File Title
1 Researchers discover new approach for use of stem cells to improve bone marrow transplantation
2 Learning difficulties due to poor connectivity, not specific brain regions
3 Genetic 'fingerprints' implicate gut bacterium in bowel cancer
4 ASA survey shows health insurers abruptly terminating physician contracts
5 New radiopharmaceutical shows promise for improved detection of neuroendocrine tumors
6 High doses of vitamin C found to enhance immunotherapy in combating cancer in mice
7 Handheld 3-D printers developed to treat musculoskeletal injuries
8 Drug used for breast, kidney cancers may also extend survival for head and neck cancers
9 Malawi passes medical cannabis legislation
10 CDC: Prevalence of obesity 42.4 percent in 2017 to 2018
11 Radiation/immunotherapy combo shows promise for recurrent/metastatic head and neck cancers
12 Study uncovers role of membrane-associated protein in development and function of human T cells
13 Pre-operative immunotherapy triggers encouraging response in oral cancers
14 How cardiorespiratory function is related to genetics
15 Opioid use disorder medications improve health outcomes after endocarditis hospitalization
16 Extra virgin olive oil retains health properties when used for cooking
17 How to properly wash your hands
18 French lax on routine hygiene, study suggests
19 What heart patients should know about coronavirus
20 With first case, Latin America prepares for COVID-19 virus
21 Is it safe to have sex if I have heart failure?
22 Infectious diseases A-Z: Influenza's second wave
23 How does the brain put decisions in context? Study finds unexpected brain region at work
24 Under reporting of data on the outcomes among older adults in cancer clinical trials
25 Newly identified cellular trash removal program helps create new neurons
26 Cells carrying Parkinson's mutation could lead to new model for studying disease
27 Cigarettes, a few jokes on offer at Italy's quarantine checkpoints
28 Could new discovery play a role in diagnosing Alzheimer's earlier?
29 Hormone blocker shocker: Drug costs 8 times more when used for kids
30 Distrust of past experience may underlie obsessive-compulsive symptoms
31 Using a cappella to explain speech and music specialization
32 Study unravels how our immune system deals with fungal and viral infections
33 Study finds artisanal CBD not as effective as pharmaceutical CBD for reducing seizures
34 The opioid crisis may be far worse than we thought: study
35 Revving habits up and down, new insight into how the brain forms habits
36 Lessons learned from addressing myths about Zika and yellow fever outbreaks in Brazil
37 Early intervention following traumatic brain injury reduces epilepsy risk
38 Getting off of the blood sugar roller coaster
39 California bracing for spread of coronavirus
40 'Play, Dagmar, play': Violinist recalls tumour op performance
41 Fine particle air pollution linked with poor kidney health
42 Study estimates mental health impact of welfare reform, Universal Credit, in Great Britain
43 First-ever pathology of the early phase of lung infection with the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19)
44 Northern California city at epicenter of coronavirus mystery
45 Beijing ramps up crowd control measures on virus fears
46 Hong Kong pets face coronavirus quarantine after dog tests positive
47 World harshens its virus response as epidemic worsens by day
48 Wine glass size may influence how much you drink in restaurants
49 US patient with coronavirus of unknown origin denied test for days
50 Virus epidemic growing by day hits schools, concerts, parks
51 Carnivals, cars, concerts: Swiss crack down on virus
52 Danone alerts parents over French cases of larvae-infested baby milk
53 Japan's Hokkaido declares state of emergency over virus
54 Researchers announce progress in developing an accurate, noninvasive urine test for prostate cancer
55 Inhalation therapy shows promise against pulmonary fibrosis in mice, rats
56 Viral fear sparks global run on face masks
57 Vulnerable continent: Africa and the coronavirus
58 Old weapon, new target: Dasatinib against angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma
59 The key role of a protein revealed in rare neurodegenerative disease affecting children
60 An understudied cause of cancer: Mutations in regulators of cell signaling
61 Key coronavirus question: How are children affected?
62 Why objects in images may appear closer--or farther--than they actually are
63 Fasting at night or in the morning? Listen to your biological clock, says new research
64 Alcohol minimum unit price could save almost 8,000 lives in north of England
65 How to prepare for a coronavirus outbreak in the U.S.
66 Tonsils as a testbed for anti-inflammatory agents at the cellular level
67 Eating fruit during pregnancy boosts babies' brain development, new study confirms
68 Uncovering potential pathway to slowing Alzheimer's
69 Study: Mother's gut microbiota may shape metabolism of offspring
70 A case study of three people who massively overdosed on LSD
71 Coronavirus is a breeding ground for conspiracy theories
72 Smart phone posturing: Lie on your side to avoid aches and pain
73 Trouble sleeping? A dose of saffron might help you doze
74 Despite virus rout on markets, hygiene firms clean up
75 Sugar gets the red light from consumers in new study
76 Antioxidant supplements do not improve male fertility, study suggests
77 Gene therapy generates new neurons to treat Huntington's disease
78 Artificial intelligence can scan doctors' notes to distinguish between types of back pain
79 Eating a vegetarian diet rich in nuts, vegetables, soy linked to lower stroke risk
80 Coronavirus circulated 'unnoticed for weeks' in Italy: researcher
81 US schools start planning for possible spread of coronavirus
82 Patients report cannabis eases spasticity in multiple sclerosis
83 MRI-identified damage tied to patient-reported RA function
84 Taking strides to better cardiovascular health
85 Inflammatory conditions of skin, bowel may be linked
86 Scientists discover three genes associated with fatal lung disease
87 US reports first drug shortage tied to virus outbreak
88 Unintended pregnancy rates higher among women with disabilities, study says
89 Certified medical homes tied to better diabetes outcomes
90 House approves bill to ban the sale of flavored e-cigarettes
91 CDC makes changes to coronavirus testing efforts
92 Could sunshine lower blood pressure? Study offers enlightenment
93 Coronavirus strikes men, older people the hardest
94 Mayo Clinic Minute: Statins plus lifestyle equals healthy life
95 Physiotherapy could be done at home using virtual reality
96 Sickle cell anemia is an inherited form of anemia
97 Q&A: Woman's symptoms require evaluation with health care provider
98 AJR: Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) imaging features overlap with SARS and MERS
99 COVID-19 a reminder of the challenge of emerging infectious diseases
100 Even damaged livers can handle life-saving medication
101 Omega-3 fats do not protect against cancer: study
102 In virus-hit China, coat maker adapts to make hazmat suits
103 US reports fourth coronavirus infection of unknown origin
104 As virus spreads, other countries can learn from China
105 New coronavirus cases of unknown origin found on West Coast
106 France cancels mass gatherings over virus fears
107 Man in Washington state first in US to die from new virus
108 Wash. state sees 1st virus death in US, declares emergency
109 Coronavirus time bomb: America's uninsured and brutal work culture
110 Coronavirus: who is most at risk of dying?
111 Virus outbreak batters economies, raises fear of spread
112 France closes Louvre as virus cases mount in Europe
113 Virus cases in Italy soar 40%; US urges Americans not to go
114 Study: Coronavirus may have been around Seattle for weeks