File Title
1 Directed species loss from species-rich forests strongly decreases productivity
2 What can you learn by peering into a fruit fly's gut? It turns out a lot!
3 Technology provides a new way to probe single molecules
4 Swamp wallabies conceive new embryo before birth--a unique reproductive strategy
5 To predict an epidemic, evolution can't be ignored
6 Study finds 'silent' genetic variations can alter protein folding
7 To bee, or not to bee, a question for almond growers
8 Study: Rapamycin has harmful effects when telomeres are short
9 Research: Evolution of life cycle of parasitic worm that takes over 'zombie ants'
10 A glitch in the Matrix: Using virtual reality to understand how fish predict the future
11 Research looks to beneficial insects for pest control
12 New Cas9 variant makes genome editing even more precise
13 Study underscores importance of molecular highways for organ health
14 'Sustainable gardening' includes many eco-friendly practices
15 A tangled web: Teasing out the effects of CBD on canine seizures
16 African grey parrots help each other in times of need
17 Common bee virus causes bees to forage prematurely
18 Zombie caterpillar fungus may contain anti-cancer drug--but there are still questions to be answered
19 Dragonflies consume hundreds of thousands of insects in a small area
20 Survival of the fittest: How primate immunodeficiency viruses are evolving
21 Advances in computer modeling, protein development propel cellular engineering
22 Anti-evolution drug could stop antibiotic resistance
23 I. Coast burns 3 tons of pangolin scales
24 Reef-building coral exhibiting 'disaster traits' akin to the last major extinction event
25 Simulations show fundamental interactions inside the cell
26 Imaging technique reveals 3-D forces exerted by tiny cell clusters
27 Apes' inner ears could hide clues to evolutionary history of hominoids
28 Parrots get probability, use stats to make choices: study
29 Does your cat have degenerative joint disease?
30 How this garden, with native plants and canoe planters, can help save salmon, orcas
31 'Optical tweezers' help in quest for better cancer treatments
32 Jellyfish help understand the timing of egg production
33 Rapid DNA test quickly identifies victims of mass casualty event
34 Improved CRISPR gene drive solves problems of old tech
35 The brains of shrimps and insects are more alike than we thought
36 Pakistan struggles to combat devastating locust plague
37 New insights into the transatlantic slave trade on African ancestry in the Americas
38 Rare albino orangutan spotted in Borneo rainforest
39 Why men (and other male animals) die younger: It's all in the Y chromosome
40 Regional stability of ecosystems over time depends on local species diversity
41 How will billions of marine microbes adapt to climate change?
42 Let's teach Australian kids more about dugongs than dinosaurs with these books
43 Photos from Yosemite suggest secretive forest predator might be moving north
44 The caterpillar larvae 'plastivores' that consume and metabolize polyethylene
45 Scientists report new biological control for noxious parthenium weed in Pakistan
46 Experiments show dogs can 'smell' radiated heat
47 The birds and the bees: Transform your garden or balcony into a wildlife haven
48 A new genus of forking fern family reported
49 Nutrient pollution and ocean warming negatively affect early life of corals
50 Book on plants in the Murmansk region (Russia) scores 4/19 correct insect identifications
51 Honeybee dance dialects
52 A model proposed for predicting photodamage and development of plant protection mechanisms
53 Scientists discover hidden symmetries, opening new avenues for material design
54 Harnessing the moire effect to make transparent images
55 Scalable photonic computer solves the subset sum problem
56 Heisenberg limit gets a meaningful update
57 Exotic new topological state discovered in Dirac semimetals
58 Showing how the tiniest particles in our Universe saved us from complete annihilation
59 How nature tells us its formulas
60 Closely spaced hydrogen atoms could facilitate superconductivity in ambient conditions
61 Researchers create 'intelligent' interaction between light and material
62 New quantum switch turns metals into insulators
63 Making high-temperature superconductivity disappear to understand its origin
64 Sand dunes can 'communicate' with each other
65 Quantum computers flip the script on spin chemistry
66 Applying advantage distillation to device-independent quantum key distribution (DIQKD)
67 A 3-D camera for safer autonomy and advanced biomedical imaging
68 Single-atom probe uses quantum information for the first time
69 New quasi-particle discovered: Introducing the Pi-ton
70 Researchers discover method to detect motor-related brain activity
71 Double X-ray vision helps tuberculosis and osteoporosis research
72 Lasers etch a 'perfect' solar energy absorber
73 AI method determines quantum advantage for advanced computing
74 Ultrasound can selectively kill cancer cells
75 Phonon hydrodynamics and ultrahigh-room temperature thermal conductivity in thin graphite
76 ISOLDE steps into unexplored region of the nuclear chart to study exotic isotopes
77 Breaking up amino acids with radiation
78 Ultracold gases in time-dependent magnetic fields
79 The shape of water: What water molecules look like on the surface of materials
80 Crystal-stacking process can produce new materials for high-tech devices
81 World's most powerful particle accelerator one big step closer
82 3-D trapping of Rydberg atoms in holographic optical bottle beam traps
83 Quantum fluctuations sustain the record superconductor
84 Setting up fundamental bases for information metasurfaces
85 Researchers demonstrate optical backflow of light
86 Scientists develop method to build up functional elements of quantum computers
87 Physicists find evidence of previously unseen transition in ferroelectrics
88 How iron carbenes store energy from sunlight--and why they aren't better at it
89 Magnetoelectric coupling in a paramagnetic ferroelectric crystal demonstrated
90 New multiplatform photon switch for application in quantum technology
91 Silver sawtooth creates valley-coherent light for nanophotonics
92 Jackiw-Rebbi zero-mode: Realizing non-Abelian braiding in non-Majorana system
93 New progress in turbulent combustion modeling: Filtered flamelet model
94 Using long-wavelength terahertz radiation to produce video with a high frame rate
95 Quantum technologies: New insights into superconducting processes
96 Not everything is ferromagnetic in high magnetic fields
97 But what about flow? The effect of hydrodynamics on liquid-liquid transitions
98 Artificial atoms create stable qubits for quantum computing
99 Using sound and light to generate ultra-fast data transfer
100 The experimental observation of echoes in a single molecule
101 Simulations show effects of buoyancy on drift in Florida Current
102 Duchenne muscular dystrophy diagnosis improved by simple accelerometers
103 ATLAS Experiment releases 13 TeV LHC open data for science education
104 New class of materials shows strange electron properties
105 Moving precision communication, metrology, quantum applications from lab to chip
106 Gold's wobbly nucleus: What the short-lived Au187 isotope teaches us about fundamental science research
107 Time crystals and topological superconductors merge
108 Antiferromagnetic bimeron shows chaotic behaviors
109 New quasiparticle unveiled in room temperature semiconductors
110 New material has highest electron mobility among known layered magnetic materials