File Title
1 JumpstartMD commercial program seems effective for weight loss
2 Teprotumumab bests placebo for active thyroid eye disease
3 Supratentorial ICH outcomes better in young blacks, hispanics
4 Rare disease put this young mom in a coma for 7 months
5 Teen transgender access to pubertal suppression lowers suicidality
6 A new blood component revealed
7 Teens with obesity and PCOS have more 'unhealthy' bacteria
8 Older refugees have high levels of depression even decades after immigration to Canada
9 Novel approach to immune system could lead to personalized therapy against sepsis
10 What's blood type got to do with clot risk?
11 For low back pain in older adults, treatment doesn't match guidelines
12 Researchers uncover mechanism for how common gene therapy vectors enter cells
13 Researchers uncover two-drug combo that halts the growth of cancer cells
14 When caregivers need care
15 Women with colorectal cancer fare better if they have social support
16 Women with PCOS experience poor health and quality of life beyond reproductive years
17 Companies look into possible vaccines for China virus
18 Not enough evidence that vaping helps smokers quit: US govt. report
19 Countries with confirmed cases of coronavirus
20 Gulf screens passengers from China amid virus outbreak
21 West Nile virus triggers brain inflammation by inhibiting protein degradation
22 Scientists highlight potential of exposome research
23 Oral hormone-blocking drug may help with heavy menstrual bleeding
24 Liver fibrosis 'off switch' discovered in mice
25 Revealed an alteration related to the loss of effectiveness of a treatment in lung cancer
26 Novel communication between intestinal microbes and developing immune cells in the thymus
27 Researchers take step toward automating thyroid cancer triage
28 Facial paralysis stigma takes emotional toll, especially when acquired later in life
29 High-protein diets boost artery-clogging plaque, mouse study shows
30 Living near major roads linked to risk of dementia, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and MS
31 Study finds many youth living with undiagnosed chronic fatigue syndrome
32 A Zika vaccine could save suffering and costs
33 Subtle structural features in donated kidneys may predict risk of transplant failure
34 Airborne pollution associated with more severe rhinitis symptoms
35 Low-dose aspirin may reduce preterm birth risk among first-time mothers: study
36 Weight loss and health improvements with Mediterranean, fasting and paleo diets
37 Benefits of fetal surgery for spina bifida persist in school-age children
38 Lung microbiome may help predict outcomes in critically ill patients
39 People plan their movements, anticipate force of gravity by 'seeing it' through visual cues rather than 'feeling it'
40 China confirms 1st death outside epicenter of viral outbreak
41 Doctors urged to recognize post-antidepressant sexual dysfunction
42 NIAID officials discuss novel Coronavirus that recently emerged in China
43 China expands transport ban to 13 cities, 41 mln affected
44 China rushes to build new hospital for virus within 10 days
45 South Korea confirms second coronavirus case
46 Need a legal pot shop in California? Grab your smartphone
47 China virus toll jumps to 25 dead with 830 confirmed cases: govt.
48 TP53 gene variant in people of African descent linked to iron overload, may improve malaria response
49 Marburg virus found in Sierra Leone bats
50 Why eating yogurt may help lessen the risk of breast cancer
51 Brain-cell helpers powered by norepinephrine during fear-memory formation
52 Potential upgrades on in vitro toxicological cell-based models
53 Researchers find drug used widely to treat eye condition has 'no benefit'
54 A single number helps data scientists find most dangerous cancer cells
55 What everyone should know about cleft lip
56 Optical stimulation causes marmosets to move their forelimbs
57 How you might benefit from probiotics
58 Map tracks coronavirus outbreak in near real time
59 Keto diet works best in small doses, researchers find
60 MoMba app: Social media application for the mental health of young mothers
61 More than 40 percent of status epilepticus patients suffer adverse outcomes
62 Malnutrition is on the rise in older adults
63 The link between antibiotics and obesity in children doesn't mean you need to avoid antibiotics
64 Gene expression pattern pinpoints high-risk colorectal cancer
65 Cell network mapping reveals rewiring in colorectal cancer
66 Researchers create three-dimensional organoid models of human forebrain
67 Rotator cuff injuries common but easily remedied, says expert
68 Imbalance between serotonin and dopamine in social anxiety disorder
69 New coronavirus: What you need to know
70 Horror movies manipulate brain activity expertly to enhance excitement
71 Surgical gown shortage reported in the United States
72 No alcohol please--Pass the probiotics and super juice instead
73 Experts explore efforts to tackle tobacco harm
74 Medical emergency observation unit reduces length of stay and raises patient satisfaction
75 Many of America's most critical workers are short on sleep
76 Faulty immune system may lead to lung cancer
77 CDC: HIV-1/HIV-2 differentiation test increasingly used in U.S.
78 People with obesity who experience self-directed weight shaming benefit from intervention
79 Baby box: Child welfare experts say use of sleep boxes could potentially put infants' lives at risk
80 'See the doctor': fever-hit patients fret in China outbreak city
81 Major insurers offer $55 million to lower generic drug costs
82 Study suggests foods like licorice can be used to 'landscape' your gut
83 Family caregivers are rarely asked about needing assistance with caring for older adults
84 'This time I'm scared': experts fear too late for China virus lockdown
85 One cancer is almost 100% preventable. And Chicago is making a move to eradicate it
86 Quinn on Nutrition: What you may not know about carrots
87 Cell-phone-sized device that stimulates nerve in neck may prevent migraine
88 The highways of our brain
89 Registry data--of sufficient quality--suitable for extended benefit assessment of drugs
90 UK clears 14 tested for China virus
91 Mayo Clinic: Sepsis--a team response to a potential killer
92 China imposes massive virus quarantine as US finds second case
93 US confirms second case of China virus, 50 under investigation
94 Fear spreads throughout China as officials take unprecedented measures to stop coronavirus
95 Up to 70 percent chance of Chinese virus reaching Europe: Analysis
96 Potent, unregulated steroid creams readily available in U.S.
97 First clinical studies find Wuhan virus closely resembles SARS
98 That cushy work-at-home job can lead to social isolation, mental and physical health risks
99 New research shows more people knowingly use fentanyl
100 30-year study identifies need of disease-modifying therapies for maple syrup urine disease
101 Prenatal surgery yields lasting benefits for myelomeningocele
102 Size matters! The neuroanatomy of trigeminal neuralgia's treatment response
103 Opioid dependence found to permanently change brains of rats
104 Advanced practice registered nurses to have a greater role in national response to opioid epidemic
105 Chicago woman is 2nd US patient with new virus from China
106 Athletic mom's undiagnosed condition led to 2 strokes
107 High air pollution exposure in one-year-olds linked to structural brain changes at age 12
108 UH treats its first glioblastoma patient with genetically modified poliovirus
109 Neuroscientists to build video dataset that catches people looking (at everything)
110 Researchers identify a connection between early life adversity and opioid addiction
111 China expands lockdown against virus, fast-tracks hospital