File Title
1 Blue light triggers memory and emphatic fear in mice via noninvasive approach
2 Glutamate in the brain has unexpected qualities, researchers show with a new analysis method
3 Cardiac and visual degeneration arrested by taurine supplement
4 Cousin took a DNA test? Courts could use it to argue you are more likely to commit crimes
5 Preventing suicide in nursing homes is possible. Here are 3 things we can do to make a start
6 Cyclosporine investigated for external treatment of psoriasis and atopic dermatitis
7 New research aims to improve healthcare for cancer patients with heart disease
8 Traumatic brain injury impairs hormone production, disrupting sleep, cognition, memory
9 New study to diagnose children with leukemia
10 Drug profiling and gene scissors open new avenues in immunotherapy
11 Scientists develop test that will help prevent glaucoma-related blindness
12 A third of people would want to know they have Alzheimer's 15 years before symptoms
13 Parent confidence is key to keeping kids from unhealthy foods
14 Call for ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages to be reduced in sugar and calories
15 Bioengineering living heart valves
16 Blood test for eight gene signatures could predict onset of tuberculosis
17 Groups publish statements on CT contrast use in patients with kidney disease
18 Eyeing a cure: Scientists examine strategies to end the global HIV/AIDS pandemic
19 Measuring blood chemistry levels through the skin of newborns
20 Protein powder, shake, and supplement: How much can our body actually use?
21 Researchers identify a possible cause and treatment for inflammatory bowel disease
22 Algorithm turns cancer gene discovery on its head
23 Art speaks for itself and makes hearts beat faster
24 California considers declaring common pain killer carcinogen
25 Opioid prescriptions affected by computer settings
26 Visits to pediatricians on the decline
27 Opioid addiction treatment is increasing, except in the young
28 Head collision rates at World Cups similar but women received more medical assessments
29 Light scattered by thrombocytes can improve the treatment of cardiovascular diseases
30 Light therapy for immune cells helps with side effects of cancer therapy
31 New drug prevents liver damage, obesity and glucose intolerance in mice on high-fat diet
32 Avatar worms help to identify factors that modify genetic diseases
33 Researcher discovers previously rejected function in the brain's blood vessels
34 New opportunity for cancer drug development
35 Immune cell health discovery could optimise cancer therapies
36 Changing cancer care, one organoid at a time
37 Zika inhibits the proliferation of prostate cancer cells
38 Proteins that protect against joint inflammation identified
39 Editing RNA delivers precision strike on triple-negative breast cancer
40 Magnetic nanomaterials become an effective treatment against liver fibrosis
41 Feds to let states tap opioid funds for meth, cocaine surge
42 How can you make healthy food resolutions really stick?
43 No joke: Denmark to cut kids off from laughing gas
44 Certain liver cells may help prevent organ rejection after transplant, study finds
45 Other countries join China in responding to new coronavirus
46 Kids rice snacks in Australia contain arsenic above EU guidelines: study
47 Esports organisations look to optimise player sleep
48 Recreational marijuana availability in Oregon and use among adolescents
49 Brain activity patterns linked with improved learning and memory in multiple sclerosis
50 'Reading' with aphasia is easier than 'running'
51 Maternal depression on rise in poor countries
52 New method to enable the production of cheaper, longer-lasting vaccines
53 Zebrafish teach researchers more about atrial fibrillation
54 Antiviral compound offers hope against deadly flu
55 Science Says: What to know about the viral outbreak in China
56 New Jersey law bans sale of flavored vaping products
57 Treatment for depression must also restore proper functioning of the blood-brain barrier
58 Kids' behavior, socioeconomic risk linked to gut microbiome composition, function
59 Scientists show gene therapy protection of eyesight in models of multiple sclerosis
60 Engagement and education key to changing attitudes towards virginity testing
61 Vitamin D supplementation linked to potential improvements in blood pressure in children
62 Women still face barriers to breastfeed at work
63 Link found between maternal depression and atopic dermatitis in children
64 Vitamin C-B1-steroid combo linked to lower septic shock mortality in kids
65 Study provides the first data on concussion risk in youth football
66 New study debunks notion that salt consumption contributes to weight loss
67 Pharmaceutical companies marketing stimulants to physicians: study
68 Autism study finds later diagnoses for girls, high rates of co-occurring disorders
69 Our biological clock plays crucial role in healing from surgery
70 Washington man is 1st in US to catch new virus from China (Update)
71 Sunscreen chemicals absorbed into body, study finds
72 Cognitive behavioral program benefits patients with diabetes
73 New guidance issued for care of children with williams syndrome
74 Further improvements in survival seen after allogeneic transplant
75 A workout could be good medicine for the common cold
76 Influenza vaccination of children cuts hospitalization in half
77 New AGA guideline outlines treatment best practices for ulcerative colitis patients
78 Recent health reforms in Oregon reduce infant deaths, improve access for women's health
79 New roles found for Huntington's disease protein
80 Vape devices like Juul 'reversing' efforts to keep youth from tobacco: study
81 Adults with pain at greater risk for cannabis use disorder, finds study
82 Gut bacteria may be one culprit for increase of colorectal cancer in younger people
83 Possible Parkinson's treatment successfully targets two major nerve systems
84 Drug combo reverses arthritis in rats
85 New tool assesses risk of depression in adolescence
86 Doubts raised about effectiveness of HPV vaccines
87 Bend and snap: New interventions for rib fractures
88 Study examines a new model for older adult wellness
89 Program reduces narcotic prescriptions after surgery with over-the-counter pain medicine
90 E-cigarette popularity on Instagram is still growing despite an FDA anti-vaping campaign
91 Suppression of newly found protein could lead to future treatments to slow Alzheimer's progression
92 Mental health problems persist in adolescents five years after bariatric surgery despite substantial weight loss
93 Persistent environmental contaminant changes the gut microbiome of mice
94 Cyberbullying linked to increased depression and PTSD
95 Japanese maker pushes umami overhaul for much-maligned MSG
96 Testing rules out Chinese virus in Australian case
97 China warns virus could mutate and spread, steps up precautions
98 Cases of new viral respiratory illness rise sharply in China
99 Wuhan urges people to stay away in bid to contain China virus
100 Study first to show pharmacological chaperone therapy prevents Alzheimer's in mice
101 Reducing dangerous swelling in traumatic brain injury
102 New tool for investigating brain cells, Parkinson's, and more
103 Sticky antibiotic provides glue for successful treatment
104 Taiwan urges China to release all information on new virus
105 On the menu at China virus market: rats and live wolf pups
106 Masks, disinfectants in low supply as China virus spreads
107 'Love hormone' improves attachment issues in people with autism
108 Veterans, refugees and victims of war crimes are all vulnerable to PTSD
109 Feeling sick? When to take a break from the gym
110 Can't go in a public restroom? You're not alone--and there's help
111 Does social media make us more or less lonely? Depends on how you use it
112 Long hours double junior doctors' risk of mental illness and suicide
113 New drug limits cancer spreading
114 Compound lights up brain receptors in PET scans
115 Safety of novel cancer-specific PET probe confirmed in clinical research
116 How five short intentions can help people recovering from depression stay on track