File Title
1 Good connections key to startup success
2 Mission X 2020 Walk to the Moon Challenge is open
3 Is there implicit gender bias in the field of economics?
4 Being copycats might be key to being human
5 Research explores the correlation between political engagement and lawfulness
6 Survey uncovers need to reimagine how research works
7 How coworkers impact the value of your skills
8 From election upsets to climate chaos, rolling the dice helps us appreciate the odds
9 Can intuitive building design help stop an active shooter?
10 Shrinking dinosaurs and the evolution of endothermy in birds
11 Global warming to increase violent crime in the United States
12 Emotions to help engage school students in learning
13 Advisers not enough to guarantee a strong retirement
14 Beach-combing Neanderthals dove for shells
15 Pachacamac Idol of ancient Peru was symbolically painted
16 Math that feels good: Creating learning resources for blind students
17 New dinosaur discovered in China shows dinosaurs grew up differently from birds
18 Police platform patrols create 'phantom effect' that cuts crime in London Underground
19 Researchers propose 'Human Screenome Project' to study the impacts of digital media
20 Women in leadership positions face more sexual harassment
21 Why single-parent homes don't affect black children as negatively as white kids
22 Power struggles: How Tennessee became more racially and politically divided
23 Leaders use shortcut to assess who trusts them
24 How sports fans respond to their teams' wavering odds of winning
25 Fossils of largest theropod to date found in Australia
26 Solving the Greek monkey mystery gave us an important clue to Bronze Age world
27 Linguistics student pinpoints differences in Western Canadian dialects
28 Violence against women in poor settings: Randomized trial shows mixed outcomes
29 Calling out the system: More black and ethnic minority faces in cultural spaces
30 Fossil is the oldest-known scorpion
31 Far-right violence in Portugal draws strength from skinhead roots--study
32 Local activism can't be crushed, research finds. At most, it changes target
33 Attentiveness and trust are especially effective in combating juvenile crime
34 Organized cybercrime--not your average mafia
35 5 tips to get your children excited about math
36 Small economic gambles are insignificant when large background uncertainty is considered
37 Male and female firefighters have different problems with protective suits
38 Vital Signs: The end of the checkout signals a dire future for those without the right skills
39 Using machine learning to fine-tune views of the ancient past
40 An evolving understanding of extinction
41 The way you dance is unique, and computers can tell it's you
42 We need to modernize how we measure national wealth
43 Living yoga for the mind
44 Why bosses should let employees surf the web at work
45 Internet use reduces study skills in university students
46 Prosecutors' race, class bias may not drive criminal justice disparities
47 World's 22 richest men have more than all women in Africa: Oxfam
48 Wisdom of the crowd? Building better forecasts from suboptimal predictors
49 How cluster hiring at U.S. research universities has fared
50 Modern face of Homo antecessor may have had insufficient room for wisdom teeth
51 What's the future of rental clothing?
52 Refurbished smart phones--the millennial or Gen X choice
53 The importance of leisure activities among refugees and forced migrants
54 Contradictions among judges in multi-judge panels aren't self-evident
55 A cautionary tale about measuring racial bias in policing
56 US, UK ratify treaty to protect Titanic wreck
57 Solving an ancient dairy mystery could help cure modern food ills
58 A chronicle of giant straight-tusked elephants
59 Migrants and the bond with God: Attachment and survival are linked
60 Survey reveals huge negative impact on people of EU settlement scheme
61 How social structures emerge: Computer simulations uncover universality in cultural anthropology observations
62 How international trade can unlock the potential of the cultural economy in developing countries
63 Canada can better prepare to retrain workers displaced by disruptive technologies
64 Prisoner numbers in Australia have decreased, but we're not really sure why yet
65 Why is climate skepticism so successful in the United States?
66 Human cultural evolution found to be just as slow as biological evolution
67 Trolley dilemma: When it's acceptable to sacrifice one person to save others is informed by culture
68 Primary school children benefit from learning with a social robot
69 Triumph, embrace or offset? Entrepreneurs have different storytelling styles for presenting business closure
70 Clubs and bars must support women by cracking down on sexual aggression
71 News aggregator websites play critical role in driving readers to media outlet websites
72 The little auks that lived in the Pacific
73 Measuring the world of social phenomena
74 New study examines mortality costs of air pollution in US
75 Police shootings linked to inaccurate dispatch information
76 Interdisciplinary study reveals new insights into the evolution of sign languages
77 Sustainability strategies more successful when managers believe in them
78 US is polarizing faster than other democracies, study finds
79 Growing up in a 'bank desert' has major costs
80 New report unveils key insights into business models that put people and planet first
81 We know how to teach reading--why aren't students getting better at it?
82 Mathematician simplifies methods for solving equations of magnetic hydrodynamics
83 Warm-blooded crocs thrived in Jurassic cold snap
84 General relativity used to find optimal airplane boarding speed
85 Inspiring STEM careers through a hands-on Everglades microbiome study
86 Young people feel there are fewer opportunities for them to get involved in sports
87 Get children into the real world for effective bushfire education
88 From bushfires to terrorism: How communities become resilient
89 Brewing a better espresso, with a shot of math
90 First ancient DNA from West Africa illuminates the deep human past
91 Study provides insight into 'rapport-building' during victim interviews
92 Americans perceive likelihood of nuclear weapons risk as 50/50 tossup
93 Late Neolithic Italy was home to complex networks of metal exchange
94 Performance and age only partially explain gender pay gap for New Zealand researchers
95 Tiny price gaps cost investors billions
96 Anthropologists confirm existence of specialized sheep-hunting camp in prehistoric Lebanon
97 Blood and politics in India
98 Study reveals two writers penned landmark inscriptions in eighth-century BCE Samaria
99 Black 'rock' from AD 79 Italy eruption is part of exploded brain
100 Climate change 'a strategic dilemma' for Persian Gulf, expert says
101 Housework nearly equal between boys and girls
102 Study finds journalists hold strongly to professional identity, even when forced to leave field
103 Sports can be an important part of Aboriginal culture for women, but many barriers remain
104 Examining the skills most necessary for success in today's workplace
105 Isotopes in teeth suggest two megalithic cultures were separate groups
106 Can capitalism solve capitalism's problems?
107 Sci-fi author William Gibson: 'Future fatigue' is putting people off the 22nd century
108 Pride and prejudice at high altitude
109 3,000-year-old teeth solve Pacific banana mystery
110 Ancient voice: Scientists recreate sound of Egyptian mummy
111 Women-only business groups marginalize and fail to empower members
112 Research expands bilingual language program for babies
113 Book chronicles history of gender-neutral pronouns, from Shakespeare to email
114 Racial discrimination in mortgage market persistent over last four decades
115 Keeping guns away from potential mass shooters