File Title
1 By Chance, Scientists Develop Ideal Bandage that Promotes Healing and Doesn't Stick to Wound
2 Saving the Northern White Rhino from Extinction
3 New Insights into the Mysterious Atomic-Level Movement of Water Molecules
4 Drinking 1% vs. 2% Milk Associated with a Significant Difference in Aging
5 New Neutron Detector Can Fit in Your Pocket--Critical for Catching Smuggled Nuclear Materials
6 Bizarre Objects Discovered Near Our Galaxy's Supermassive Black Hole--"Really Strange Signature"
7 First Living Robots Created by Assembling Living Cells from Frogs into Entirely New Life-Forms
8 Revealed: The Mysterious, Legendary Giant Squid's Genome
9 Body Clock Biologists Find that Beauty Sleep Is Real--Discovery May Unlock the Mysteries of Aging
10 Meerkat Mobs Do Frightening 'War Dance' to Protect Territory [Video]
11 Hookah Smoke Not Safe: Causes Blood to Function Abnormally and Increases Risk of Blood Clots
12 Hubble Space Telescope Spies NGC 1803 in the Painter's Easel
13 11 Year-Old Bertrand Might Can't Cry--Scientists Have Now Discovered Why
14 Stunning Time-Lapse Video Shows Surprising Beauty Found in Bacterial Cultures
15 Embedding Data in Objects Made with a 3D Printer
16 Artificial Intelligence Can See Around Corners in Real Time
17 100 Years of Microscopic Shells Reveal a "Double Whammy" for Waters off California
18 After 15 Years, Scientists Finally Solve Huygens Landing Spin Mystery
19 Direct Evidence of Entanglement's Role in Quantum Criticality Found in 'Strange Metal'
20 Stray Dogs Understand Human Cues: Communication Between Humans and Dogs Transcends Training
21 First Evidence that Social Interactions of Ants Affect Pathogen Competition
22 Most Widely Used Cooking Oil Causes Genetic Changes in the Brain
23 First Spacebus Neo Satellite Launched Aboard Ariane 5 Rocket
24 Engineers Melt Rock Under Intense Pressure--For Science! [Video]
25 Unraveling the Mysteries of Dark Matter by Taking Its Temperature
26 Millions Die from Sepsis Each Year--New "Life Saving" Treatment Doesn't Actually Help
27 Climate May Affect Biodiversity in Rainforests Even More than Deforestation
28 ESA Opens Oxygen Plant--Making Breathable Air Out of Moondust
29 Astronomers Analysis Reveals Outbound Comets Likely of Alien Origin
30 Neuron Discovered that Suppresses Eating May Lead to Effective Diet Drugs
31 Spider-Man-Style Robotic Graspers Defy Gravity--Secret Is High-Speed Rotating Water Rings
32 Human-Caused Biodiversity Decline Isn't New--It Started Millions of Years Ago
33 Plastic Surgeons Use Eye-Tracking Technology to Build a Better Breast
34 2019 Was the Second Hottest Year on Record According to Both NASA & NOAA
35 Evolving Energy of a Solar Flare's Explosive First Minutes Captured with New Radio Telescope
36 Significant Risks from Cannabis Exposure During Pregnancy Discovered in New Research
37 Psychedelic Drugs like Ecstasy and "Magic Mushrooms" Could Help Treat PTSD
38 New Membrane Technology Improves Water Purification and Battery Energy Storage
39 Using an Engineered Nanomaterial and Sunlight to Decontaminate Pesticide-Polluted Water
40 NASA Snow-Chasers Set to Fly into Winter Storms to Study the Inner Workings [Video]
41 Incredible Material Is Both Heat-Insulating and Heat-Conducting at the Same Time
42 Mass Extinction that Killed the Dinosaurs Was All About the Asteroid--Not Volcanoes
43 Light Powers World's Fastest-Spinning Object to 300 Billion Revolutions per Minute
44 H0LiCOW! Cosmic Magnifying Glasses Yield Independent Measure of Universe's Expansion that Adds to Troubling Discrepancy
45 One Factor Causing Test Anxiety, Loneliness and Reduced Motivation to Study in University Students
46 Surprisingly, Molecules Move Faster on Rough Terrain
47 Discovery Regarding Arctic Sea Ice and Permafrost Has Significant Implications for the Future
48 New Quantum Detector Measures the Tiniest Energies in Superconducting Circuits
49 Pancake-Shaped Structures in Hummingbird Feathers Produce Their Iridescent Rainbow Colors
50 Scientific Mystery About Evaporation Solved After 20 Years of Conflicting Findings
51 One-of-a-Kind Dinosaur Specimen Discovered in China Offers View into Dinosaur-Bird Evolution
52 Chemical Bond Making & Breaking Recorded in Action--500,000x Smaller than the Width of a Human Hair
53 Astronomers Discover the Best Places to Look for "Genesis II" and Intelligent Alien Life
54 The James Webb Space Telescope Is the Largest, Most Powerful Space Telescope Ever Built [Video]
55 Downsides of Becoming an Adult: Growing Less Active and Gaining Weight
56 86% of Parents Say Teens Spend Too Much Time Gaming--Here's What They Can Do About It
57 People with Food Insecurity Are 10% to 37% More Likely to Die Prematurely
58 Hydrogel Enables Ingestible Medical Devices that Can Be Broken Down with Light
59 Earth from Space: Japanese Archipelago [Video]
60 Supermassive Influence Creates Peculiar Galaxy, Beautifully Streaked with Tendrils
61 Local Water Availability Is Reduced and Never Recovers After Planting Forests
62 SIDS Risk Greatly Increased by Combined Prenatal Smoking and Drinking
63 A Fireball Flew Over Kyoto, Japan--Now Scientists Know What It Was and Where It Came From
64 First Antiferromagnetic Topological Quantum Material Discovered by Scientists
65 Stress Doesn't Always Cause Depression--Here's Why
66 Building Better Forecasts for Floods, Stocks & Other Chaotic Systems from Suboptimal Predictors
67 Bioplastic Generation Using Urban Biowaste
68 NASA's Mission to Jupiter's Trojan Asteroids Confirms Discovery of "Bonus" Exploration Opportunity
69 Physics Shows that Imperfections Make Perfect: Systems Can Synchronize Only When Individual Parts Are Mismatched
70 Oil-Catching Sponge Could Be Solution for 100 Billion Barrels of Oil-Contaminated Wastewater Generated Every Year
71 Small Predators Most Likely to Be Lost Due to Human Land-Use According to Global Study
72 Potential Link Between Marijuana and Heart Risks Discovered by Cardiologists
73 Half of Late 20th-Century Arctic Warming Caused by Ozone-Depleting Substances--"It's a Good-News Story"
74 Do You Think You're More Environmentally Friendly than Others? Most People Do.
75 Reports of Huge Reductions in this Potent Greenhouse Gas Are Wrong--Emissions Are Soaring
76 Yale Research Confirms Lingering Mood Benefit of Psychedelics like LSD and Magic Mushrooms
77 Confused by U.S. Elections? MIT Researchers Use Physics to Explain Democratic Elections
78 Black Hole Dynamic Behavior and Surroundings Mapped by XMM-Newton for the First Time
79 Alzheimer's Disease Linked to Exposure to Aluminum
80 Australian Researchers Fear Platypus on Brink of Extinction--Call for National Action
81 Science Revolution Sparked by Rapid Progress in Nanotechnology
82 Atomic Tuning on Cobalt Enables an Eightfold Increase of Eco-Friendly H2O2 Production
83 Astrophysicist Finds Massive Black Holes Wandering Around Dwarf Galaxies--"I Was Blown Away"
84 Bad News for Honey Bees: Insecticides Are Growing Much More Toxic
85 Shells of Quahog Clams Show that Arctic Sea Ice Can't 'Bounce Back'
86 Finalists Chosen in NASA's Mars 2020 Rover Naming Contest--Vote for Your Favorite
87 Hospitalization Risk Cut in Half for Children with Full Flu Vaccination
88 Greater Risk for Cannabis Use Disorder Among Adults with Chronic Pain
89 Air Pollution in New York City Linked to Wildfires from as Far as Canada
90 Injected Nanoparticles May Provide First Real Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury
91 Urgent Action to Protect California Spotted Owls Recommended by Wildlife Biologists
92 New Kirigami (Folded Paper) Designs Support 14,000 Times Their Own Weight
93 Sticky Antibiotic Stays Put Inside the Body for Successful Treatment of Debilitating Gut Infections
94 Harnessing the Entire Spectrum of Sunlight to Make Solar Energy More Efficient
95 New Aqueous Lithium-Ion Battery--Low Cost & Improved Safety
96 Record-Breaking Terahertz Laser Beam Turns Air into Glowing Plasma
97 Inner Complexity of Saturn's Moon Enceladus Revealed--Hints at Habitable Conditions
98 Self-Moisturising Smart Contact Lenses--Electroosmotic Flow Used to Keep Eyes Moist
99 Unexpected Discovery: Chemists Find Fungal Shrapnel in the Air
100 2.2 Billion-Year-Old Impact Crater in Australia--Asteroid Strike May Have Ended Snowball Earth
101 Mosquitoes Are Drawn to Flowers as Much as People--Now Scientists Finally Know Why
102 First Results from the Dark Energy Survey: Relationship Between Mass and Light Around Cosmic Voids
103 Snake Pneumonia--Coronavirus Outbreak in China Traced to Snakes by Genetic Analysis
104 Bubbling CO2 Hotspot "Soda Springs" Discovered by Deep Diving Scientists
105 Mathematicians, Physicists and Materials Experts Use a Shot of Math to Brew a Better Espresso
106 Small Investors Bilked Out of Billions? Tiny Price Gaps Exploited by Fast Information Systems
107 Minimizing the Impacts of Severe Weather on Wildlife
108 How Stress Causes Gray Hair: Harvard Scientists Solve a Biological Puzzle
109 Presenting the Sun in 2019 in 365 Satellite Images
110 Borexino Experiment Detects "Ghost" Signals from Deep Inside the Earth
111 Closest Flyover of Asteroid Sample Site Nightingale Completed by OSIRIS-REx
112 Astronomers Detect Very Unusual Chemical Composition in Ancient Star's Atmosphere
113 How Russia May Have Used Twitter to Help Seize Crimea
114 Pacific Banana Mystery Solved with Microscopic Particles from 3,000-Year-Old Teeth
115 People Anticipate the Force of Gravity by 'Seeing It' Rather than 'Feeling It'
116 Ebola-Like Marburg Virus Found in Sierra Leone Bats