contact at the gym
48 Washing your hands a lot? These 10 creams revive your skin
49 The difference between physical and psychosocial stress
50 Researchers discover a previously unappreciated neurotransmitter system in the brain
51 App helps reduce osteoarthritis pain
52 Americans still trust doctors and scientists during a public health crisis
53 Engineered bone marrow cells slow growth of prostate and pancreatic cancer cells
54 Health officials tell Donald Trump that coronavirus vaccine is at least a year away
55 COVID-19: Terms to know
56 Q&A: Adults up to age 45 and at risk for HPV infection can get vaccine
57 COVID-19: Information on symptoms, transmission
58 Scientists develop free computer program to map blood flow 'landscape' in tumors
59 Study shows best practices protect healthcare workers from COVID-19
60 Triglycerides control neurons in the reward circuit
61 Genetic study offers comprehensive and diverse view of recent US population history
62 Drug that keeps surface receptors on cancer cells makes them more visible to immune cells
63 Researchers discover a new diet-associated gut-microbe metabolite linked to cardiovascular disease
64 Study suggests our brains use distinct firing patterns to store and replay memories
65 The search for a biological link between reactivated HSV and neurological disease
66 Many lyme disease cases go unreported; A new model could help change that
67 Wuhan CT scans reliable for coronavirus (COVID-19) diagnosis, limited for differentiation
68 Connecting interferon, neuroinflammation and synapse loss in Alzheimer's disease
69 LGBT health improves when friends are just like them
70 Walking, gardening, swimming, dancing may prevent brain shrinkage in older adults
71 More steps-per-day linked to significant reductions in diabetes and high blood pressure
72 Consuming more olive oil associated with less heart disease in Americans
73 Eating more plant protein and dairy instead of red meat may improve heart health
74 Researchers discover new stem cells that can generate new bone
75 New sleep method strengthens brain's ability to retain memories
76 Ultra-wide field retinal imaging techniques cannot be used interchangeably
77 Tuberculosis bacteria trigger cough, facilitating spread
78 US announces $8.3 billion in coronavirus funding as cases surge
79 Millions out of school as WHO calls for stronger virus response
80 Chemotherapy after surgery halves risk of rare kidney cancer coming back
81 'Near-isolation'--coronavirus throws S. Korea Olympic plans into chaos
82 As virus cases near 100,000, fear of 'devastation' for poor
83 Study finds music therapy helps stroke patients
84 Seismic imaging technology could deliver finely detailed images of the human brain
85 EU health ministers seek way to slow virus spread
86 Aerial images reveal virus emptying famed sites
87 Stanford Medicine COVID-19 test now in use
88 Preventing the spread of coronavirus starts with basic hygiene
89 Men and women live longer in countries with higher gender parity
90 Chimeras offer a new way to study childhood cancers in mice
91 One-two punch for cancer
92 Talking to kids about coronavirus
93 Coronavirus and handwashing: research shows proper hand drying is also vital
94 Exercising cuts risk of invasive cancers for older women
95 Researchers study whether high-potassium diets protect blood vessel function in salt-resistant adults
96 Evolution, sex and TRACERx: how cancer's 'spare tyre' helps it survive
97 Coronavirus: Healthcare workers must protect themselves even if employers won't
98 Immune cells play surprising role in heart, mouse study suggests
99 Partners pay a high toll when it comes to gambling
100 AI reveals differences in appearance of cancer tissue between racial populations
101 Coronavirus and the Black Death: We haven't learned from our past
102 Gut bacteria can penetrate tumors and aid cancer therapy, study suggests
103 Hundreds of U.S. coronavirus cases may have slipped through screenings
104 High levels of immunoglobulin E antibodies in microbiomes of people with peanut allergies
105 Away from coronavirus, DR Congo battles deadly measles outbreak
106 Bulgaria closes schools amid nationwide flu epidemic
107 EU ministers urge members to share anti-virus gear
108 Stop using food to reward and punish your kids
109 Coronavirus: How to curb panic-buying and maintain the public's trust
110 CDC: Fall-related traumatic brain injury deaths increasing in U.S.
111 Less than 1 in 4 perinatally exposed infants tested for hep C
112 Gulf War illness still poses high symptom burden
113 Skipping sleep to watch sports is the real March Madness
114 Brain cancer research could help dogs--and the humans who love them
115 Women's wellness: How jobs affect women's heart health
116 Love in the time of the coronavirus: Do you turn down a hand, a kiss or a hug?