File Title
1 Intravenous drugs can often rapidly restore normal heart rhythm without sedation, shocks
2 Horseback riding combined with cognitive exercises can help children with ADHD and autism spectrum
3 Can exercise improve video game performance?
4 Want to change your personality? It may not be easy to do alone
5 China locked down 50 million people and has to keep them fed
6 Airlines curb or cancel China flights
7 Giving some pregnant women progesterone could prevent 8,450 miscarriages a year: experts
8 In brief: Choice of anesthesia may affect breast cancer metastases
9 Researchers identify possible new combination treatment for advanced melanoma
10 Researchers describe unique genetic identity of primordial lung progenitors
11 US advises no travel to China, where virus deaths top 200
12 Italy declares state of emergency over coronavirus
13 First UK cases of novel coronavirus confirmed
15 Babies born with low birth weights are more likely to have poor cardiorespiratory fitness
16 New light shed on neuronal circuits involved in behavior, learning and dysfunction
17 Top doctors 'undertest' patients to demonstrate diagnostic prowess to peers, study finds
18 A new contributor to atherosclerosis
19 Imaging nerve regeneration provides insight to success of repair
20 Protein research seeks to induce tumor regression
21 Uncovering the neural basis for hypothetical thinking in rats
22 Putting neglected tropical diseases in the spotlight: Lessons learned from Chagas disease
23 Coronavirus: Why China's strategy to contain the virus might work
24 Uncovering the unusual way aggregates hijack proteins
25 Coronavirus grown in lab outside China for first time, aiding the search for vaccine
26 Tracking the path of an outbreak with cognitive interviews
27 Academic says the medical marijuana industry is using 'underhand' marketing strategies
28 Fewer scars in the central nervous system
29 Pinpointing rare disease mutations
30 U.S. rural breast cancer patients must routinely travel long distances for treatment
31 Coronavirus: How worried should I be about the shortage of face masks?
32 Scale of substance misuse among adolescents in residential care revealed
33 Drug class provides cardiovascular benefit for all patients with type 2 diabetes
34 Anti-carcinoembryonic antigen-related cell adhesion molecule antibody for fluorescence visualization
35 New CDC stats: Adults expected to live a little longer, heart disease still top killer
36 Coronavirus outbreak: quarantining millions in China is unprecedented and wrong
37 Jump in employment seen among Medicaid expansion enrollees, especially the most vulnerable
38 Lung cancer screening decision aid delivered through tobacco quitlines improves informed decision-making
39 Spike in colorectal cancer from age 49 to 50 suggests many undiagnosed before screenings
40 Study shows dramatic increase in naloxone dispensing in Ohio
41 Study clarifies genetic autism risk in PTEN patients
42 How much will the coronavirus spread? It's a question of biology and math
43 The scent of a rose improves learning during sleep
44 Novel coronavirus receptors show similarities to SARS-CoV, according to new analysis
45 Receptors under flow: Mechanosensitive GPCRs
46 Brain imaging provides little insight in insanity evaluation
47 Do less and get stronger: Science proves you can lift less with better results
48 Study looks at the effect of Medicaid expansion on the substance use disorder treatment workforce
49 Congenital heart disease more deadly in low-income countries
50 Highly active HIV antibody restricts development of viral resistance
51 Modelling study estimates spread of 2019 novel coronavirus
52 Institut Pasteur sequences the whole genome of the Wuhan coronavirus, 2019-nCoV
53 Toward a portable concussion detector that relies on an infrared laser
54 Chinese official says slow response made virus epidemic worse
55 Migraine rats, medical facts
56 In early stages, novel 2019 coronavirus doubling every 7.4 days
57 Russia confirms first two coronavirus cases
58 Coronavirus doesn't have to scare you or your kids, psychologists say
59 Virtual crossmatching improves quality of life for kidney transplant patients
60 Thai taxi driver is kingdom's first human-to-human transmission of virus
61 Opioid prescribing rates down at state level from 2010 to 2016
62 CDC releases first data on maternal mortality since 2007
63 Mood disorders common with rheumatoid arthritis
64 Early treatment tied to less disability with pediatric-onset MS
65 How the immune system becomes blind to cancer cells
66 Religiousness linked to improved quality of life for people with HIV
67 New research looks at type 1 diabetes and changes in the environment
68 Cyprus treats first suspected case of coronavirus
69 US announces 14-day quarantine on 195 virus evacuees
70 Coronavirus vaccine will take months: biotech exec
71 Mutation's role in blood cancers revealed by ideal team-up
72 US bans entry to foreign nationals who traveled to China
73 Delta, American and United suspend flights between US, China
74 How to survive coronavirus quarantine, French style
75 Coronavirus evacuees arrive in Germany from China
76 Australia to refuse entry to non-citizens arriving from China
77 Pentagon approves using military bases to quarantine 1,000
78 Tunes for training: High-tempo music may make exercise easier and more beneficial
80 Coronavirus: What we know about first death outside China
81 Herbal remedies for the coronavirus spark debate in China
82 Chinese army to oversee virus hospital
83 Group evacuated from China to France test negative for coronavirus
84 New China virus details show challenge for outbreak control
85 Thailand sees apparent success treating virus with drug cocktail
86 DHS: New screening to begin amid coronavirus concerns
87 Invest in social equity to improve health for low-income people
88 New score measuring multiple chronic illnesses performs better than current method
89 Assessing 'stickiness' of tumor cells could improve cancer prognosis
90 Sound of music: How melodic alarms could reduce morning grogginess
91 Heart disease risk grows as women move through menopause
92 China 'urgently needs' medical gear and masks as virus toll tops SARS
93 Built in 10 days, China's virus hospital takes 1st patients
94 UN health agency tackles misinformation over virus outbreak
95 Britain's GSK joins race to develop China virus vaccine
96 Lower protein diet may lessen risk for cardiovascular disease
97 Chinese tourism, the main engine of global travel
98 Reirradiation rarely required in focal radiation therapy for multiple myeloma
99 Got flu? Deal quickly with complications
100 Blood test identifies risk of disease linked to stroke and dementia
101 Novel compound is promising drug candidate for Alzheimer's disease
102 Neurodevelopment team locates a gene that helps control puberty and human reproduction
103 Evidence-based guideline reduces gastrostomy tube placement in young patients
104 Kids diagnosed with ADHD often don't take medication regularly
105 What the coronavirus emergency declaration means for Canada
106 Hereditary factors influence capacity to use fat at rest and during exercise
107 New therapeutic approach may help to cure chronic hepatitis B infection
108 Quarantines have been used for thousands of years
109 What needs to happen for better cancer prevention and control in Kenya
110 Study shows that hepatitis C drug EPCLUSA has the potential to inhibit coronaviruses
111 Researchers provide new insights into the pathogenesis of epilepsy
112 Wuhan, the coronavirus and the world: Thinking beyond isolation