File Title
1 Probing the genes that organize early brain development
2 Like patching a flat tire: New fix heals herniated discs
3 Glass transition of spins and orbitals of electrons in a pure crystal
4 Novel error-correction scheme developed for quantum computers
5 Study reveals grasshopper declines associated with declines in quality of prairie grasses
6 Education the key to equal parenting rights for same-sex couples
7 A possible end to 'forever' chemicals
8 Cancerous tumors, surrounding cells illuminated by new imaging agent
9 Study ties kin selection to host-manipulating behavior in parasites
10 Young sugarcane workers at high risk of kidney function decline
11 Feeding fusion: hydrogen ice pellets prove effective for fueling fusion plasmas
12 NIST study uncovers a potential driver of premature solar panel failures
13 Some domesticated plants ignore beneficial soil microbes
14 Leaf-inspired surface prevents frost formation
15 UNM scientists find Earth and moon not identical oxygen twins
16 Chemists create new artificial enzyme
17 Columbia study evaluates cervical cancer risks of IUDs
18 Slime mold simulations used to map dark matter holding universe together
19 New study identifies valuable tool for treating pancreatic cancer patients
20 Astronomers use slime mold model to reveal dark threads of the cosmic web
21 Study: Daily avocado consumption improves attention in persons with overweight, obesity
22 Novel blood test points to risk of weight gain and diabetes
23 Study shows CRISPR effectiveness against colitis pathogen
24 To make ultra-black materials that won't weigh things down, consider the butterfly
25 Muscle stem cells compiled in 'atlas'
26 NREL research boosts stability of perovskites, helps silicon solar cells
27 Injection strategies are crucial for geothermal projects
28 New study confirms value of family meals
29 What features make text-based counseling effective?
30 Intralipid improves efficacy of chemotherapy treatment
31 Music shows promise in decreasing delirium in critically ill patients
32 Common feed ingredient tested safe in bulls
33 Indian Ocean phenomenon spells climate trouble for Australia
34 Microplastics affect the survival of amphibians and invertebrates in river ecosystems
35 Pain researchers get a common language to describe pain
36 Genetic test could pick out 'ultra high risk' bone marrow cancer patients
37 Case Western Reserve University research finds high rates of trauma exposure, PTSD symptoms for those in drug court
38 Feeding wildlife can disrupt animal social structures
39 Toxic masculinity is unsafe...for men
40 Tracking down false parkers in cancer cells
41 The axion solves three mysteries of the universe
42 Routine childhood vaccination linked to improved schooling among adults in India
43 Observed: An occultation of a brown dwarf by another
44 Self-help groups empower caregivers of children with disabilities
45 Discovered: Why obesity causes high blood pressure--and potential ways to fix
46 New research finds infant cereal consumption is associated with improved nutrient intake
47 Grad student names new treehopper species after Lady Gaga
48 Fatal overproduction of antibodies
49 Dramatic increase in bowel cancer in young adults in England
50 Community factors influence how long you'll live, study shows
51 Disease-causing virus manipulates crop plants to favor its vector
52 Chip for liquid biopsy will help to detect prostate cancer
53 Climate shifts prompt shrubs and trees to take root in open areas
54 More than a nice coating
55 Palm oil must be made more sustainable while replacements are made scalable, Bath engineers warn
56 IKBFU physicists keep improving 'smart' composites for biomedical sensors
57 Leaving your baby to 'cry it out' has no adverse effects on child development
58 How heartbreak and hardship shape growing old
59 Inherited arrhythmia in young Finnish Leonbergers under investigation
60 HKU paleontologists discover solid evidence of formerly elusive abrupt sea-level jump
61 Disturbed retinal gene function underlying canine blindness
62 Wetting property of Li metal with graphite
63 Approximating a kernel of truth
64 Method yielding high rate of D-lactate using cyanobacteria could revolutionize bioplastic production
65 Researchers create a new acoustic smart material inspired by shark skin
66 Modern virtual and augmented reality device can help simulate sight loss
67 Research shows mangrove conservation can pay for itself in flood protection
68 Arming the body's immune cells
69 Making more MXene
70 Knowing more about a virus threat may not satisfy you
71 Paper sheds light on infant universe and origin of matter
72 Biomass fuels can significantly mitigate global warming
73 New clinical trial examines a potential noninvasive solution for overactive bladders
74 Possible treatment for breast cancer patients could roll out to clinical trial immediately
75 Are non-smoking young adults who use e-cigarettes more likely to smoke in the future?
76 New research shows children and teens worry about political issues
77 Noncitizens are undertreated for heart attack, stroke risk factors
78 Higher concentrations of IGF-1 are a probable cause of breast cancer
79 Study demonstrates how to collect true incidents from head impact sensors in youth sports
80 The Lancet HIV: Study suggests a second patient has been cured of HIV
81 Cancer cells spread using a copper-binding protein
82 Amazon rainforest could be gone within a lifetime
83 Poor sleep in infancy linked to behavioral and emotional problems in toddlers
84 Further evidence shows clinical viability of natural tooth repair method
85 Around 100,000 convicted felons across US likely still own guns, say researchers
86 Experts call for more support for parents of children with genetic learning disabilities
87 Baboon mothers carry their dead infant up to 10 days
88 Intel processors are still vulnerable to attack
89 New study presents ion concentrate electrolyte using solvent containing fluorine atoms
90 A novel biofuel system for hydrogen production from biomass
91 First-ever analysis of video recorded CPR improves resuscitation outcomes in emergency departments
92 How plants protect themselves from sun damage
93 Immune cells against Alzheimer's?
94 Planet's largest ecosystems collapse faster than previously forecast
95 Demographics linked to choice not to vaccinate children in Texas, study finds
96 Scientists categorize neurons by the way the brain jiggles during a heartbeat
97 Inverse design software automates design process for optical, nanophotonic structures
98 How intermittent fasting changes liver enzymes and helps prevent disease
99 Older women with breast cancer may benefit from genetic testing, study suggests
100 Crosstalk captured between muscles, neural networks in biohybrid machines
101 Low-dose chest CT leaves DNA intact
102 Tomosynthesis outperforms digital mammography in five-year study
103 NUS study reveals positive connection between nature experiences and happiness globally
104 Hot time in the city: Urban lizards evolve heat tolerance
105 Scientists propose a flexible interface design for silicon-graphite dual-ion battery
106 Natural contaminant threat to drinking water from groundwater
107 Improving the collection of birth and death data worldwide
108 A broad look at plant-environment interactions
109 Gene therapy reverses heart failure in mouse model of Barth syndrome
110 Research reveals collective dynamics of active matter systems
111 Predicting appropriate opioid prescriptions post-cesarean delivery
112 Simple method to prevent HIV in South Africa and Uganda works