File Title
1 Artificial intelligence could enhance diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders
2 Talking about a menstrual revolution: Asia's period problems
3 Researchers study role culture plays in feeling sick
4 Italy's health system at limit in virus-struck Lombardy
5 Virus fuels dread and angst even as China sees signs of hope
6 Are electronic health records useful yet?
7 Calculating the beginnings of the coronavirus epidemic
8 Measuring the injury risks of football, cycling and other sports
9 What are the novel coronavirus health risks?
10 Squaring up to silent tumors: The research burden of pancreatic cancer
11 Prompt colonoscopy should follow up positive bowel cancer tests
12 Face masks may not protect against coronavirus
13 3 ways public health has saved lives from history to the modern day
14 Quarantine can have long-lasting psychological impacts
15 Exploring neural mechanisms behind the perception of control in stressful situations
16 How we can add five healthy years to UK life expectancy
17 US Supreme Court to review Obamacare law
18 People with severe mental illness live shorter lives--but the solution isn't simple
19 Battle with the cancer: New avenues from childhood vaccines
20 Scientists show drug may greatly improve cancer immunotherapy success
21 Professor simplifies exercise advice for spinal cord injury
22 Looking to quit smoking? A visit to the pharmacy could save your life
23 Age of onset may affect clinical outcomes for multiple sclerosis patients on disease-modifying therapy
24 Harvard spearheads international effort to understand, fight new coronavirus
25 Pulmonary fibrosis: A lung disease many don't recognize
26 Could targeting an Alzheimer's-associated protein prevent autism?
27 Memory concerns? Blood test may put mind at ease or pave way to promising treatments
28 New study may explain why people with autism are often highly sensitive to light and noise
29 Child access prevention laws spare gun deaths in children
30 Study shows rising age of first drug use in teens, young adults
31 Women paid less than men even at highest levels of academic medicine, study finds
32 Coping strategies, a matter of neurons
33 Youth exposure to tobacco outlets and cigarette smoking
34 Length of pregnancy alters the child's DNA
35 Study finds irregular sleep patterns double the risk of cardiovascular disease in older adults
36 Scientists find functioning amyloid in healthy brain
37 Surgeons cut opioid prescriptions by 64 percent using a new multipronged program
38 Implementing microbiome diagnostics in personalized medicine: Rise of pharmacomicrobiomics
39 Sleeping sheep may offer clues to human brain disease
40 Handshake? No thanks: coronavirus changes global habits
41 Nine times more new virus cases outside China than in: WHO
42 New US guidelines urge a hepatitis C check for most adults
43 Pediatrician use of developmental screening tools increasing
44 Despite best intentions, researchers don't always share findings with study participants
45 App detecting jaundice may prevent deaths in newborns
46 Can light therapy help improve mood in people with concussion?
47 ACA helped make health insurance access more equal, but racial and ethnic gaps remain
48 Study finds 'far-reaching' impact from Affordable Care Act
49 Novel use of robotics for neuroendovascular procedures
50 Earliest look at newborns' visual cortex reveals the minds babies start with
51 Navigating the potential pitfalls of tracking college athletes
52 Study maps landmarks of peripheral artery disease to guide treatment development
53 Researchers recommend all women with breast cancer diagnosis under age 66
54 Researchers identify protein critical for wound healing after spinal cord injury
55 Improved work environments enhance patient and nurse satisfaction
56 Tool for identifying frail patients to reduce surgical risk works in health system setting
57 FDA OKs first generic version of daraprim, best known as the 'pharma bro' drug
58 More than 10,000 uninsured Texas patients seek dialysis in ED annually
59 Treatment for hereditary breast cancer not always guideline-concordant
60 Frequent tooth brushing linked to lower risk of diabetes; Dental disease, missing teeth associated with increased risk
61 2016 US election result preceded fall in proportion of boys born in Canada
62 UK MPs with extra work roles may be nearly three times as likely to be 'risky' drinkers
63 Targeted treatments for pancreatic cancer may help eligible patients live an extra year
64 Cancer survival rates improve for young adults
65 Drinking weakens bones of people living with HIV: study
66 Research reveals best hospital-based methods for reducing readmission rates
67 Evidence review shows new therapy for Hepatitis C is highly effective
68 As virus spread, EU activates fast-track decision mode
69 We should not refer to COVID-19 as simply 'coronavirus'
70 Study: Orange juice component may help combat obesity
71 Self-help post-natal PTSD strategies insufficient, study finds
72 Aboriginal Australians at greater risk of stroke
73 Understanding off-target effects of cancer drugs could lead to new treatments
74 How scent, emotion, and memory are intertwined--and exploited
75 China censored virus news for weeks, say researchers
76 Hand sanitiser sales rocket 255% in Britain: data
77 Antipsychotics can be life-changing, but they can also put patients at risk
78 COVID-19 could put fifth of UK staff off work: government
79 Cleaning products could expose children to dangerous contaminants at childcare facilities
80 Flu vaccine may not decrease hospitalization or mortality among elderly persons
81 Drugs may not work to help problematic pot users
82 Early start key to easing the trajectory of childhood obesity
83 Young women and girls are taking sex-ed into their own hands on YouTube
84 Understanding emotions is nearly as important as IQ for students' academic success
85 Worried about your child getting COVID-19? Here's what you need to know
86 Study links depressive symptoms during pregnancy with lowered immunity in infants
87 Men can smell when a woman is sexually aroused: study
88 Caesarean birth has little impact on children developing allergies
89 Association between avian influenza spread and live poultry trade
90 Five amazing facts about your brain
91 Taking the panic out of pandemic
92 What can the Black Death tell us about the global economic consequences of a pandemic?
93 Stealth transmission fuels fast spread of COVID-19 outbreak
94 Fear of COVID-19 is more pervasive than infection
95 Predicting the COVID-19 outbreak: How AI connects the dots to warn about disease threats
96 Study looks at EVALI findings in teens
97 The urban history that makes China's coronavirus lockdown possible
98 Study reveals properties of cells fated to relapse in acute lymphoblastic leukemia
99 Why hand-washing really is as important as doctors say
100 Why public health officials sound more worried about the COVID-19 than the seasonal flu
101 APA reaffirms psychologists' role in combating climate change
102 Study homes in on possible cause of sudden cardiac deaths
103 Discovery of GABAergic synaptic regulations inside the brain for a new epilepsy treatment
104 Immune cells may improve accuracy of predicting survival in colorectal cancer
105 It's what's inside that matters: Locking up proteins enables cancer metastasis
106 Big drop in global drownings
107 Not only what you eat, but how you eat, may affect your microbiome
108 Artificial sweeteners combined with carbs may be more harmful than those sweeteners alone
109 Boosting energy levels within damaged nerves may help them heal
110 New research reveals pharma companies are more profitable than most S&P 500 companies
111 Drug prices rose three times faster than inflation over last decade, even after discounts
112 The origin of satiety: Brain cells that change shape after a meal
113 Low back and neck pain tops U.S. health spending
114 Researchers link immune system to salt-sensitive hypertension in CKD
115 Medication fog can mimic or worsen dementia in the elderly
116 On the path toward non-addictive painkillers
117 We can make predictions about relationships--but is this necessary?
118 Alzheimer's: Can an amino acid help to restore memories?