File Title
1 German court scraps ban on professional assisted suicide
2 Cognitive impairment after intensive care linked to long-lasting inflammation
3 Study: Kids eat more calories in post-game snacks than they burn during the game
4 Generic drugmakers sold most opioids during overdose crisis
5 Pandemic: what does it mean and does it matter?
6 Coronavirus outbreak fuels China black market for supplies
7 Pilot clinical trial in China to test possible targeted therapy for COVID-19
8 Heart disease in women: How pregnancy, menopause, and more affect risk
9 Low fiber diet can cause high blood pressure, international study finds
10 Schistosomiasis research: New hope for a neglected disease
11 Sights and sounds of slot machines increase allure of gambling, study shows
12 Treating heart attacks with clot busters leads to better outcomes, researchers find
13 Still a fan of the golden tan? Tune in to social media and tone down your risk of skin cancer
14 Diet alone can improve older adults' health
15 What is a rare disease? It's not as simple as it sounds
16 Life expectancy not improving for first time in 100 years
17 Race, income in neighborhoods tied to cardiac arrest survival
18 How do those bereaved by suicide respond to media reports?
19 Study: Children need self-regulation to learn
20 Trial finds promising new approach to treat common aches and pains
21 Can pollution face masks really protect us from exposure to toxic particles?
22 Quitting smoking during the first trimester of pregnancy still puts the baby at risk
23 Coronavirus: should frontline doctors and nurses get preferential treatment?
24 Airplanes spread diseases quickly--so maybe unvaccinated people shouldn't be allowed to fly
25 New study allows brain and artificial neurons to link up over the web
26 The world's largest stem cell biobank launched
27 Elderly patients also benefit from kidney transplantation
28 Adequate folate levels linked to lower cardiovascular mortality risk in RA patients
29 Anti-psychotic medication linked to adverse change in brain structure
30 Sex-specific traits of the immune system explain men's susceptibility to obesity
31 Study finds long-term endurance exercise is associated with enlarged aorta
32 Intensive blood pressure control can extend life up to three years
33 Bone or cartilage? Presence of fatty acids determines skeletal stem cell development
34 How resident microbes restructure body chemistry
35 Researchers identify novel anti-aging targets
36 Scientists shed light on COVID-19 vaccine development
37 Motion capture technology used to prevent falls in older people
38 ALS mystery illuminated by blue light
39 Surveillance after surgery does not improve outcomes for patients with glioblastoma
40 Poor cleaning can jeopardize sterilization of medical tools
41 Nanosize device 'uncloaks' cancer cells in mice and reveals them to the immune system
42 Influence of politics has not waned in opinions about ACA
43 30 million women struggle with low sex drive. This Dallas OB-GYN has an app for that
44 The Golden State's mixed record on lung cancer
45 Antioxidant precursor molecule could improve brain function in patients with multiple sclerosis
46 Researchers uncover hidden antibiotic potential of cannabis
47 Mayo Clinic Minute: What may be causing your hands and feet to tingle
48 Infectious diseases A-Z: Flu vaccine is a good match
49 Q&A: Canker sores often go away on their own, are not contagious
50 New compounds thwart multiple viruses, including coronavirus
51 Research suggests adults--not just teens--like electronic cigarette flavors
52 Potential new heartburn drug studied at VUMC
53 Rates of ADHD diagnosis in veterans are rising, reports VA study in Medical Care
54 One year into 'soda tax,' researchers find law did not affect sugary-beverage consumption
55 Understanding the link between nicotine use and misuse of 'benzos'
56 Study says herbal supplements may not be effective for weight loss
57 Vaping changes oral microbiome, increasing risk for infection
58 No benefit found in using broad-spectrum antibiotics as initial pneumonia treatment
59 Omega-3 fatty acids may prevent breast implant complications, like capsular contracture
60 First patient in US treated for atrial fibrillation using new device
61 Stem cell transplants in utero offers Tx for metabolic disorders that often end pregnancy
62 Revving up immune system may help treat eczema
63 Gold nanoparticles detect signals from cancer cells
64 Targeting stromal cells may help overcome treatment resistance in glioblastoma
65 Study reveals potential new treatment for patients with metastatic melanoma
66 What we learned after 5,000 non-surgical rhinoplasties
67 Job insecurity negatively affects your personality, study finds
68 Heart health problems in your 20s may affect brain health decades later
69 Scientists find link between genes and ability to exercise
70 Immune therapy reduces risk of recurrence in aggressive breast cancer
71 Researchers discover second type of schizophrenia
72 WHO's malaria vaccine study represents a 'serious breach of international ethical standards'
73 Intervention to help GPs identify and treat patients with hepatitis C found to be effective
74 Multi-sensor band quickly and simply records subtle changes in patients with multiple sclerosis
75 China fears mount over virus cases from outside
76 CT provides best diagnosis for COVID-19
77 New app launched for public to help pioneering hand identification research
78 Widowhood accelerates cognitive decline among those at risk for Alzheimer's disease
79 Hearing aids may delay cognitive decline, research finds
80 Researchers develop first catalogue of genes that comprise community of microbes in vaginal microbiome
81 Imaging can guide whether liquid biopsy will benefit individual glioblastoma patients
82 China virus expert says earlier action would have reduced infections
83 About 40% of US adults are obese, government survey finds
84 Low fruit and vegetable intakes and higher body fat linked to anxiety disorders
85 Vexed by how to contain virus, countries take tough steps
86 Existing drugs may offer a first-line treatment for coronavirus outbreak
87 How can we prepare for the coronavirus? 3 questions answered
88 Digital technology use and digital inequality could complicate teens' lives
89 New drugs on the horizon for stroke and hydrocephalus
90 Sprint-interval exercise may induce healthier food choices
91 Huntington's disease-causing DNA repeat mutations reversed in the lab
92 Risk of recurrent fractures lowered by new care routines
93 How door-to-door canvassing slowed an Ebola epidemic
94 What's next for coronavirus, how to avoid it, and will there be a vaccine?
95 When chronic pain leads to depression in children
96 Let's 'declare war on type 2 diabetes': Expert discusses why we need to cut back on sugar
97 Assessing stem cell therapy potential for treating preeclampsia
98 Our own immune cells damage the integrity of the blood-brain barrier
99 Scientists discover new 'Jekyll and Hyde' immune cell
100 Virus enigma: Experts ask why Africa seems to have few cases
101 MRI shows blood flow differs in men and women
102 Record number of pedestrian deaths seen in U.S.
103 Celiac disease might be cured by restoring immune tolerance to gliadin
104 Researchers confirm celiac disease can damage the brain
105 4 science-based strategies to tame angry political debate and encourage tolerance
106 Excellent long-term stability of treatment gains of stepwise treatment for pediatric OCD
107 Study reveals how drug meant for Ebola may also work against coronaviruses
108 WHO says virus at 'decisive point' as world battles spread
109 First glimpse of endometrial microbiota during pregnancy
110 Researchers develop novel approach to capture hard-to-view portion of colon in 3D
111 A new strategy to prevent the most aggressive tumors from generating resistance to chemotherapy
112 Combined therapy may improve clinical responses for endometrial, colorectal and gastric tumors