File Title
1 Understanding long-term trends in ocean layering
2 'Blob' research shows ecological effects that halted fishing and hiked whale entanglements
3 Coral 'helper' stays robust under ocean acidification
4 French campaigners highlight trawlers' deadly toll on dolphins
5 Ocean acidification a big problem--but not for coral reef fish behavior
6 North Atlantic Current may cease temporarily in the next century
7 Coral fossils show Southern Ocean current sensitive to wind conditions
8 Wetlands will keep up with sea level rise to offset climate change
9 Seasonal forecasts challenged by Pacific Ocean warming
10 Bougainville voters back independence by landslide
11 Bending diamond at the nanoscale
12 Stress test reveals graphene won't crack under pressure
13 Rice lab turns trash into valuable graphene in a flash
14 Microsoft pledges to be 'carbon negative' by 2030
15 'Superdiamond' carbon-boron cages can trap and tap into different properties
16 Capturing CO2 from trucks and reducing their emissions by 90 percent
17 New research builds upon carbon nanotubes to create a novel functional structure
18 The science behind and beyond Luca's mission
19 China's Long March-5B carrier rocket arrives at launch site
20 China to launch more space science satellites
21 Maxar Technologies will build Intelsat Epic geostationary communications satellite with NASA hosted payload
22 Second space data highway satellite set to beam
23 First time controlling two spacecraft with one dish
24 China launches new communication technology experiment satellite
25 Pluto's icy heart makes winds blow
26 Seeing stars in 3D: The New Horizons Parallax Program
27 Looking back at a New Horizons New Year's to remember
28 The PI's Perspective: What a Year, What a Decade!
29 Global ocean circulation is accelerating from the surface to the abyss
30 Grey seals observed communicating by clapping underwater
31 Google Maps marks 15-year milestone with new features
32 Space Force decommissions 26-year-old GPS satellite to make way for GPS 3 constellation
33 Galileo now replying to SOS messages worldwide
34 China's international journal Satellite Navigation launched
35 FAA warns military training exercise could jam GPS signals in southeast, Caribbean
36 China's Beidou navigation system to provide unique services
37 China's lunar rover travels 367 meters on moon's far side
38 Roscosmos to rename Russia's asteroid detection system to 'Milky Way'
39 OSIRIS-REx completes closest flyover of sample site Nightingale
40 Active asteroid unveils fireball identity
41 NASA's Lucy mission confirms discovery of Eurybates Satellite
42 Asteroid collisions trigger cascading formation of subfamilies, study concludes
43 Aerosols have an outsized impact on extreme weather
44 Clouds as a factor influencing the climate
45 Evolving landscape added fuel to Gobi Desert's high-speed winds
46 Model offers clearer understanding of factors that influence monsoon behavior
47 One-third of recent global methane increase comes from tropical Africa
48 Greenhouse gas levels in atmosphere hit new high in 2018: UN
49 AI tool developed to predict the structure of the Universe
50 Cosmic magnifying glasses yield independent measure of universe's expansion
51 The measurements of the expansion of the universe don't add up
52 Clemson scientists further refine how quickly the universe is expanding
53 Ancient gas cloud shows that the first stars must have formed very quickly
54 Dangerous additives found in illegal pot vaping products
55 Eating out: A recipe for poor nutrition, study finds
56 India moves to allow abortions up to 24 weeks
57 General population screening reduces life-threatening diabetic ketoacidosis
58 Study shows new way to treat stroke using an already FDA-approved drug
59 Bulletproof superbugs on a deadly march around the globe
60 Butt emissions: study finds even extinguished cigarettes give off toxins
61 Health care in America: For one family, a $300,000 debt nightmare
62 Virus cases in China top SARS as evacuations begin
63 UK govt. says Wuhan evacuees to be 'isolated for 14 days'
64 Equatorial Guinea quarantines four from China over virus fears
65 Genetics contributes to mental health risks in adoptees
66 Treating hemophilia with gene therapy
67 Owners of high-status cars are on a collision course with traffic
68 A determinant protein for tumor progression and metastasis in Rhabdomyosarcoma
69 Brain networks come online during adolescence to prepare teenagers for adult life
70 Hidden by a pleasant scent: The health consequences of flavor in e-cigarettes
71 Redesigning social media platforms to reduce 'FoMO' [Fear of Missing Out]
72 Researchers can reprogramme cells to original state for regenerative medicine
73 Portable device to monitor the blink reflex cleared by Food and Drug Administration
74 Stem cells, CRISPR and gene sequencing technology are basis of new brain cancer model
75 Are you 'at risk' of being a habitual tofu eater?
76 Scientists have identified the role of chronic inflammation as the cause of accelerated aging
77 Higher maternal socioeconomics offer little protection against toxic prenatal stress
78 Scientists discover link between autism and cognitive impairment
79 Catholic hospital market share and reproductive care access
80 Neural effects of acute stress on appetite: A magnetoencephalography study
81 Familial psoriasis may not be tied to obesity
82 Disability, quality of life, mood may affect sleep in IBD patients
83 Single-cell sequencing of CLL therapy: Shared genetic program, patient-specific execution
84 'Take-home' exposures are public health hazard
85 1 in 4 kids who get antibiotics in children's hospitals are prescribed drugs incorrectly
86 Give and take: Cancer chromosomes give the game away
87 Researchers capture first images of oxygen in cancer tumors during radiation therapy
88 Does lung damage speed pancreatic cancer?
89 Common form of heart failure could be treated with already approved anticancer drug
90 Suvorexant may improve insomnia with Alzheimer disease
91 Outcomes no worse with short stay after open heart surgery
92 Not 'brains in a dish': Cerebral organoids flunk comparison to developing nervous system
93 Sex pheromone named for Jane Austen character alters brain in mouse courtship
94 Brain tumors remodel neuronal synapses to promote growth
95 Never too late to quit--protective cells could cut risk of lung cancer for ex-smokers
96 Could type 2 diabetes be managed with a simple outpatient procedure?
97 Quality of life extended with atezolizumab and bevacizumab in liver cancer
98 Releasing artificially-infected mosquitoes could reduce global dengue cases by 90%
99 Do DIY DNA kits revive a harmful perceived link between genetics and race?
100 Processed vs. ultra-processed food, and why it matters to your health
101 One step closer to tailored treatment of severe rheumatic diseases
102 After a bone injury, shape-shifting cells rush to the rescue
103 A new treatment strategy against MERS
104 Express yourself: Dermal fillers restore youthful facial movement, don't just fill wrinkles
105 A targeted therapy for triple negative breast cancer may lie existing drugs
106 New injection technique may boost spinal cord injury repair efforts
107 New study examines the accuracy of plastic surgery videos on social media
108 Highly active adults vary their workouts to meet exercise recommendations
109 Who receives advanced stroke care? It may depend on traffic
110 Study shows promising new web approach to prevent firearm suicide