File Title
1 Mayo Clinic Minute: What's a cardiac stress test?
2 'Resetting' immune cells improves traumatic brain injury recovery in mice
3 Electron microscopy allows scientists to understand the molecular trigger of allergic reactions
4 New method gives glaucoma researchers control over eye pressure
5 When an untreated infection leads to heart valve disease
6 Researchers end decade-long search for mechanical pain sensor
7 A call to confront mistrust in the US health care system
8 How the urban environment affects the diet of its citizens
9 Childhood physical abuse linked to heavy cigarette use among teens who smoke
10 Research identifies how new cancer treatments can activate tuberculosis infection
11 Why Edgar Allan Poe probably did not kill himself
12 Many older adults face new disabilities after hospital stays for serious illnesses
13 Stress may drive people to give as well as receive emotional support
14 Virus 'peaked' in China but could trigger global pandemic: WHO
15 World must prepare for 'potential pandemic': WHO chief
16 Cardiologists: Big data advances research, but shouldn't do so at the cost of privacy
17 Simple blood test could help reduce heart disease deaths
18 Transcranial magnetic stimulation shows promise in treating stroke, dementia and migraines
19 How cancer cells stiff-arm normal environmental cues to consume energy
20 Study: Patients commonly prescribed opioids and antibiotics for dental conditions at EDs
21 Research points the way toward a practical nutraceutical strategy for coping with RNA virus infections
22 Engaging with schizophrenia--experts argue for new approaches to treatment
23 Brain scan-blood test panel to help diagnose brain trauma following battlefield blasts
24 Too much of a good thing may lead to too much of a liver as well
25 Women older than 75 may not reap death benefit from continued mammography screening
26 Adults don't need tetanus, diphtheria boosters if fully vaccinated as children
27 New study associates intake of dairy milk with greater risk of breast cancer
28 Author to fight retraction of study linking vaping to heart attack risk
29 Plastic shields protect China's ride-hailing drivers against virus
30 Italy PM blames an outbreak of coronavirus on hospital
31 Wearable sensor powered by AI predicts worsening heart failure before hospitalization
32 IVF twins: two hearts, quadruple the risk
33 Breakthrough cochlear device could enable hearing-impaired people to detect pitch
34 A redefining moment for heart failure
35 Reduced stress changes profile of various lipid compounds
36 Managing pain in the age of opioids
37 The hunt for a coronavirus cure is showing how science can change for the better
38 The bizarre case of a woman who pees alcohol
39 Further evidence adds weight to call for urgent action on salt targets
40 Shining new light on the actions of key neurotransmitter in the brain
41 Coronavirus response shows the world may not be ready for climate-induced pandemics
42 The FODMAP diet is everywhere, but researchers warn it's not for weight loss
43 Opioids for chronic non-cancer pain doubled in quarter century
44 Mapping genetic variants driving toxicity to leukemia therapy
45 Mental health problems combined with high alcohol intake increase risk of premature death
46 New drug for Duchenne muscular dystrophy could help improve and prolong lives
47 How the Mediterranean diet became No. 1--and why that's a problem
48 Cook County's short-lived 'soda' tax worked, says new study
49 Allergists encourage parents of food-allergic kids to recognize their own anxiety
50 Lab-free infection test could eliminate guesswork for doctors
51 If you're aging and on medication, it might be time to re-assess your alcohol intake
52 Getting quality autism therapy from thousands of miles away
53 A weak heart also damages the brain
54 Patients rank doctors lower if they experience long delays in waiting rooms
55 How safe is it to fly?
56 What we see affects what we feel
57 Cynicism and disrespect: A vicious cycle
58 New study shows significant increase in weight after breast cancer
59 Study investigates moral distress of physicians who care for older adults
60 Many kids in rural U.S. are all too familiar with handguns
61 Scientists link ulcerative colitis to missing gut microbes
62 Pot use among U.S. seniors nearly doubled in 3 years
63 Desperate to stop virus' spread, countries limit travel
64 Variety is key for the fittest Americans
65 This year's flu shot has cut doctor visits for flu nearly by half, CDC reports
66 Stalked by the fear that dementia is stalking you
67 New pieces added to the molecular puzzle of rheumatoid arthritis
68 Guidance issued for food intake in inflammatory bowel disease
69 Medication treatment may lower risk for opioid overdose death
70 Different foods linked to risk for ischemic, hemorrhagic stroke
71 Abbreviated MRI outperforms 3-D mammograms at finding cancer in dense breasts
72 Can 360 video experiences benefit affect?
73 New study shows the effects of obesity mirror those of aging
74 NIH clinical trial of remdesivir to treat COVID-19 begins
75 Antibiotics, corticosteroids beneficial in COPD exacerbations
76 Heatwave exposure linked to increased risk of preterm birth in California
77 Coronavirus monitoring systems strained to the extreme
78 Virus spreads to new countries as top official warns world 'not ready'
79 Could heartburn meds spur growth of drug-resistant germs in your gut?
80 Long-term antidepressant use appears to raise risk for T2DM
81 Coronavirus generates rash of swindlers in Italy
82 Drugmaker Mallinckrodt reaches $1.6 billion opioid settlement
83 Health authorities expect coronavirus spread on US soil
84 Bad sleep, bad diet...bad heart?
85 Legacy of discrimination reflected in health inequality
86 5 European nations report virus cases with Italy link
87 How sleep helps teens deal with social stress
88 'A world of hurt': 39 states to investigate Juul's marketing
89 Study finds picking up a pingpong paddle may benefit people with Parkinson's
90 Weight-based bullying linked to increased adolescent alcohol, marijuana use
91 Study finds key mechanism for how typhoid bacteria infects
92 Mortality decreased with further treatment for opioid use disorder after detox
93 Study begins in US to test possible coronavirus treatment
94 'Time is everything': World braces for spread of new virus
95 Diabetes drug reduces complications of long-term steroid therapy
96 Portable 'electronic nose' can accurately pick up esophageal cancer precursor
97 Age at menopause not linked to conventional cardiovascular disease risk factors
98 Trials show new drug can ease symptoms of chronic cough
99 Weight gain associated with accelerated lung function decline in adulthood
100 Mid-life weight gain linked to faster decline in lung capacity in older age
101 Babies from bilingual homes switch attention faster
102 Connectedness to nature makes children happier
103 Spending time in nature reduces stress, research finds
104 Structural framework for tumors also provides immune protection
105 MicroRNA regulates process vital to placenta growth in early pregnancy
106 England off track to meet government's 2030 smoke-free target
107 Metabolic health and weight management key to minimizing diabetes risk
108 Electrolyte supplements don't prevent illness in athletes, study finds
109 Sugary drinks a sour choice for adults trying to maintain normal cholesterol levels
110 Researchers make asthma breakthrough
111 Slow, steady increase in exercise intensity is best for heart health