File Title
1 Years after SARS, a more confident China faces a new virus
2 UK steps up checks on flights from China virus centre
3 How do you know you've been prescribed the right antibiotics?
4 Global health emergencies: A rarely used call to action
5 China's recent history of deadly epidemics
6 Want to be a wise guy in old age? Take testosterone
7 Evidence lacking for identifying optimal primary care panel size
8 Study finds presence of another person diminishes fear responses in women
9 Poor mental health both cause and effect of school exclusion
10 ACP: Medicare for All needed to fix 'ill' U.S. healthcare system
11 Dynamic personalize care: Implementing an in-clinic mathematical prediction app
12 Decline in late stage cancer diagnoses after health reform law
13 Kids born to moms with gestational diabetes and preeclampsia at greater risk for obesity
14 Hope for patients with a rare genetic condition linked to severe infections
15 PET/MRI identifies notable breast cancer imaging biomarkers
16 Are BMD and CT-FEA effective surrogate markers of femoral bone strength?
17 Male fertility after chemotherapy: New questions raised
18 Breastfeeding and childbearing linked to lower early menopause risk
19 Community-based counselors help mitigate grief among children orphaned in East Africa
20 Locomotor engine in the spinal cord revealed
21 A roadmap for adding ivermectin to the malaria toolbox
22 Blood tests can predict timing of final menstrual period
23 In animal models, a 'shocking' step toward a potential HIV cure
24 Solving a biological puzzle: How stress causes gray hair
25 Researchers reverse HIV latency, important scientific step toward cure
26 This year's flu season taking deadly aim at kids
27 Can social media be good for your health?
28 How Philly plans to combat the nation's worst big-city opioid crisis in 2020
29 Depression common during perimenopause but not regularly assessed by providers
30 Light at the end of the tunnel for most individuals with low-vision
31 Spikes in blood pressure among young adults spell trouble in mid-age
32 Study finds meth use interferes with opioid treatment
33 What it's like to live without a sense of smell
34 Potential way to halt blinding macular degeneration identified
35 Climate change could unlock new microbes and increase heat-related deaths
36 Scientists isolate biomarkers that can identify delirium risk and severity
37 Study explores cognitive function in people with mental illness
38 Is it time to stop ringing the cancer bell?
39 Both simple and advanced imaging can predict best stroke patients for thrombectomy
40 Are antibiotics a recipe for obesity in childhood?
41 Hand sanitizers, flu shots--businesses' defense against flu
42 Europe boosts China flight checks as killer virus spreads
43 Feds investigate causes of a norovirus outbreak at Yosemite
44 What you don't know about pneumonia: It is the 'big killer' for people of any age
45 Unusual study details woes among veterans of foster care
46 How to keep boron inside cells during radiotherapy: A novel approach to cancer treatment
47 Mosquito-borne diseases could be prevented by skin cream
48 'No doubt' e-cigarettes harmful: WHO
49 Researchers regrow damaged nerves with polymer and protein
50 Antiviral treatments inspire researchers to develop a new kind of cancer drug
51 China virus death toll jumps to 17, officials say avoid epicentre city
52 Researchers trace coronavirus outbreak in China to snakes
53 China virus city in transport shutdown as WHO extends talks
54 Study: Young black, Latino people fare better than white people after bleeding stroke
55 Medicare may overpay for many surgical procedures
56 Study results will inform immunization programs globally
57 Study highlights effectiveness of behavioral interventions in conflict-affected regions
58 Controlled-release opioid may be leading to heart infections in persons who inject drugs
59 Adult exposure to chickenpox linked to lower risk of shingles, but does not provide full protection
60 Industry funding of patient groups lacks governance and transparency
61 GW Cancer Center expands clinical trial offerings for cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma
62 Climate-friendly food choices protect the planet, promote health, reduce health costs
63 China closes off large city to stop spread of deadly virus
64 Hong Kong turns holiday camps into quarantine zones as virus fears spike
65 SARS lessons hang over China's fight against new virus
66 New study supports Allen Carr's Easyway (ACE) method to quit smoking
67 Studies suggest role of bats, snakes in outbreak of China virus
68 Q&A: WHO representative addresses China's new virus outbreak
69 How the new coronavirus developed
70 Researchers uncover the genomics of health
71 Technique reveals whether models of patient risk are accurate
72 Preventing metastasis by stopping cancer cells from making fat
73 Exposure to diesel exhaust particles linked to pneumococcal disease susceptibility
74 Coronavirus therapies slowed by intermittent nature of outbreaks
75 Arginine depletion as a starting point for potential rheumatoid arthritis treatments
76 China virus: What we know about the fatalities
77 China locking down cities with 18 million to stop virus
78 Beijing cancels large-scale Lunar New Year events over virus fears
79 'End of the world': Wuhan residents react to quarantine
80 Production of two Excedrin painkillers halted
81 Think coconut oil is good for your health? Here's what the experts are saying
82 Cause of ventricular tachycardia determines treatment
83 A rat had basically no brain--but it could still see, hear, smell and feel
84 A novel pill to treat bleeding from uterine fibroids aims for FDA approval
85 Practical tips for a healthier winter
86 Inhibition of p38 reduces the growth of lung tumors
87 For brain tumor patients who have to be readmitted, hospital choice is key
88 What we know and don't know about the new coronavirus
89 Cervical cancer progress falters as screening uptake hits record lows
90 Can a second opinion make a difference?
91 First treatment for pain using human stem cells a success
92 BCG revaccination shows potential to boost immunity against tuberculosis
93 Study uncovers unexpected connection between gliomas, neurodegenerative diseases
94 Stopping cholera and saving lives
95 Study reveals missing link in mechanisms underlying fight-or-flight response
96 Should we be worried about the new Wuhan coronavirus?
97 Genetically engineered virus protects mice against deadly effects of nerve gas and pesticides
98 The evolution of a tumor
99 Dopamine fasting may not be as crazy as it sounds
100 More autonomy at work reduces the risk of low back pain
101 Improved safety for mother and child
102 Reelin reverts the main pathological processes related to Alzheimer's and other tauopathy
103 Results of long-term study could help identify children at risk of future type 2 diabetes
104 Skin-to-skin contact does not improve interaction between mother and preterm infant
105 India FM says nurse in Saudi infected with China virus
106 Singapore confirms first case of Wuhan virus
107 Vietnam confirms two cases of SARS-like coronavirus
108 Study offers new insight into brain connectivity
109 How the brain processes rewards
110 Researchers develop tool to tackle diet epidemic in India
111 Beijing's Forbidden City to close over virus fears
112 Hot flashes impair memory performance
113 Multimorbidity leads to general practitioners suffering burnout
114 Immune system cells contribute to the invading capacity of brain tumours
115 New light shed on damaging impact of infrared and visible rays on skin
116 Study identifies top strategies for successful weight loss maintenance
117 Largest-ever study ties over 100 genes to autism