File Title
1 Glimpse into ancient hunting strategies of dragonflies and damselflies
2 Scientists unexpectedly witness wolf puppies play fetch
3 Factors that ensure cellular protein production
4 Crop residues are a potential source of beneficial microorganisms and biocontrol agents
5 Cells protect themselves against stress by keeping together
6 Bartonella bacteria found in hemangiosarcoma tumors from dogs
7 'Living fossil' may upend basic tenet of evolutionary theory
8 Banking on a new community isotope database
9 Mobile protected areas needed to protect biodiversity in the high seas
10 New model shows how crop rotation helps combat plant pests
11 ISSCR statement on ethical standards for stem cell-based embryo models
12 New dog, old tricks? Stray dogs can understand human cues
13 Trophy hunt of protected Alpine ibex sparks Swiss debate
14 Study traces evolution of acoustic communication
15 Study shows human ancestors could have consumed hard plant tissues without damaging their teeth
16 Sea lions: Cash cows in the Bay Area, but farther south, fishermen say 'Shoot 'em'
17 Sanitary care by social ants shapes disease outcome
18 Plant organ growth is not so different from animals
19 Homosexuality may have evolved as an outcome of increased sociability in humans
20 Surveying all the proteins on a neuron's surface
21 Novel protein positioning technique improves functionality of yeast cells
22 How do sea stars move without a brain? The answer could impact robotics and more
23 Fins and limbs tell evolutionary tale
24 Human-caused biodiversity decline started millions of years ago
25 Black rhino population shows steady growth
26 Native plants can flourish after bushfire, but there's only so much hardship they can take
27 Lessons on how to effectively tackle insect invasions
28 French oyster farmers fume as norovirus shuts down sales
29 How grass dances with fire
30 Mysterious little red jellies: A case of mistaken identity
31 Changing the leopard's spots
32 Sea lions yawn due to anxiety
33 Climate may play a bigger role than deforestation in rainforest biodiversity
34 Hands off our grasslands
35 What is an endangered species?
36 Male sparrows are less intimidated by the songs of aging rivals
37 Czechs detect bird flu as new Europe outbreak feared
38 Clones help famous elm tree named Herbie live on, for now
39 Strongly 'handed' squirrels less good at learning
40 On the edge between science and art: Historical biodiversity data from Japanese 'gyotaku'
41 Climate change pushing Australia's platypus towards extinction: researchers
42 Online campaign to save malnourished lions at Sudan park
43 Threatened species hit hard by Australia's bushfires
44 Australia fires 'devastating habitats' of endangered species
45 Australia's threatened bats need protection from white-nose syndrome
46 Not bot, not beast: Scientists create first ever living, programmable organism
47 6 million hectares of threatened species habitat up in smoke
48 Jumbo undertaking: Elephant milk under the microscope
49 Disarming bacteria with mucus and phages
50 Altruism in bacteria: Colonies divide the work
51 Tuberculosis bacteria survive in amoebae found in soil
52 Can ecosystems recover from dramatic losses of biodiversity?
53 Scientists were stumped when seabirds started dying. Now they have answers
54 Researchers solve protein structures to fight asthma
55 Female chimps with powerful moms are less likely to leave home
56 While promoting diseases like cancer, these enzymes also cannibalize each other
57 How drones could help save our most endangered species
58 Global study finds predators are most likely to be lost when habitats are converted for human use
59 New study confirms the importance of tiger population in Thailand forest complex
60 Crucial reef species may survive ocean changes under climate change
61 Counting Antarctic penguins with AI
62 Novel composite antimicrobial film could take a bite out of foodborne illnesses
63 Walking sharks discovered in the tropics
64 Warmer and acidified oceans can lead to 'hidden' changes in species behavior
65 Modified plants to curb climate change
66 Conservation scientists are grieving after the bushfires--but we must not give up
67 Many of our plants and animals have adapted to fires, but now the fires are changing
68 'Shazam for fish': Acoustic monitoring a window into health of waterways
69 Taming electrons with bacteria parts
70 Fanged frogs, dwarf crocodiles and folding tortoises? Welcome to West Africa
71 Lizard and snake size unrelated to climate
72 Method triggers selective degradation of proteins for analysis
73 Insecticides becoming more toxic to honey bees
74 Mayfly populations falling fast in North America
75 New study reveals a life aquatic for many spider species
76 Cave fights for food: Voracious spiders vs. assassin bugs
77 Research shows potential for zero-deforestation pledges to protect wildlife in oil palm
78 Tracking the scent of warming tundra
79 Plants absorb lead from perovskite solar cells more than expected
80 Discovery of beneficial fungal taxa may help restore native plant in the PNW
81 Fat cells can sense sunlight--not getting enough increases metabolic syndrome risk
82 Insect bites and warmer climate means double-trouble for plants
83 Corals' partnership with microalgae helps in stressful times but there's a trade-off
84 Advancing the application of genomic sequences through 'Kmasker plants'
85 New image analysis method for time-lapse microscopy shows how giant viruses infect amoeba
86 How fruit flies flock together in orderly clusters
87 A model ecosystem fish story
88 To reverse engineer dynamics of microbial communities, researchers construct their own
89 Mosquitoes are drawn to flowers as much as people--and now scientists know why
90 Vomiting bumblebees show that sweeter is not necessarily better
91 Biologists recommend urgent action to protect California spotted owls
92 Study reveals pre-Hispanic history, genetic changes among indigenous Mexican populations
93 Caterpillar loss in tropical forest linked to extreme rain, temperature events
94 Increased inbreeding in thoroughbreds may compromise future sustainability of breed
95 The yellow black-faced triplefin deflects sunlight to break predator camouflage
96 Deep-sea osmolyte makes biomolecular machines heat-tolerant
97 Ranging behavior found to impact motor self-regulation in free-range chickens
98 Melting reveals drug targets in a living organism
99 Multivariate patterning of human pluripotent cells reveals induced paracrine factors in kidney organoid development
100 Neutron source enables a look inside dino eggs
101 Researchers slash pre-drug screening time from years to days
102 Fighting microbes with microbes
103 Most rehabilitating sea turtles with infectious tumors don't survive
104 Study shines light on spread of Candida auris
105 New survey results reveal the experts and public's attitude towards gene-edited crops
106 The color of your clothing can impact wildlife
107 Genetic identification of human remains from the Spanish Civil War and the dictatorship
108 Scientists identify gene that puts brakes on tissue growth
109 Autoimmunity may explain why an important immune system is absent in many bacteria