File Title
1 There's a better way to think about being kept waiting at work
2 Anonymous no more: combining genetics with genealogy to identify the dead in unmarked graves
3 Pupils in UK special schools 'treated differently' again, following the removal of standardized assessments
4 Women CEOs negotiate better severance than men--for all the wrong reasons
5 Generativity: Young activists are motivated by concern for future generations
6 As vegan activism grows, politicians aim to protect agri-business, restaurateurs
7 Coronavirus quarantine could spark an online learning boom
8 Research: War skews men's altruism toward other men, away from women
9 Reading struggles? Don't wait to advocate for your child
10 Theft and extortion common experiences, say seafarers
11 College men more likely to seek grade changes than college women
12 Analyzing Edgar Allan Poe's writings to solve the mystery of his death
13 New study offers clues to origin of laws
14 A study of economic compensation for victims of sexual violence in Europe
15 Technology in higher education: learning with it instead of from it
16 Modern technology reveals old secrets about the great, white Maya road
17 'Lab in your phone' lets you play the scientific life
18 Research finds support for 'Trump effect'
19 Team finds the best method to teach children augmented reality
20 By gum! Scientists find new 110-million-year-old treasure
21 What makes an Airbnb host seem trustworthy to potential renters?
22 3 ways to help children think critically about the news
23 Trusting strangers: Details matter to millennials using Uber, Airbnb
24 Questions loom over the future of police lineups
25 Why conspiracy theories can act as radicalization multipliers of far-right ideals
26 Why do men kill their families? Here's what the research says
27 Military waste has unexpected consequences on civilians, the environment
28 Study: O&G companies reward US representatives who oppose environmental protections
29 Young people still prefer grocery shopping at the store, not online
30 Addicted offenders face harsher sentencing
31 More than 80 percent of prison leavers say they received no help preparing for release, new research finds
32 Customers hate tipping before they're served, and asking makes them less likely to return
33 Girls are reaching new heights in basketball, but huge pay gaps await them as professionals
34 The census goes digital: 3 things to know
35 Study unveils the impact of pubs on house prices
36 What Americans think about who deserves tuition-free college
37 Human populations survived the Toba volcanic super-eruption 74,000 years ago
38 To prepare climate strikers for the future, we need to rewrite the history books
39 Social banks rely on their motivated investors
40 Desire for excitement fuels young offenders to commit crime, then skill takes over
41 How your romantic attachment style affects your finances, well-being
42 Big data could yield big discoveries in archaeology, scholar says
43 Do girls read better than boys? If so, gender stereotypes may be to blame
44 Study: Restricting where and how social security payments can be spent is 'disabling'
45 Two new ancient species of cockroaches found in cave in Myanmar
46 When firms move to appoint sustainability executives, investors take notice
47 A 5-step plan to improve gender diversity in media
48 How to decipher the news to find the facts
49 Carbon pricing proven to reduce emissions, so why are we avoiding it?
50 A company's good deeds can make consumers think its products are safer
51 Supporting worker sleep is good for business
52 The eugenics debate isn't over--but we should be wary of people who claim it can fix social problems
53 Crowdfunding: Entrepreneurs should resist the urge to promise to save the Earth
54 Bilingual mash ups: Counterintuitive findings from sociolinguistics
55 Consumers value products more on sunny and snowy days but not when it rains
56 'Low' socioeconomic status is the biggest barrier to STEM participation
57 Study finds that drivers of flashycars are less likely to yield for pedestrians
58 Stocking up to prepare for a crisis isn't 'panic buying'
59 Slovak populists explore neglected social issues to strive, says study
60 The growing impact of coronavirus on the global economy
61 Mixing math and ecology to explain why Marvel movies are so popular
62 Equinor has abandoned oil-drilling plans in the Great Australian Bight--so what's next?
63 Algorithm inspired by slime mold foraging
64 Virtual reality can bring ancient cities back to life and improve conservation
65 Don't fear a 'robot apocalypse'--tomorrow's digital jobs will be more satisfying and higher-paid
66 In gender discrimination, social class matters a great deal
67 Activism, growth of small independent publishers leading to 'profound change' for translated fiction, research shows
68 Study suggests increasing community connection between police and young black men could reduce violent encounters
69 Negative economic news gets more coverage in newspapers than positive news
70 Early worm lost lower limbs for tube-dwelling lifestyle
71 New systemic approach needed to tackle global challenges
72 How cameras in public spaces might change how we think
73 Telecommuting found to have little impact on corporate careers
74 Study reveals how green space can reduce violent crime
75 Corporate tax incentives do more harm than good to states: study
76 Children who read books daily score higher in school tests, vast new study states
77 Conspiracy beliefs could increase fringe political engagement, shows new study
78 To 11 million Brazilians, the Earth is flat
79 Video of 6-year-old girl's arrest shows the perils of putting police in primary schools
80 How a seasonal snarl-up in the mid-1500s gave us our strange rules for leap years
81 Study reveals link between income inequality and French kissing
82 Downplaying product greenness could increase sales
83 Research reveals workplace safety and health implications of outsourcing
84 Why philosophy is an ideal travel companion for adventurous minds
85 A real life experiment illuminates the future of books and reading
86 Study: Anxious preschoolers have worse relationships with teachers
87 Cartilage cells, chromosomes and DNA preserved in 75 million-year-old baby duck-billed dinosaur
88 Hunter-gatherer networks accelerated human evolution
89 The 'Monday effect' is real--and it's impacting your Amazon package delivery
90 Not a 'math person'? You may be better at learning to code than you think
91 Q&A: What's next for the Tokyo Olympics as virus spreads?
92 Online STEM demonstrations can be as effective as classroom teaching
93 Profit-prediction system may lower suicide rates among indebted Indian farmers
94 Researchers find string theory link in a class of complex numbers
95 Bias research: Women and other groups at work
96 Updated legal maps show marginal change in U.S. state fair housing laws
97 The future of work will hit vulnerable people the hardest
98 Coronavirus: A simple way to keep workers--and the economy--from getting sick
99 An ethical future could make life harder for the poorest--but it doesn't have to
100 The coronavirus and our interconnected economy and biosphere
101 Predicting intentional accounting misreporting
102 Speak math, not code
103 Tutoring kids who don't need it is a booming business in affluent areas
104 5,000-year-old milk protein points to importance of dairying in eastern Eurasia
105 Biometric devices help pinpoint factory workers' emotions and productivity
106 The GDP fudge: China edition
107 Exposure to 'fake news' during the 2016 US election has been overstated: study
108 Study sheds light on how people make Super Tuesday or other tough choices