File Title
1 Cosmic Bursts of Radio Static from Solar Storms Could Scramble Whales' Navigational Sense
2 Next Era of Computing: What if We Could Teach Photons to Behave like Electrons?
3 People with Parkinson's Experienced Significant Improvements from Playing Ping-Pong
4 Electrolyte Supplements Can't Be Relied on by Endurance Athletes--"False Paradigm"
5 Mid-Life Weight Gain Linked to Decline in Lung Capacity
6 Invasion: Parasitic Worms Have Armies--Produce More Soldiers to Meet Threats
7 New MIT Device to Detect Trace Heavy Metal Contaminants in Water
8 Human Populations Survived a Volcanic Super-Eruption 74,000 Years Ago--5,000 Times Larger than Mount St. Helen's
9 Modern Alchemy: Stanford Finds Fast, Easy Way to Make Diamonds--"Cheating the Thermodynamics"
10 Building a 3D Map of the Universe to Uncover the Mysteries of Dark Energy
11 More Is Not Always Better with Exercise--Here's What's Best for Heart Health
12 Stunning Animation Shows Permafrost Changes in the Arctic Due to Climate Change
13 Which Is More Eco-Friendly, Online or Traditional Shopping?
14 Seagulls Favor Food They've Seen People Holding
15 New Era of Physics: First Direct Probes of the Strongest Force in the Universe
16 Deaf Moths Evolved Noise-Cancelling Scales to Evade Prey--More Efficient than Current Sound Engineering Technology
17 New Clues About Potential Life on Mars Revealed by Ancient Meteorite Site on Earth
18 Scientists Can Finally Explain Why Some Water Droplets Bounce Off Surfaces, Without Ever Actually Touching Them
19 Remarkable Discovery of 1 Billion-Year-Old Green Seaweed Micro-Fossils in China
20 Psychologists Uncover Secret to Achieving Goals--Simple Trick with Reward and Effort
21 Serious Breach of International Ethical Standards in Who Malaria Vaccine Study
22 Earth 2.0? Astronomers Discover Large Exoplanet that Could Have the Right Conditions for Life
23 Hidden Antibiotic Potential of Cannabis Uncovered--"Real Therapeutic Potential"
24 Celestial Hourglass: Exquisite Planetary Nebula Captured by Gemini Telescope
25 Chemists Design New Compounds that Thwart Viruses--Blocks Replication of Coronavirus
26 Lunar Rover Reveals What Lurks 40 Meters Below Surface on Far Side of the Moon
27 Energy Industry Game-Changer: Using Rust and Organic Waste to Produce Hydrogen Fuel
29 Know the Facts About COVID-19 Coronavirus and Help Stop the Spread of Rumors
30 Simple & Free: Scientists Find What Enhances Your Immune System and Helps You Live Longer
31 Using Light to Put a Twist on Electrons--Inducing Asymmetrical Patterns in Exotic Materials
32 Biology Textbooks May Be Wrong: Newly Discovered Driver of Plant Cell Growth Contradicts Current Theories
33 Opioid Crisis May Be Far Worse than We Thought--Thousands More Lives Taken Each Year than Reported
34 Not All Cannabis Is the Same: Pharmaceutical CBD More Effective for Reducing Epileptic Seizures
35 Biggest Explosion in the History of the Universe Detected by Astronomers--"Really, Really Massive"
36 Space Satellite Engineering Process Applied to Design of this Massive 81M Superyacht
37 Scientists Want to Feed Old Bread to Microbes--Here's the Plan
38 Important Discovery in COVID-19 Coronavirus Vaccine Development
39 Piecing Together the Mysterious Origins of Superluminous Supernovae
40 Synthetic Biologists Create New Platform for Engineering Ribosomes that Can Synthesize Materials
41 Physicists May Have Discovered a New State of Matter--By Accident
42 Key Role of a Protein Revealed in Rare Disease in Children that Has No Cure
43 Hubble Captures Breathtaking Galaxy Discovered Centuries Before the Space Telescope Launched
44 Ghostly Traces of Massive Ancient River on the Gondwanan Supercontinent Revealed
45 Does a Quantum State Collapse Instantly During a Measurement? Scientists "Film" It to Find Out.
46 Surprise: Data Centers Use Less Energy than You Think
47 17 New Planets--Including Earth-Sized World--Discovered by Astronomy Student
48 Sequencing the Human Genome Was Supposed to Revolutionize Treatment of Disease--Here's Why It Failed
49 Physics Shows Antarctic Glacier Ice Walls Are Vital Protection for the Climate
50 Understanding the Mystery of Matter in the Universe--Why Is There Any Matter in the Universe at All?
51 Broad-Spectrum Antiviral Agents Could Be a Quick Response to a COVID-19 Pandemic
52 Black Hole Shredding a Star Leads to a New Astronomical Discovery
53 Migrations Reconstructed Through Ancient DNA: Each Mediterranean Island Has Its Own Genetic Pattern
54 Warning: Printer Toner Linked to Genetic Changes, Dangerous Health Risks
55 Witnessing the Birth of Baby Universes 46 Times: Space Is Information Encoded in a Lower-Dimensional Boundary?
56 Stunning Deep-Sea Coral Gardens Discovered in the Submarine Canyons Off Australia
57 Solving Vexing Problem in Building Quantum Computers with Particle Accelerator Technology
58 New Protein Design Technique Could Streamline Drug Creation
59 New Way to Control the Phase of Light Using Atomically Thin Materials Enables Quantum and Neural Circuits
60 Brain and Artificial Neurons Link Up Over the Web in New Nanoelectronics Research
61 Record-Breaking, Gargantuan Black Hole Eruption--Biggest Explosion Seen in the Universe
62 Discovering What Makes Durian Stink--"King of Fruits" Is Known for Its Pungent Odor
63 New Tool Monitors Real Time Mutations in Flu--Could Help Stop Replication of Viruses
64 How the Corona Quarantine on Cruise Ship Failed--But It Could Have Been Worse
65 Groundbreaking 3D-Printing with Unprecedented Precision and Resolution--All in Record Time
66 Astronomers Map Black Hole Surroundings Using "Cosmic Echo-Location"
67 Unraveling Turbulence: How Fluids Transform from Order to Disorder
68 Visualizing Dark Matter with the Biggest Astronomy Collaboration Ever
69 'Purrfect' Music for Calming Cats Helps with Visits to the Vet
70 New Insights into Dark Zone at the Margins of the Greenland Ice Sheet
71 The Web of Space--Hubble Wins the 2020 Michael Collins Trophy
72 Breathtaking View of Andros, Bahamas from Space [Video]
73 Mathematical Breakthrough Makes It Easier to Explore Quantum Entanglement
74 Presciption Medications Can Interact with Cannabis: 5 Things to Know
75 An Iron-Clad Asteroid: Surprising Discovery on Asteroid "Itokawa"
76 Key Insight Enables Measuring Electron Spin Qubit Without Demolishing It
77 New Reason Why Arctic Is Warming So Fast Found by Scientists
78 Handheld Dark-Field Microscope Enabled by Mirrored Chip Powered by Quantum Dots
79 DARPA Underground Autonomous Robot Navigation Challenge
80 Future Earth Report: 'Digital Disruption' a Game-Changer for Climate
81 Astronomers Solve the Puzzle of a Massive White Dwarf Star with a Bizarre Atmosphere
82 Brain Waves of Sleeping Sheep Maaay Offer Clues to Human Brain Disease
83 Actually, Low-Fat Milk/Dairy Is Not Necessarily Better for Kids
84 Rival Emerges to Lithium-Ion Batteries: New Potassium Metal Technology
85 To Help Prevent Spread of Coronavirus, Researchers Recommend Adding Travel History to Patient Evaluation
86 Frequent Tooth Brushing Linked to Lower Risk of Diabetes
87 Sudden Drop in Proportion of Boys Born in Canada After Trump Elected US President
88 The World Faces an Air Pollution 'Pandemic'--Far Greater Scale than Wars, Smoking, Malaria
89 Hidden Vibrations Found in Earthquake Data by Neural Network
90 Early Earth May Have Been a 'Waterworld'--Likely Covered by a Global Ocean 3.2 Billion Years Ago
91 Astronomers Watch Faraway Star System Evolve--Rare Chance to Study a Planetary System Forming
92 Drinking Alcohol Weakens Bones of People Living with HIV
93 Earlier Warning of Satellite-Killing Radiation Storms with New Space Weather Model
94 New Vaping Technology Significantly Reduces Exposure to Toxicants
95 Influenza Virus Changes More Rapidly and Becomes More Virulent with Obesity
96 Unexpected Glimpse of Newly Discovered Black Hole Caught by NASA's OSIRIS-REx
97 Underwater Smart Glue Goes from Sticky to Not with a Small Zap of Electricity
98 A Galactic Collision Warped the Milky Way
99 Do Low-Cal Sweeteners Disrupt Metabolism? New Yale Study Explains Conflicting Findings
100 Mysterious 'Cotton Candy' Super-Puff Planets May Sport Rings like Saturn
101 Lose Weight and Reduce Heart Disease Risk with Better Sleep Habits
102 Genetic Analysis Helps Reconstruct the Transatlantic Slave Trade
103 Archaeologists Discover Clues to Early Domestication in Wild Boars
104 Baby Bee Brain Development Impaired by Pesticides--"Permanent and Irreversible"
105 Victims of Mass Casualty Event Identified Quickly with Rapid DNA Identification Test
106 WFIRST Universe-Studying, Planet-Finding Mission Greenlit by NASA
107 NASA Accepting Applications for New Astronauts to Explore Moon, Mars
108 Impossible Superconducting Compound Synthesized by Scientists
109 Self-Assembly Biomaterial Discovery Enables 3D Printing of Tissue-Like Vascular Structures
110 Sub-Atomic Particle Identified that Could Have Formed "Dark Matter"
111 Laser Mini-Magnets Could Enable 100x Boost to Cloud Data Speeds
112 Clean Energy Technology Revolutionized by "Needle in a Haystack" Discovery
113 Tropical Forests' Carbon Sink Is Rapidly Weakening--Crucial for Stabilizing Earth's Climate
114 Clinical Trial of Antiviral Remdesivir to Treat COVID-19 Underway
115 An Astronaut's Guide to Applying to Be an Astronaut--NASA Accepting Applications