File Title
1 Report provides largest clinical and treatment data set from cases of new coronavirus in China
2 Study finds black and Hispanic patients face more barriers when making doctor appointments
3 Research team investigates abnormal neuron activity in Rett syndrome
4 UCLA researchers find chronic inflammation contributes to cancer metastasis
5 Researchers studying motivational aspects of mindfulness find quality differs by situation
6 2019 novel coronavirus is genetically different to SARS and should be considered a new human-infecting coronavirus
7 Long life, good health
8 Gut reaction: How immunity ramps up against incoming threats
9 Study: Antioxidant flavonol linked to lower risk of Alzheimer's dementia
10 Health experts: Human-to-human spread of new virus worrying
11 Five people in France confirmed to have coronavirus
12 WHO calls world to action on China virus ahead of crisis talks
13 New therapeutic target for acute kidney injury identified
14 Patient with unusually severe infection reveals a rare type of immune deficiency
15 About 1% of US opioid providers account for nearly half of all opioid doses
16 Infants of moms who smoke while pregnant at heightened risk of fracture during first year of life
17 Fermented soy products linked to lower risk of death
18 Efforts to avoid appearing dishonest may actually lead to lying, study finds
19 Medicaid expansion reduce cancer, saves black lives
20 New clinical practice guideline for complex ADHD in children and adolescents
21 Infectious disease experts warn of outbreak risks in US border detention centers
22 Researchers discover how cellular senescence leads to neurodegeneration
23 Low-calorie sweeteners do not mean low risk for infants
24 Project fear: Misinformation spreads China virus panic
25 Do masks offer protection from new virus? It depends
26 China counts 170 virus deaths, new countries find infections
27 New coronavirus study places incubation period at around 5 days
28 In US, diabetics turn to black market or Canada for life-saving insulin
29 Deadliest day for China in virus fight as global fears mount
30 Study identifies reasons for drinking in UK serving and ex-serving military personnel
31 Discovery reveals antibiotic-resistant strep throat may be too close for comfort
32 City in a test tube: Researchers simulate urban pollution to show how it damages the heart
33 New target identified for repairing the heart after heart attack
34 Researchers discover new piece of the puzzle for Parkinson's disease
35 Vision may be the real cause of children's motor skill and developmental delays
36 Movement study could be significant in helping understand brain rehabilitation
37 Tasting no-calorie sweetener may affect insulin response on glucose tolerance test
38 New therapy may ease congestion for heart failure patients
39 Improvements in care could save the lives of more acute bowel obstruction patients
40 MRI tool can diagnose difficult cases of ovarian cancer
41 Not getting enough sleep linked to handgun carrying among teens
42 Is 'impossible' meat too good to be true?
43 How digital technology can reduce mental illness stigma
44 Study finds most nursing home aides report missing or rushing essential care tasks
45 Researcher: New online therapy for lingering depression symptoms could fill 'gap in care'
46 Precancerous milestone discoveries improve clinical risk prediction and cancer prevention
47 Don't believe the myths: Taxing sugary drinks makes us drink less of them
48 Study confirms CT screenings can cut lung cancer deaths
49 Appendicitis is painful--add a $41,212 surgery bill to the misery
50 What is GHB, the liquid ecstasy drug implicated in rape crimes?
51 Many countries 'unprepared' for China virus: monitor
52 Russia to shut border with China over coronavirus
53 South Korea reports local human-to-human virus transmission
54 Double trouble: A drug for alcoholism can also treat cancer by targeting macrophages
55 How fast can a new internet standard for sharing patient data catch fire?
56 Letting your child pick their snack may help you eat better, study suggests
57 What you need to know about cholesterol
58 Heart failure: Researchers make headway against diastolic dysfunction
59 Immune responses to tuberculosis mapped across three species
60 Smoke two of these and call me in the morning? Not quite, study finds
61 Transcatheter aortic valve replacement shows similar safety outcomes as open-heart surgery
62 Researchers find that regulating lipid metabolism in neurons helps axon regeneration
63 New insights into how the human brain solves complex decision-making problems
64 Study: Urgent care, ER physicians overprescribing antibiotics for dental issues
65 A high-fiber diet may counteract the harmful health effects of pollutants
66 Torture isn't necessary--our study suggests an ethical alternative
67 Putrid compound may have a sweet side gig as atherosclerosis treatment
68 Researchers build a better lung model
69 Scientists link rapid brain growth in autism to DNA damage
70 Study links daylight saving time to 28 fatal car accidents per year in the US
71 Scientists discover how non-human primate ovaries age, with implications for human fertility
72 Genetic screen offers new drug targets for Huntington's disease
73 Vegetarian diet linked with lower risk of urinary tract infections
74 New discovery would allow researchers to fine-tune CAR-T activity
75 Daily smoking and drinking may be associated with advanced brain age
76 Brain's 'GPS system' toggles between present and possible future paths in real time
77 Ketamine use is underreported--likely due to unknown exposure--among EDM partygoers
78 Researchers identify cancer cell defect driving resistance to CAR T cell therapy
79 High and low exercise intensity found to influence brain function differently
80 Maino and the emergence of hip-hop as a source of mental resilience
81 What is a super-spreader? An infectious disease expert explains
82 Unexpected immune response in brain, spinal cord could offer clues to treating neurological diseases
83 Parental education level affects children's mental health
84 How social media is changing research and reactions to coronavirus outbreak
85 Your gums reveal your diet
86 Our brain has a barrier that stops drugs. How do we get past it?
87 HIV outcomes improved by state-purchased insurance plans, study finds
88 New research establishes how first exposure to flu virus sets on our immunity for life
89 Less chemotherapy may have more benefit in rectal cancer
90 A multicenter study identifies a new biomarker for vascular dementias
91 Researchers improve animal welfare by discovering genetic mutations that cause disease
92 Families give high marks to parenting supports 'for refugees, by refugees,' study finds
93 Poliovirus therapy shows potential as cancer vaccine in lab studies
94 Mothers on antiepileptic medication can safely breastfeed
95 Many moms-to-be are stressed, and it might affect baby's brain
96 Promoting mixed chimerism promising in kidney transplants
97 Conservative therapy for spontaneous pneumothorax seems noninferior
98 Nitrite consumption may up risk for non-Hodgkin lymphoma
99 Comorbidities tied to higher rates of all-cause admissions in MS patients
100 New clues into the genetic origins of schizophrenia
101 Patterns in the brain shed new light on how we function
102 Will a face mask protect you from coronavirus?
103 Imaging study of key viral structure shows how HIV drugs work at atomic level
104 Brain drowns in its own fluid after a stroke
105 U.S. spends more on health care, but has worse life expectancy
106 Coronavirus infections in China hit 7,700, as WHO mulls emergency declaration
107 Life expectancy in U.S. increases for first time in 4 years
108 To best treat a burn, first cool with running water, study shows
109 US reports first case of person-to-person spread of new virus
110 Coronavirus: what we do and don't know
111 US life expectancy up for first time in four years
112 How HIV develops resistance to key drugs discovered
113 Study identifies need for disaster preparedness training for dermatologists
114 US birth weights drop due to rise in cesarean births, inductions
115 Advanced medical imaging combined with genomic analysis could help treat cancer patients
116 Study finds vaping prevention program significantly reduces use in middle school students
117 WHO declares global virus emergency after deadliest day for China
118 Study examines quality of life in patients with kidney disease in India
119 Cervical cancer could be eliminated within a century