File Title
1 New cohort of iPSC lines will accelerate research into Huntington's disease
2 'Swiper's thumb?' Explore some common tech-related injuries
3 When laser surgery turns into a nightmare, the toll can be enormous
4 Coronavirus: The latest disease to fuel mistrust, fear and racism
5 The dangers of asbestos: What the public should know
6 Wearable tech can provide better data for Parkinson's
7 Understanding how a protein wreaks havoc in the brain in Parkinson's disease
8 9 ways to talk to people who spread coronavirus myths
9 A smart jumpsuit provides information on infants' movement and development
10 New insight into immune cell behavior offers opportunities for cancer treatment
11 The search for an effective HIV vaccine continues
12 What's behind the new advice to stop taking glucosamine for arthritis?
13 Europe worried about medicine stocks as coronavirus spreads
14 Japan woman with coronavirus dies as cruise ship cases soar
15 Coronavirus: what we know and what we don't
16 Public health service gaps for both refugees and migrants to Australia
17 Scientists stop breast cancer cells from spreading
18 Huel: what happens if you replace every meal with this vegan meal powder?
19 Babies mimic songs, study finds
20 For outcomes and cost, study supports holistic approach to mental healthcare
21 Urgent improvements needed in the care of children with suspected appendicitis
22 Online tool eyes youth mental healthcare experience
23 New high-tech mouthwash uses light to kill harmful bacteria on teeth
24 New study calculates damage of food and lifestyle choices on inflammation
25 Food bank parcels high in sugar and low in vital nutrients
26 The influence of drugs on murder rates is being overstated
27 US announces 15th virus case, this one in Texas evacuee
28 Mayo clinic minute: Reversing versus preventing heart disease
29 Q&A: Consistent oversight to ensure purity, safety of nonprescription CBD products doesn't exist
30 Timing of brain cell death uncovers a new target for Alzheimer's treatment
31 Smelling your lover's shirt could improve your sleep
32 Molecular switch mechanism explains how mutations shorten biological clocks
33 The most influential socioeconomic factor in cognitive development during childhood
34 One's internal clock could be targeted to prevent or slow the progression of breast cancer
35 New, detailed molecular roadmap boosts fight against endometrial cancer
36 Researchers validate link between genetic variant and poor outcomes in advanced prostate cancer
37 Research pinpoints rogue cells at root of autoimmune disease
38 Infectious diseases A to Z: the common cold versus the flu
39 Gentle touch loses its pleasure in migraine patients
40 2011 to 2018 saw decline in problems paying medical bills
41 Living in greener neighborhoods may postpone the natural onset of menopause
42 Clinical practice guideline approval process introduces potential conflicts of interest
43 State of mind: The end of personality as we know it
44 No major change in 'trajectory' of coronavirus outbreak: WHO
45 New study describes neural inflammatory processes in lab-developed human cells
46 Risk for complications from mesh implant does not diminish
47 Orthostatic hypotension during therapy not tied to CVD events
48 Benefits and barriers of prescription drug lists for asthma medications
49 Using the immune system, hydrogels, and bacteria to treat and prevent intestinal diseases
50 Shale drilling activity linked to increased sexually transmitted infections in Texas
51 State alcohol laws focus on drunk driving; they could do much more
52 Parents, grandparents to blame for many child drug poisonings, CDC warns
53 'Tough guys' may be at especially high risk for suicide
54 Brain imaging study reveals new clues about PTSD in victims of terrorist attacks
55 Cigarette prices have risen following standardised packaging, despite warnings
56 Can bilingualism protect the brain even with early stages of dementia?
57 E-cigarette use among teens may be higher than previously thought, study finds
58 Autophagy genes act as tumor suppressors in ovarian cancer
59 Children miss more school when their mothers experience high physical violence
60 Updated abortion law data show an active year for reproductive rights in the US
61 Study reveals improved survival after kidney transplantation during childhood
62 Most quality metrics for kidney disease fall short
63 10+ lifetime sexual partners linked to heightened cancer risk
64 Tennessee infants exposed to hepatitis C at birth often not tested for virus
65 Study shows text messaging is an effective tool to improve access to prenatal health information
66 Per-person health care spending grew 18% from 2014 to 2018, driven mostly by prices
67 Can beauty be-er ignored?
68 Predicting autism risk may begin with a drop of blood
69 Remdesivir prevents MERS coronavirus disease in monkeys
70 Study explores hypnotherapy for gastrointestinal issues
71 'Quit vaping searches increased during lung-disease outbreak
72 How early life trauma can contribute to functional neurological disorder
73 Ceramides predict vascular brain injury and dementia
74 Some bariatric surgery patients don't sense heightened blood alcohol levels
75 Much shorter radiation treatment found to be safe, effective for people with soft tissue sarcoma
76 UH Law center professors urge tighter controls on data held by health tech companies
77 Brain inflammation in veterans with Gulf War illness
78 Doctors successfully synchronize both sides of the heart with promising new wirelessly powered, leadless pacemaker
79 Virus-hit Hong Kong says it with face masks, not flowers
80 China says 6 health workers died from virus, 1,716 infected
81 Effectiveness of travel bans--readily used during infectious disease outbreaks--mostly unknown, study finds
82 China virus death toll nears 1,400, US bemoans 'lack of transparency'
83 China's virus crackdown leaves millions working at home
84 Feds to track how private Medicare info gets to marketers
85 Virus renews safety concerns about slaughtering wild animals
86 Stress in small children separated from their parents may alter genes
87 AI helps predict heart attacks and stroke
88 Cocoa could bring sweet relief to walking pain for people with peripheral artery disease
89 French quarantine ends for first group repatriated from China
90 Drugmaker AstraZeneca warns on coronavirus impact
91 No 'Plan B' for Olympics; questions over Chinese presence
92 Differences in airway size develop during puberty, new study finds
93 Overworked and undervalued: GPs struggling to keep afloat in western Sydney
94 Early treatment for PTSD after a disaster has lasting effects
95 Key modifier found in genetic deletion related to neurodevelopmental disorders
96 Algorithm helps improve coronary calcium detection
97 Beyond the pap smear: Potential to detect cervical cancer earlier than ever before
98 WHO underestimates the spread of coronavirus
99 Collective trauma is real, and could hamper Australian communities' bushfire recovery
100 Medication errors prevented with optimized lighting
101 Why heart-racing romantic feelings fade over time
102 Could leukemia be stopped before it starts?
103 More than half of older people don't consume enough protein to stay healthy
104 Wearable trackers estimate fitness levels without high-intensity exercise
105 Here's why the WHO says a coronavirus vaccine is 18 months away
106 A connected world makes coronavirus scarier, but also helps us deal with it
107 Subconcussive head impacts may affect neuro-ophthalmologic function
108 FDA requests market withdrawal of diet drug Belviq due to cancer risk
109 Unraveling mechanisms of ventricular enlargement linked to schizophrenia
110 Saying sex increases cancer risk is neither totally correct, nor in any way helpful
111 Researchers use new method to investigate neural oscillations
112 What 'dry fasting' is and why you shouldn't do it
113 Home remedies: Just jammed your finger?
114 Consumer health: Eating nuts for heart health
115 Home remedies: Acne affects people of all ages
116 2002 to 2015 saw increase in incidence of diabetes in youth